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Joomla most trusted cms platforms


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Joomla most trusted cms platforms

  1. 1. Why is Joomla One of the Most Trusted CMS Platforms?Joomla is a content management system and at close count, millions of websites have been built usingthis platform and more websites continue to be added to this list. Why is it that developers and websiteowners prefer Joomla over other content management systems? The answer lies in all the benefits thatJoomla brings to the table.Let’s take a closer look at them:1. Its Open SourceThe fact that anybody can use it, modify it and implement it is a big point in its favor. Unlike otherproprietary CMS systems where you have to buy the rights to use them and continue to make paymentsoff and on, to download a new update/version etc.; with Joomla!, your capacity to develop orimplement any functionality or feature is not restricted in any way or form because of some licensingissues.What its open source nature also does is that it prevents the code from becoming obsolete. It makes itscodes available to everybody and developers are constantly working on it to update it in order to ensureJoomla! is able to meet the next generation needs of developers.Another ancillary benefit of this open source CMS is that it makes development of high performancewebsites, more cost effective, and thus websites are able to deliver a higher ROI. The reasons for thisare two-fold. First, its open source , which means people wanting to get a website developed don’t haveto shell out money for the right to use this platform; second it’s a platform that innumerable number ofdevelopers are an expert on. This means as a client looking for a Joomla web development company,you have a huge list of choices to pick from. The fact that you are spoilt for choice means you can pick acompany that is offering development services within your budget.2. Active and international community of DevelopersWhat empowers open source development is the strong, experienced and expert community ofdevelopers backing open source platforms. This is another point on which Joomla! scores big time.There are developers contributing continuously to the Joomla! ecosystem and they keep submitting arange of plugins, modules and web services to the Joomla!ExtensionsDirectory. So, as a developer youhave a tremendous range of options to choose from when it comes to adding special features andfunctionalities to your site by integrating the necessary Joomla! extensions. What’s more, the huge andever growing community of Joomla! developers means if you ever face a problem during Joomlawebsite development, you can ask for a solution from the community at large. Help is always at handwhen you are developing websites using this open source platform.3. Tremendous FunctionalityWhat also sets Joomla! apart is the huge range of next generation features that it brings to the table.Some of these include:
  2. 2. User management: Users can configure personal options and determine the kind of features that aparticular user is allowed to access, edit, or administrate and also the kind of content users can publish.Authentication: Joomla is big on security and an important part of user management is authentication,and it’s only authenticated users that are allowed access to the user groups they are part of.Comprehensive media management: Don’t worry about managing those media files, as you can do sowith the Media Manager which allows you to handle just about any type of file. You can also grabimages or any other file, as it has been integrated into the Article Editor Tool.Managing Banners: As a site administrator, set up banners on your website at will with the BannerManager feature. But this feature is not just about banner management but also about addingcampaigns, setting impression numbers and a whole lot more.These and many other features, make Joomla web development such a big hit amongst developers andwebsite owners alike.4. Faster Development, Quicker TurnaroundAnother reason why so many website and by association their website owners trust custom Joomlaprogramming, is that websites can be developed faster with this platform. And here I am not talkingabout simple websites, but ones that are far bigger in scope and scale. The learning curve, if you want touse Joomla! for website development is not steep and this is the reason why developers can deliverwebsites in quick time to clients. This quick turnaround, means the client’s online presence is live andkicking in a short time, which in turn means they can start getting the benefitting from their onlinepresence without wasting any time.End WordsThe reasons why Joomla is such a preferred choice for developers go on and on. It allows them to delivernext generation website to their clients and the kind of websites that are high on usability andfunctionality. These are the kind of websites that helps clients achieve strategic business growth.But it’s important to add a word of caution here.As a client, you can only get all the benefits of this trusted CMS platform, if you will hire the rightdevelopers for your project. You don’t want to be hiring the first development company that you comeacross. Before, you actually zero in on a Joomla development company, check its experience andexpertise and whether it’s capable enough to fulfill the specific requirements that you have from yoursite. Understand whether its developers have a successful track record in Joomla template programmingbefore you hire their services.If you make the wrong choice regarding the company you hire for you project, there is a good chancethat you won’t be able to experience all the benefits that Joomla! brings to the table. So make yourchoice with due care and attention.
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