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Real Estate Nepal (June 2018 Newsletter )


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Best Investment opportunity in the market. Beautiful properties on sale. Property of the month.

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Real Estate Nepal (June 2018 Newsletter )

  1. 1. NEWSLETTER BRIHATPROPERTY SOLUTIONS MONTHLY Managing Property Building Relationship JUN 2018 Successfully accomplished 12th Real Estate Marketing Agent Course Brihat Property Solutions commenced its 12th Real Estate Marketing Agent (REMA) course on 17th of May, 2018 and successfully concluded on 19th of May 2018. Twelve participants with vigor to work but having different professional backgrounds were taken into the session. The preliminaries comprised of various essential information alongside the real estate marketing process and sales, engineering and architectural aspects, laws of real estate and its practices, home loan and insurance, property valuation, how to generate marketing lead. The mentor board incorporated of leading real estate moguls like respected Mr. Om Rajbhandary alongside Er. Unam Man Pradhan, Mr. Nischal Man Singh Pradhan, Mr. Sushil Kumar Chapagain, Ms. Sabita Joshi, Ar. Prathana Vaidya, and Mr. Sam Surya Tamang. The company believes to create a new revolution for the participants of this training session in terms of their real estate career. While gaining crucial expertise in terms of Real Estate Marketing, participators for the session acknowledged the session’s importance to further enhance their career in real estate career. With the goal of creating a regulated real estate market, the company had initiated the REMA program since 2009, already boasting 162 REMA graduates till date. Brihat group is the first and only company to provide REMA training program until today. EDITORIAL On 29th May 2018, Finance Minister Yubraj Khatiwada presented a federal budget of Rupees 1.31 trillion for the fiscal year 2018-19 highlighting the utilization of the budget on the production sector and reinforcement of physical infrastructures. One of the crucial changes made in the budget is the income tax scheme. The budget emphasized in nontaxable income (through real estate trading) alongside the transition in the procedure of buying and selling properties. Previously the income made through trading of properties was made unaccountable for income tax until it exceeded the margin of Rupees 3million, is now reduced to Rupees 1million. Individual brokers are made redundant; trading is to be done only through registered real state companies. - Editorial Team BRIHATPROPERTY SOLUTIONS Early Birds Rs. 7500 Course Fee Rs. 8500 ANNOUNCEMENT OF 13TH REMA 3rd - 5th Shrawan 2075 19th - 21st July 2018 R E A L E S T A T E M A R K E T I N G A G E N T C O U R S E from SEATS LIMITED GIVE US A CALL +977 9802020056
  2. 2. BCL RAMKOT Type B 4 Bedrooms + 4 Bathrooms Built up Area: 2030 sq. ft. Plot Area: 0-7-0-1.4 Price: Rs. 2,90,62,000.00 BCL RAMKOT Type A 4 Bedrooms + 4 Bathrooms Built up Area: 1820 sq. ft. Plot Area: 0-4-1-0 Price: Rs. 2,01,78,000.00 BRIHAT CLUSTER BALKHU Type B 4 Bedrooms + 3 Bathrooms Built up Area: 1650 sq. ft. Plot Area: 0-3-1-2 Price: Rs. 2,03,62,000.00 BCL BHAISEPATI Type C 4 Bedrooms + 3 Bathrooms Built up Area: 1782 sq. ft. Plot Area: 0-5-0-0 Price: Rs. 2,10,13,000.00 BI PROJECTS A MONTHLY NEWSLETTER BY BRIHAT PROPERTY SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD TCH Tower-IV, Block A Ground Floor, Sitapaila, Kathmandu, Nepal Phone: 4033303, 4033304, 9802020056, 9802020062 /
  3. 3. LAND AT THANKOT Location: Thankot Height Land Area: 0-22-0-0 Price: Rs. 16,00,000.00 / anna Behind Tribhuwan Park 148 7 mtr 9 mtr 150 LAND AT BHAKTAPUR Location: Tumucho Land Pooling Project, Bhaktapur Plot Area: 0-3-3-3 Price: Rs. 25,00,000.00 / anna Plot no: 148 LAND AT TAHAGALLI, SUNDHARA, KTM Location: Tahagalli Land Area: 1-1-1-1 Price: Rs. 60,00,000.00 / anna One minute walking distance from Dharahara MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE OTHERS A MONTHLY NEWSLETTER BY BRIHAT PROPERTY SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD TCH Tower-IV, Block A Ground Floor, Sitapaila, Kathmandu, Nepal Phone: 4033303, 4033304, 9802020056, 9802020062 / TCH TOWER IV - SITAPAILA Location: 200 meters from Sitapaila Built up Area: 1039 sq. ft. No. of Rooms: 2 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms Price: Rs. 1,34,00,000.00 (Full Furnished) TCH TOWER IV - SITAPAILA Location: 200 meters from Sitapaila Built up Area: 1051 sq. ft. No. of Rooms: 2 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms Price: Rs. 99,00,000.00 (Furnished) PRIME LOCATION
  4. 4. EVENTS A MONTHLY NEWSLETTER BY BRIHAT PROPERTY SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD This is a big opportunity for realtors. The things I have learned will definitely help in the coming days of my work. - Amrit Ghale REMA is a great initiation from BPS & I suggest for more advanced courses as well. I've gained confidence & knowledge about the legal, architectural & banking aspect of real estate business. I'm glad to have built a network with amazing people & look forward to work with BPS in the coming days. Highly recommend everyone to take REMA classes. - Binod Subedi Although I come from a different professional background, I’m humble & proud to have had the chance to gain knowledge on real estate. My immense gratitude towards all the staffs. This was truly a great learning experience. Move foward with positivity and enthusiasm, always strive ahead with real estate in mind. REMA classes are worth investing on. - Nagma Shrestha The REMA classes were very knowledgeable and it has allowed me to perceive the technicalities behind buying a property. I have learnt how the real estate market works in Nepal. Many thanks to Brihat Group and all the staffs for their knowledge. - Parvat Sapkota I'm from an investment sector, & I've evaluated the classes for its Rate Of Return.. and I have to admit, the Rate Of Return is exceptionally high. The cost of the classes is unbeatable considering the facilities & the lessons we've learnt. Thanks to REMA classes, we can stand on our own feet. - Rajkumar KC Before I attended REMA classes, I wasn't well informed about the real estate industry. But the knowledge I've gained here will be lasting and the three days I've spent in the classes has allowed me to make new friends and has help be build up my confidence. - Sabina Gurung Many thanks to the facilitators. We've had lessons that cannot be bought. Big thanks to Om Sir for his valuable time and consideration. I felt lost and confused before these classes, but this is not the case anymore. A great learning and sharing experience. - Bijay Bhandari I've never attended a class like this before and I'm immensely inspired by the REMA class. Our country would have been developed by now if these types of classes were introduced 15 years ago. REMA has a great role in our society and my many thanks to the REMA Team and friends. - Buddhi Man Tamang Thank you very much for the networking opportunity and allowing us to meet new personalities to share our experiences. - Ngawang Dhundup Gurung I had no idea that these types of useful classes were available in Nepal. REMA classes are truly beneficial and these classes have made me confident that no one can fool me when it comes to real estate. I am extremely happy to have taken these classes. - Poonam Thapa Thanks to all the teachers for the important and fruitful lessons. I feel honoured and satisfied with the course. The marketing tools as well as the consultation knowledge were very useful. - Rubik Joshi Although I wish the classes lasted a bit longer, what I've learnt during this short period of time is highly valuable. I'm grateful to have met new people who were equally interested in this field. - Samikshya Pradhan Quotes from our 12th REMA Participants TCH Tower-IV, Block A Ground Floor, Sitapaila, Kathmandu, Nepal Phone: 4033303, 4033304, 9802020056, 9802020062 /