The Hawk by Scott


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The Hawk by Scott

  1. 1. Walt: write a description about the bird. Im flying above the water With a big smile on my face Grabbing fish with my claws. My feathers are falling off Why I fly threw the sky. I look down I see a fish I swoop down and get it I pick it up with my claws I take it home to my family. While Im flying home I see a shark in the corner of my eye, It takes a bite at me but he misses so I fly away unharmed to my house, when I get there I see new baby birds that look just like me. By Scott Scotty, your writing improves in leaps and bounds, well done. Iʼm very pleased :) Next Steps: Iʼd like you to think about words that describe the bird, eg. strong claws, treacherous talons, beady eyes etc