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Total learning: The new future of work and learning


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Brightwave is the leading global agency for next generation learning solutions, systems and services. We place our expertise, innovation and creativity at the centre of our work, designing award-winning learning solutions that deliver your business objectives and truly engage your learners.

Experts in Total Learning, we help the world's leading brands to improve
performance, unlock potential and generate value. We can do this because we are the only learning provider in the world enabling clients to fully implement 70-20-10 by harnessing the power of both formal and informal learning experiences.

Our experts work in collaboration with clients to create a perfectly tailored solution for their requirements - from onboarding and systems training to major business transformation and beyond.

Our services include:

• Bespoke learning content - multi-format, mixed-media and cross-platform
• tessello - the award-winning total learning system
• Learning pathway and curation tools
• Live online training and virtual classrooms
• Learning analytics and evaluation
• Consultancy, community management and engagement services

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Total learning: The new future of work and learning

  1. 1. ,. a" / Total learning The new future of ~. :». -'. - work and learning ‘*3 brightwove‘ brightwave. co. uk @§” ? ci)T‘iN2e7e2t. fibrightwove‘
  2. 2. Contents 01. 02. 03. 04. 05. Into the future of work Networked Personal Professional Total
  3. 3. O1 Into the future of work TECHNOLOGICAL CHANGE IS THE ONLY CONSTANT IN OUR WORK TODAY - Anonymous
  4. 4. .. ,'_“_ / / n_. _‘ g_ g V“ A In the future economy, the highest-performing machines will be people with the skills, tools and enthusiasm to get the job done.
  5. 5. Brightwave are experts in helping organisations attract, engage and retain the workers of tomorrow, today. We embody total learning: learning in all its dimensions. We work with you to develop solutions that inspire engagement, productivity and passion, and align your employees’ skills with their role and the aims of the organisation.
  6. 6. O2 Networked The digital revolution has rewired the way we digest and retain information. Generation C (for Connected) are permanently bonded to the powerful learning tools we carry in our pockets.
  7. 7. Search engines — discriminationl selection machines that understand how we think - are the human exo-cortex: replacing the need to retain information with the need to know where to find it. This is real just-in-time learning.
  8. 8. learning Generation C are already driving our organisations forward with their appetite for content and naturalised ability to connect across the globe. Innovation is an inevitable by-product of networked living and working: the higher the quality and diversity of its connections, the more value the network creates. Social learning is Generation C's default mode of discovery, finding the information they need to build their own personal learning networks (PLN). In the economy of tomorrow, an individual’s PLN is more valuable than job history or referees. it's the new CV or résumé - a map of who you are and what you know.
  9. 9. The most effective individual learning tool today is the personal learning network (PLN): an informal microsweb of personal and professional contacts, created and sustained through social media. The networked learner asks their PLN for guidance, advice or a quick-fix. The network responds with solutions drawn from their breadth of individual experience: enabled by social technologies, but sustained by mutual need and the powerful incentives of group recognition. The power of the PLN can also be unleashed inside the boundaries of the organisation.
  10. 10. W Elem sir [I E‘ CHALLENGES SOLUTIONS This soft learning style delivers hard results: social technologies reduce time spent searching for people and company information by 35%. NETWORKED LEARNER ' ‘I if ll‘-'-‘1iJ: l"ilNi’-i‘i': riI»' iliiiml-: :ii, i.‘ «ml~'- . ini'l | ,ii: ‘.vi". .'flIV 'v
  11. 11. Sales is an essential business function with massive unexplored potential for advancement through a networked total learning approach. High-performing salespeople have specialised feedback and communication needs: always thirsty for that crucial sliver of informal knowledge to close the next deal. The total learning strategy lets sales teams share notjust their skills and insight, but their hunger and tenacity as well.
  12. 12. Who knows best how to do your job? How you find out what you need to know? It's you. You're doing it already. Innovative technological advances from within the learning space — like the Experience API (aka xAPl) and the Open Badges initiative - put the learner firmly in charge.
  13. 13. :4.-WI iii: “iv ~. ""“fK‘lIl‘ICi : i:l| '4=l= i: t€1rii*ll.7r'. ill~. Irv. -i-. _ I. “.i. -ii‘l¢l: *' ti field) Learning experience ‘L Organisation Analy-s: _is—. ; , . , , , f ‘ -gjstribution Enrichment ‘ I‘ ‘ll Performance support R°3d‘m3P ‘I’ intervention innovation Prove and improve expertise
  14. 14. With the use of multiple devices for multiple purposes, the boundaries between our work and private lives are blurred. Employees can research a project on the train or from the comfort of the sofa. This thirst for knowledge - and its abundance via Google, 46 and social media - has cleared the path for the autonomous , learner: employees who are se| f—directed and self-motivated to learn, discovering their own solutions to their own problems. In response, there's a need for Learning & Development experts to expand their existing skills, to become curators, coaches and learning community managers. S: _
  15. 15. Connected, autonomous learners move within and between organisations freely and confidently. If you welcome new starters when they walk through the door ~ you've already left it too late. Total learning connects graduates and other new starters in a personal, flexible, mobile-enabled learning community at the earliest possible stage — in tune with how they live and work.
  16. 16. VALUES PROCESSES ‘ ' A i ‘A Q i. ‘ J -9' SE“ . —/ % * - . . PRACTICES D + i. CULTURE V‘; we NEWIOINER Read - What's your name and where do you come from? A case study in next generation Induction bit. |y/ nextgeninduction Read - Personallslng learning - MP! in action bit. ly/ xapiinaction
  17. 17. 04 Professional The learning function as a set of top—down directives is being disrupted in the workplace from the grassroots-up.
  18. 18. ‘. I‘ IIIIIII‘ i The answers to so many of the questions that face us are just a click away. Solutions to problems are realised as soon as the problem appears. When workers in the knowledge economy are spending over a third of their time searching for these solutions, wisdom - the skill to identify, discriminate and anticipate problems before they arise — is as valuable as ever. The result is the evolution of the learning function: today's learning designer is part trainer, analyst, coder and curator.
  19. 19. Prevalence of Mobile, Social and Video Learning 0 Bestin class organisations All others 50/0 54% 40% 20% Source: Aberdeen Group, 2012 Social Mobile User created learning learning video content
  20. 20. Organisations exhibiting best practice are twice as likely to use mobile learning solutions. Smartphones and tablets offer the opportunity to learn anytime, anywhere. Their size, portability and mix of viable interactions (shake - swipe - zoom - tilt) make us rethink the way we present and assimilate data. Smartphone users check their phones on average 150 times a day When inspiration strikes they are never far away from us, letting us capture valuable experiences as they happen and embedding learning as a round—the- clock activity.
  21. 21. Total learning in action Management development I Management forms its own tier Total learning for management within the organisation - a group provides a community space I within the group: sharing goals to experiment with new ideas, I and ambitions, a particular strengthen skills and pursue * outlook. new projects, freeing your elite team to create new value while feeling valued themselves. Ii. llfllill‘
  22. 22. Read — Curation: Content and tools to support continuous learning bit. ly/ continuouscontentcuration Read - TLC for L&D: Ten tips for reaching out to the Learning & Development department bit. ly/ tlc4|nd
  23. 23. New consumer technologies quickly rewire their users, altering the way they understand the world. Organisations move slower than people or technology, and this mismatch can disrupt existing modes of working practice in ways that can be catastrophic. Total learning strategies include the foresight and judgement to determine how evolving technologies affect the organisation, and design appropriate learning interventions: from emerging 3D VR/ AR Interfaces that change the way we see data, to wearable devices that trigger performance supportjob aids at the point of need.
  24. 24. Total learning in action When a group shares a common - generates a spontaneous need the freedom to collaborate learning culture where leading and exchange knowledge is as experts bring formal, informal, essential as fresh air. curated and social learning to bear on the greatest challenges A total learning environment facing us today. A where information is free for critique and analysis, ideas are shared and problems are solved Read - The total learning system: Discovery, productivity and skills bit. Iy/ totallearningsystem Read - The manifesto for campaign-based learning bit. |y/ manifestoforcampaignlearning
  25. 25. Brightwave are leading a generational shift in learning culture. Unconfined to a one-off course or training intervention, our total learning vision is open, fluid and irresistible. Like our audience, our learning solutions are not restricted to one format or course, nor bound by rigid schedules. Total learning unleashes the power of informal learning - aligned and enhanced by our formal learning expertise, experience and analysis. As your next generation learning partner, we develop solutions that change with your business - and execute them across all appropriate media and technologies. We make design decisions to meet business goals and place the learner experience at the centre of every project, working with each unique client to provide a total learning service. -_ *. ~. Y‘ A 4. . 0 ‘ 3!. L. ,. . -. . . i. sc. in$iOiu. i ui3 ‘-'c-. " J "0!. ‘ ‘ rorlt. J Find out more at lfari-cglme”»vaI»e. co. i.i: it