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Spread the wealth: Learning for change across diverse organisations


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This presentation was delivered by Brightwave Group's Colin Welch and Sophie Costin at the Learning Technologies Summer Forum, June 14th 2016.

The line between learning goals and business goals is blurring. In a complex world, learning becomes imperative to communicate and engage both internal and external stakeholders.

In this practical, case study-led session, Colin and Sophie share their expert insight and experience from two outstanding recent projects, where innovative game-based learning technologies were used to push out beyond an internal corporate audience to raise knowledge levels in wider, multi-sector, public audiences.

For more information on shared value, or to see how we utilise our expertise, innovation and creativity to design award-winning learning solutions that deliver your business objectives and truly engage your employees, visit

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Spread the wealth: Learning for change across diverse organisations

  1. 1. Spread the wealth: Learning for change across diverse organisations
  2. 2. Breaker slide Who we are Colin Welch Head of Production Sophie Costin Senior Learning Designer
  3. 3. Shared Value: 'Creating economic value in a way that also creates value for society by addressing its needs and challenges.' - Michael Porter and Mark Kramer HBR 2011
  4. 4. Social need Corporate assets and expertise Business opportunities Shared value
  5. 5. Trends in learning • Multiple audiences – internal and external • Shared resources that meet the needs of both • Comms and L&D working together
  6. 6. Recent use cases: Product training
  7. 7. Recent use cases: Product training
  8. 8. Case Study: 3M
  9. 9. Shared product training • The customer is better at using the product • More efficient • Fewer accidents and injuries • Builds brand loyalty • Cements position as market leader
  10. 10. University of Greenwich ‘[Committed to helping] students to know how to research career options and [identify] the pathways to gain entry to the professions.'
  11. 11. The requirement • Replace an existing classroom facilitated, paper workbook • Empower learners to make more relevant career choices • Appeal to students aged between 14- 19 from a range of backgrounds
  12. 12. Our solution
  13. 13. Benefits • Reduced the cost of the learning per head • Gives the learning a wider reach • More appealing to the demographic
  14. 14. Shared learning, shared value • Content more customer focussed • Bigger budgets drive innovation • Builds brand loyalty • Leverages organisational expertise as a commercial differentiator
  15. 15. Thank you Come and chat to us on stand 16