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Next generation of e-learning: Making corporate learning personal


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This presentation was first shared at a webinar hosted by the Learning and Skills Group on Thursday 4 October 2012:

Presenters: Charles Gould, Managing Director and Alex Reeve, Blended Learning Consultant, Brightwave

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Next generation of e-learning: Making corporate learning personal
The convergence of digital technologies in life and work is undeniably impacting corporate learning. It is affecting expectations and possibilities. Learners want to take control of their own learning process so that it's relevant, flexible and targeted.
Organisations need people to comply, perform and share in a corporate vision. How can we make learning more personal AND meet the wider needs of the organisation?

In this session, featuring real world examples from Bupa Health & Wellbeing UK, HEINEKEN and Lloyds Banking Group, Charles and Alex will explore how we can achieve both imperatives to solve some contemporary challenges.
• Meet organisational needs while exploiting less formal learning
• Help learners forge their own path with the next generation of portals
• Enhance learning using communications, social media and mobile technology
• Curate the right mosaic of content and connections to realise business goals
• Remix old blends with new media

Charles Gould, Managing Director, Brightwave
The founder of Brightwave and its Managing Director, Charles has over 15 years' experience of designing and producing e-learning solutions for numerous corporate clients, initially with PwC, Epic, and BT. In 2001 Charles left PwC, where he was a Senior Manager, to set up Brightwave. Since then he has grown the company to its position today as the foremost e-learning company in the UK. He holds an MBA from London Business School.
Alex Reeve, Blended Learning Consultant, Brightwave

As Blended Learning Consultant at Brightwave, Alex provides strategic advice and blended learning expertise to Brightwave's clients, and has been leading the design and delivery of e-learning, web, instructor-led training and blended projects for a wide variety of public and private sector clients since 1997.

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Next generation of e-learning: Making corporate learning personal

  1. 1. Next generation e-learningCharles Gould, Managing DirectorAlex Reeve, Blended Learning Consultant
  2. 2. What are common objections to e-learningcourses?
  3. 3. What are common objections to e-learningcourses? • Boring • Too long • Irrelevant • Expensive • Impersonal • Forced to do it • Inaccessible
  4. 4. E-learning: the next generation• How can we use the wealth of tools and resources already available?• How can we bridge the gap between formal and informal learning?• How can we deliver more for less?• How do people learn differently because of broadband, social media, apps, etc?
  5. 5. Every minute…• YouTube users upload 48 hours of video• Facebook users share 684,478 pieces of content• Instagram users share 3,600 new photos• Tumblr sees 27,778 new posts published
  6. 6. Work-based learning evolvesWork 3-day residential courseLife
  7. 7. Work-based learning evolvesWork 3-day F2F residential course course at workLife
  8. 8. Work-based learning evolvesWork 3-day F2F Self- residential course paced course at work CBTLife
  9. 9. Work-based learning evolvesWork 3-day F2F Self- Multimedia residential course paced e-learning course at work CBTLife
  10. 10. Work-based learning evolvesWork 3-day F2F Self- Multimedia A mosaic residential course paced e-learning approach course at work CBTLife
  11. 11. What learning technology trends have caught your attention?
  12. 12. Get Up To Speed
  13. 13. Sky Get Up To Speed: Business Impact Over the last 3 years….•At least 2,000 new starters per year•£1M savings per year•40,000+ hours of learning prior to Day 1 ofemployment
  14. 14. Get Off to a Flying Start
  15. 15. Bupa Pre-Joiner: Learner Feedback• 93% of those completing the learning have rated it as enjoyable or very enjoyable• 92.7% of learners would recommend this learning to a colleague• 88% of learners felt more confident in talking about Health and Care
  16. 16. Road to Success
  17. 17. The BriefConvert 20-day Telephone Bankinginduction to:•12-day induction  4 days trainer-facilitated  8 days self-directedSuccess criteria:•Increase engagement•Increase speed-to-competence•Reduce customer complaints•Reduce attrition levels
  18. 18. e ephonng our I n T e l e t ak i B we r n g anki ew rs on a stn rte a jou rney... themed on as a roadW e v e inductiour new trip!
  19. 19. Presenter-led videos DramaColleague System simulationstestimonials
  20. 20. Commercial Capability Academy
  21. 21. The Brief• Re-energise induction and refresher training for Sales staff• Blend of offline and online materialsSuccess criteria:• Increase engagement• Increase brand and product knowledge• Reduce Selling Skills Assessment (SSA) failure rates• Increase sales
  22. 22. So, what is the future of online learning? Dynamic and user-generated content Live online training Gamification Content curation Study guides: navigator Social learning High impact new content Tough assessments Learning Analytics
  23. 23. So, what is the future of online learning? More focus on performance / change Less time wasted for learners who already can More use of whats available Less spent on repurposing content More precision Less noise and irrelevance
  24. 24. Questions
  25. 25. Connect with @brighttweet+44 (0)1273 827676Free guide:Agile learning for the