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Ignite! Millennial learning strategies for the new breed of learner


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Originally presented at the 2015 CIPD Learning and Development Show at London Olympia and organised by the CIPD Leaders in Learning Network, Brightwave's Head of Learning Design Caroline Freeman shares her expertise on millennial learning strategies for the new breed of learner.

Themes and learning points included:

● Millennial myths - and realities
● Tech assisted engagement strategies
● The way technology changes how all generations learn

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Ignite! Millennial learning strategies for the new breed of learner

  1. 1. Millennial learning strategies for the new breed of learner Twitter : @Freemancaro
  2. 2. What are #millennials?
  3. 3. ‘What does a woman millennial want?’
  4. 4. They job-hop Common assertion #1
  5. 5. 15 Economic Facts about Millennials. The White House Council of Economic Advisors Oct 2010. But the White House says… Millennials stay with their employers longer than Generation X
  6. 6. They have a short attention span, so incentivise attention through gamification Common assertion #2 Image from
  7. 7. But we know… The average social gamer is a 40 year old woman.
  8. 8. Common assertion #3 They are the biggest users of social media, so that is the primary route to engage them
  9. 9. But we know … The fastest growing demographic on social media is the over 55’s Photo Credit: C. Norris – ©2015
  10. 10. Common assertion #4 Need to belong
  11. 11. Who doesn’t?
  12. 12. The modern age hasn’t brought about a generation of people who act totally differently – it makes everyone act differently. Tom Goodwin Guardian 12 feb 2015
  13. 13. So how does that all translate into millennial learning strategies?
  14. 14. The social learning platform - begin before the beginning
  15. 15. Make the first day special
  16. 16. Treat them as individuals Image from
  17. 17. Tailored/ bespoke social learning strategies
  18. 18. Value their expertise – and their fresh eyes - create a social learning space where anyone can shine Image from
  19. 19. If the organisation is having trouble integrating millennials, it’s a sign that the organisation needs to change
  20. 20. Value them and they will create value for you