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Gaining Approved Provider Standard for eMentoring - Keele University


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Gaining Approved Provider Standard for eMentoring - Keele University

  1. 1. Mentoring in the Cyber World Gaining Approved Provider Standard for eMentoring Kate Mayer & Dee Sandom
  2. 2. Introduction •Outreach •Raising Aspirations and Awareness •Attainment •Supporting Transition •Key Influencers
  3. 3. Keele Outreach Key Stage 3 & 4 • eMentoring • Stardome • KLASS (Online Resources) • Campus Events for Year 8 & 9 • Humanities • Science for Sustainability • STEM • Unifest 2014 - Residential Key Stage 5 • eMentoring • Open Days and Visit Days • UCAS Higher Education Conventions • KLASS (Online Resources) • Academic Taster Sessions • KLASS • Progression to... • UniSkills Residential • Support at school/college events
  4. 4. eMentoring Projects • KS 3 & 4 (Study Skills and Support) • KS 5 (HE Information, Advice and Guidance) • Applicants/Prospective Students (Transition) • Professional eMentoring (Medicine/Law)
  5. 5. eMentoring @Keele ● Mentoring at Keele since 2005 ● New for 2012- Brightside system 2012-13 ● 450 mentees matched in mentoring relationships ● 90 trained Voluntary Student eMentors ● 10 Professional mentors
  6. 6. eMentoring @Keele “From Mel's advise I have been able to improve the way in which I revise and have also been more motivated to revise and to aim for the higher grades.” KS5 Mentee- Year 12 “I have benefited from the experience as I have been provided with tips to make school work easier and advice about going to university in the future, all of which was incredibly helpful.” KS3&4 mentee- Year 10 “I now have more of an insight into Univeristy life, as I didn't have that before. My e-mentor also helped me with things like deciding which university is right for me and how I should go about choosing my uni choices and subject choices for next year.” KS5 Mentee- Year 12 “I like being a mentor because it gives us the opportunity to encourage young people to actually come to university and to reach their personal goals.” Keele Voluntary eMentor 2012-13
  7. 7. Mentoring + Befriending Foundation The Mentoring and Befriending Foundation (MBF) provides services which aim to increase the effectiveness and quality of mentoring and befriending as methods of enabling individuals to transform their lives and/or reach their full potential
  8. 8. APS Quality Standard APS is the national quality standard specifically designed for mentoring and befriending projects. It consists of 12 elements which focus on the key management and operational areas that underpin the effectiveness of any mentoring or befriending project.
  9. 9. APS – The Process ● Sign Up ● Diagnostic Tool & Action Plan ● Onsite Assessment Visit ○ Project Stakeholder Interviews ○ Evidence Sampling ● Assessment Report & Notification of Outcome ● 3 year - re-accreditation
  10. 10. Benefits ● Helped to focus/streamline processes ● Identified areas for improvement ● Increased staff confidence in ability to run projects ● Best practice guidance and support (MBF) ● Marketing - Quality Mark
  11. 11. Lessons Learned ● Time consuming ● Requires buy-in from managers ● Difficulties getting together stakeholders for assessment (eMentoring) ● Brightside system assisted in meeting elements ● Would be useful to speak to other organisations working towards the standard ● Benefits outweigh any difficulties
  12. 12. Moving Forward ● Developments to Voluntary eMentor training ● Personal Development opportunities for staff ● Guidance developed for new staff members ● Increased numbers and retention of mentees ● Increased the eMentoring projects we offer
  13. 13. Any Questions?