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Rays Sept 2012 Newsletter from Brighton International School, Raipur


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Bring to the readers the VI volume of our School publication - Rays. Enjoy reading.

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Rays Sept 2012 Newsletter from Brighton International School, Raipur

  1. 1. About RAYS Editorial Board Rays is a tri-monthly newsletter Chief Editor - English published by the Brighton Inter- Arman Raut - Class VIII national School. Brighton is situated Vandita Saraswat - Class VII near Vidhan Sabha in Raipur (C.G). Chief Editor - Hindi Riddhika Saraswat- Class VIII Rays is a compilation of articles by Akshita Dubey - Class VII students of Brighton aiming to Sub Editor - Ajit Pandey - Class VI, Vol. 6 September 2012 promote literary zest amongst the Honey Agarwal - Class VII, BRIGHTON INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, Nardaha, Raipur www.brightoninternational.in students.From The Editorial Team Editorial team spread their wings by venturing out to seek for the heroes in our society. An initiative to make the ‘Rays’ readers aware about the people who are contributing to the society in a very meaningful way. In this series of ‘Heroes’ we met Mr. Vishwas Meshram. Mr. Meshram is an environmentalist with the Raipur Development Authority and runs a Non-Government Organisation (NGO). He is a keen student and scholar of Ayurvedic Medicines and runs a Ayurvedic Research Cell. For our readers, we are putting down excerpts from our interaction with Mr. Meshram. INTERVIEW Vandita(Class VIII): Sir, please tell us about yourself and your field of work? Mr. Meshram: I hail from Raipur. From very early in my life, I had a passion towards finding and knowing about Natural Therapy. This has added my desire also to look into various hazards to our nature and environment. All of this has helped me to work for the betterment of the human kind. Arman(Class VIII): What has motivated you to work in this department? Mr. Meshram: Since my childhood days, I found therapy with the help of things available around us as very exciting. This interest slowly turned into a passion. I always had curiosity and desire to discover new herbs and medicines. This drive led me to serve the society. Honestly, I was only inspired by the nature. Honey (Class VII): Sir, what is Global warming? Mr. Meshram: The rising up of our ambient temperature is known as global warming. Today we are facing a very tough time, global warming is posing a challenge to the existence of the human kind. The root cause of the problem is created by man. Some of the actions which has resulted in global warming are; Cutting down of trees, Use of electronic devices, Hunting animals etc. all of this has led to an ecological imbalance. Debmalya (Class VI): Sir, what should be the role of youth in this scenario? Mr. Meshram: Youth of today plays a very important role in curbing the disastrous effects of global warming. These are some of the ways in which all of the young people can help; - Plantation: Plant more tress, turn your surroundings green. - Awareness: Creating an awareness about the harmful effects of chemical and other such agents. - Using public transport - Minimise green house gases. Editorial team: We really thank you sir, for talking to us. We promise you that we will take all the care and urge all our readers to follow the suggestions given by you. Thank You.Update@ Brighton International School Acquaintance Day @ BrightonStudents found their new class mates and the campus went abuzz witha new life on the first day of the school. The day witnessed Magic Show,Food Festival and introduction to hobbies and teachers in the newsession. The students were pleasantly surprised by the presence of thepotter and the potter’s wheel at the campus.CBSE Science Exhibition @ BrightonFaculty at Brighton is blessed with enthusiasm of challengingboundaries and make the students see the bigger picture. With thesame in mind the students of Class VIII & IX participated in CBSEScience Exhibition organised at DAV School, Bhubneshwar. AjeetPandey (VIII), Riyesh Rithik (IX) presented a novel concept of ‘ZeroEnergy Homes’ whereas Sucheta Garg (IX) and Akshita Dubey (VIII)presented a study on ‘Insects and the germs they carry’. The ZeroEnergy Homes is the concept of a house which not only produceselectricity to sustain its needs but is also efficient in the way it utilizesenergy, this was selected as one of the four entries by the OdishaGovernment. Our congratulations to the science department inmaking this learning expedition a great success.
  2. 2. Vol. 6 September 2012 Page 2 Inter-School Debate Competition @ BrightonIn the series of firsts, an Inter-School Debate competition was organised on 7thSeptember 2012 . The competition was attended by many schools of the Raipurregion witnessing a fierce competition by the students from Class VII to X. Giventhe influence of television in our daily lives the subject of the debate was“Television is destroying the moral fibre of the present generation”. Speaking onthe event the Principal of the school Mrs Jayshree Nair emphasised that theentire objective of the debate is to engage students in research, encourage thedevelopment of listening and oratory skills, to create an environment wherestudents think critically and have patience when other put their view forward,competitions such as these will go a long way in encouraging this trait amongststudents. Honey Agrawal (VII) was declared as the first runners up at the event.Kanger Valley School, Raipur was adjudges as the best team. The judges for thecompetition were Retired Flight lieutenant (Mrs) Ambu Saverkar (Kriti Institute),Mr Nishant Mishra (Mayoor School) and Mrs Rajkumari Patro (Tilakbharti HigherSecondary School). Judges were elated by the standard of competitionwitnessed and expressed desire for many such competitions in the times to Team Kanger Valley Academy accepting the ‘Best Team Award’ fromcome. Vice Chairman Sir. Independence Week @ BrightonFor students to understand freedom, first they have to start valuing it and underst-and what all the people of this country have gone through to achieve what thestudents otherwise take for granted. As has been the tradition at Brighton, oneentire week was celebrated as the ‘Independence Week’. The week long celebrationsaw students participating in various competition based around independence asthe theme. The week culminated in a grand event on 15 Aug 2012. Event was lacedwith several presentation showcasing the fredom struggle, current challenges andour responsibilities as a citizen of India. The event witnessed massive participationfrom students of all the classes. The ballad at the end which captured all the majorevents from 1857 to 1947 left the audience with rich memories and warmth. Thechief guest for the event was Shri Kiran Sharma, (Marketing Head - Devbhog) wholaid stress on the development of self and advised students to become a goodhuman being. Chief guest Shri Kiran Sharma welcomed by the Chairman Sir Teachers’ Day @ BrightonWhat are we without the charioteers of our lifewho help us to grow. With this gratitude in mindstudents of Brighton organised a gala affair on5th Sept making an affair to remember for theteachers. Students presented various programmesillustrating the importance of teacheing in their lives.On one side there were students asking teachersto forgive their pranks and on the other hand theyworshipped their masters by equating them with God. (Left) Students paying respect to their teachersThe beautiful day ended with a cake cutting ceremony. (Above) The Teaching Staff of Brighton International School
  3. 3. Vol. 6 September 2012 Page 3 BRIGHTON INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, Nardaha, Raipur Juniors @ BrightonJanmashtami CelebrationJuniors brimming with excitement and enthusiasm celebrated Lord Krishna’s birthday with unprecedented fan-fare at the school campus. A grand ceremonywas organised where the entire school along with parents witnessed the life of Lord Krishna. Students beautifully enacted all the major events of the lord’schildhood. The event also showcased Meera Bai, Matki Tod ceremony and Lord’s cavalcade driven by students.Activities Round Up - JuniorsAs usual the life of our juniors at Brighton is fun filled with activities galore. Some of the events which took place are Kith & Kin activity, Poem RecitationCompetition, Story telling Competition, Paper Folding activity, Cleanliness Brushing activity and one minute game to name a few. Below are some of thepictures exhibiting these excitement filled events. Happenings @ BrightonLaurels- Akshita Dubey (Class VIII) brought laurels to the school by standing atop the first runners up position at Inter-School debate organised by Rotary Club at Pragati College, Raipur.- Honey Agrawal (Class VII) came third at the Inter-School solo song competition organised by the Rotary Club.- Brighton International School stood second at the Inter-School Group Song competition organised by Sanskriti Vibhag (Chhattisgarh Govt.) at the Magneto Mall.Visits- Ice Cream Factory - Students of primary section undertook a chilled flavour filled visit to the local Ice Cream factory. Not only the entire process was described to them, but a cup of ice cream was dished out on their visit. That’s what we call a rewarding ‘yummy’ tour.- Brick Factory - Senior students visited a Brick Factory and understood the process of building blocks.Inter-House Results- From the beginning of the session 2012-13, a slew of Inter-House events and competitions have been organised the current standings is as follows; House Standing Points Alpha II 222 Bravo III 216 Charlie IV 135 Delta I 256
  4. 4. Vol. 6 September 2012 Page 4 BRIGHTON INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, Nardaha, RaipurKnow your Leaders My Tree - Prateek Devangan (Class VI) O Tree, so big and stout and strong, Youve lived so very, very long Pranab Mukharjee a hundred years or more, Im told President of India And yet you are not so very old. 2012 - Present A hundred secrets you could tell of children whom you love so well, Who came and set beneath your shade Shri Pranab Mukharjee (born 11 December 1935) is the 13th Or underneath your branches played and current President of India. In a political career spanning six decades, Mukherjee has been a senior leader of the Indian A hundred birds have built their nests; National Congress and occupied several ministerial portfolios Your leaves have softly kissed their breasts; in the Government of India. Born to a politician father in a Your branches seem to touch the sky, small village in West Bengal, Mukharjee went on to obtain Yet you were once as small as I. masters degree in Political Science and History and degree of Law from Calcutta University. Mukherjee’s parliamentary Some day when I have grown up, too, career begun as a Rajya Sabha member from Congress Party in Im coming back to visit you; 1969. Thereafter, he re-elected in 1975, 1981, 1993, and 1999. Ill find the same dear friendly tree. His ministerial career begun in 1973 as the Deputy Minister, Industrial Development. He was the finance Minister of India during 1982 to 1984, Euromoney Magazine rated him as the best Finance Minister of the world. In 2012, he became the Global Warming - Pallavi Singh (Class VII A) 13th President of India. He is one of the most respected names Global warming, Change the world, in Indian politics today Heat is swarming, Change a life, Ice is melting, Just give a smile Save Water Save Life - Dimple Nagwani (Class VII) All we do is just discuss. And make it bright. Man has been using and misusing all the sources nature has Change a day But actions are pending. showered on him. He thinks that he is the most intelligent being and change your attitude, on this planet. In reality, he is the most foolish being who is Plastic! Pollution! Change everything for the good ruthlessly and recklessly destroying all these gifts of nature. Increasing population! And you will be considered a dude’ Water is a rare gift of nature. It is a life source. Water is Throwing rubbish anywhere, anytime, Change your habits, indispensable for any type of life. Every drop of water is To pick or clean it, And save the dying earth precious. today the reasons for the acute shortage of water is Does anyone even have the time? So that you live to see an important issue to sleep over. Every summer, the country Plant more trees Gods miracles in this birth. faces water - crisis due to the sinking water table. The fields are And get fresh breeze parched people have to wait for hours together to get a few Think of new ideas litres of water. It is rightly said that the future war will be fought And techniques for water. We must determine ways to conserve water. We Do it all and see must harvest water in ponds, The difference to mankind Because change is the nature tanks and aquifers. Water Of all minds. should be used as a rare gift. Turn off the taps when there is Nature - J Harsh (Class VII) no need of water, try to use less quantity of water. New means of What a joy it is to see, washing and irrigation have to be explored. There is no doubt The wonderful and majestic nature, with Lilies and Roses, that nature is the greatest teacher. If we learn something from graceful waterfall and marvellous mountains, nature, it is well, otherwise we will have to pay through our What a joy it is to see, nose. The meadows and the buddies trees, animals and freedom loving birds, the beautiful butterflies and bees, smelling the Spare a Thought roses and searching the nectars. What a joy its to see, Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience. The nature with its beauty, set us protect, cherish and enjoy, - Ralph Waldo Emerson Because it is ours and ours forever. American essayist, lecturer, and poet. Blessed is the man, who lives in the lap of the nature.
  5. 5. Vol. 6 September 2012 Page 5 BRIGHTON INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, Nardaha, Raipur The Dew Drop - Honey Agrawal (Class VII) Teacher - Tsunami -As the sun rose, a dew drop became aware of its surroundings. There it sat on a Sakshi Ahlawat (Class V) Dhrubojyoti (Class VI)leaf, catching the sunlight and throwing it back out. Around of its simple Teacher O! Teacher The disastrous wavesbeauty, It was very content. Around it were other dew drops, some on the Your are my preacher. wades every thing to wastesame leaf and some on other leaves round about. The dew drop was sure that You are so dear and People diedit was the best, the most special dew drop of them all. Ah, it was good to be a You make my doubts clear People crieddew drop. Teacher O! Teacher And many were missing. The wind rose and the plant began to shake, tripping the leaf, terror You are my preacher Nothing come to my mind.gripped the dew drop as gravity pulled it towards the edge of the leaf, towards Except donatingthe unknown why? Why was this happening? Things were comfortable things You are my father People were injuredwere safe. Why did they have to change? Why? Why? You are my sister and All night long The dew reached the edge of the leaf. It was terrified, certain that it You are my brother They were shocked with frightwould be smashed into a thousand pieces below, sure that this was the end. Teacher O! Teacher They prayed to GodThe day had only just began and the end had come so quickly. It seemed so You are my preacher. and heard him callingunfair. It seemed so meaningless. It tried desperately to do whatever it could And you make my doubts clear. Life will be fineto cling to the leaf, but it was no use. If was just like a crime Finally, it let go, surrendering to the pull of gravity. Down, down it fell. Environment- They lost their foodBelow there seemed to be a mirror. A reflection of itself seemed to be coming Riddhika Saraswat (Class IX) Were in a sad moodup to meet the dew drop. Closer and closer they came together with finally. They became homeless When I look up at the sky,And then the fear transformed into deep joy as the ting dew drop merged with And were in a mess I see the sun shining bright,the vastness that was no more, but it was not destroyed. I was very sad And as the day turns into night,It had become one with the whole. I tried to give whatever I could. I love the white moonGlobal Warming: An International Issue - Suman Agrawal (Class IX) That comes into sight. When I turn my gaze towardsThe average facade temperature of the globe has augmented more than The beautiful earth,1 degree Fahrenheit since 1900 the speed of warming has been almost I love the fragrant flowers,three folds the century long average, since 1970. This increase in earths And the tall treesaverage temperature is called Global warming. More or less, all specialists With their lives so long.studying the climate record of the earth have the same opinion now that When I see the greenery of thehuman actions are perhaps the leading power driving this fashion. forest,Causes of Global Warming: With its variety of wild animals,The major cause of global warming is the The trees giving them shelter toemission of green house gases like Carbon rest, Offering a variety of fruits andDioxide, Methane, Nitrogen, oxide etc. flowers,into the atmosphere. The major source I love my earth.of carbon dioxide are the power plants.These power plants emit large amountof the carbon dioxide produced fromburning of fossil fuel for the purposeof electricity generation. Buildingsboth commercial and residential,represent a larger source of global Science & Studies - Riyesh Rithik Singh. P (Class- IX A)warming than cars & trucks. Anothercause of global warming is deforestation Study of clocks and watches - Horologythat is caused by cutting and burning of Study of Bones - Osteology Study of medicines and drugs - Pharmacologyforests for the purpose of residence and Study of elections including voting - Psephologyindustrialization. Study of Handwriting - GraphologyThe Monkey & The Bananas Study of blood - HematologySuppose 8 monkeys take 8 minutes to eat 8 bananas. Study of fishes - IchthyologyQuestion 1. - How many minutes would it take 2 monkeys to eat 2 bananas? Study of wine - OenologyQuestion 2. - How many monkeys would it take to eat 40 bananas in 40 Study of plants and an tissues - Histologyminutes? takes 8 minutes to eat 1 banana and that all monkeys eat at the same pace? Study of universe and its origin - Cosmology consumed at the same pace? Or does one assume that 1 monkey Study of shapes of molecules - Conchology Does one assume that 8 monkeys take 1 minute to eat 1 banana and that all bananas are 2. it would take 8 monkeys 40 minutes to eat 40 bananas. Study of tumors including treatment of cancer - Oncology. 1. It would take 8 minutes for 2 monkeys to eat 2 bananas;
  6. 6. Vol. 6 September 2012Page 6 BRIGHTON INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, Nardaha, Raipur % 1- ikuh] 2- rkyk] 3- losjk] 4- /kjrh mRRj
  7. 7. Vol. 6 September 2012 Page 7 BRIGHTON INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, Nardaha, Raipurphdw&phdw pkpk & v=k pkyhlk &fjrq /khoj (d{kk & VI) lqfprk xxZ (d{kk & IX) phdw&phdw pkpk dqN dj fn[kkuk gS] ?kM+h us ,d ctk;k dqN dj fn[kkuk gS] vkt pwgs dh kknh gS Hkz"Vkpkj feVkuk gS] eq>s cqykok vk;k gS [kwc feBkbZ [kk;saxs Hkz"Vkpkj feVkuk gS] eksVs gksdj vk,¡xsA viuk vf/kdkj trkuk gS] v=k dks lQy cukuk gS]esjk oru &vatyh vgykor (d{kk & VI) bl nsk dks vkxs c<+kuk gS] Hkz"Vkpkj feVkuk gS] dqN dj fn[kkuk gS] ,slk dqN dj fn[kkuk gS] xjhcksa dks vkxs c<+kuk gS] vehjksa dks lkFk pykuk gS] yksdiky ikl djkuk gS] v=k dk vuku lQy djokuk gS]i;kZoj.k &iYyoh flag (d{kk & VII)
  8. 8. Vol. 6 September 2012 Page 8 BRIGHTON INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, Nardaha, Raipur Connect The Dots Crossword - Countries & Capitals 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 15 - Cuba, 17 - Ireland 16 - Thailand Norway, 7 - China, 11 - India, 14 - Egypt, 10 - Austria, 12 - Canada, 13 - France, 1 - Poland, 2 - Japan, 4 - Russia, 5 - 3 - Australia, 6 - Iran, 8 - Spain, 9 - Italy, Down Across Useful web sites for studentsToday Web World is very useful for every age group and when you are a student then it is more than a virtual teacher for you. You can use internet as youteacher. Given below are web addresses of some of the very useful web sites for you;1) www.wikipedia.com - An online encyclopaedia2) www.Refdesk.com - An online fact finder, where you can find links to all the useful web sites.3) www.Math.com - This site provides help in a number of mathematics-related subjects, including basic grade-school math, calculus, algebra, geometry,trigonometry, and statistics.4) www.Sciencemadesimple.com - Elementary and middle school students can get detailed answers to many science questions.5) www.Howstuffworks.com - You want to know about why and how something happens, this is the site for you. Investiture Ceremony @ Brighton “He who would learn to fly one day must first learn to stand and walk and run……..” -Friederich Nietzsche. Here at Brighton we want our children to fly which is why we give them additional responsibility thereby helping them to overcome their fears and emerge as great leaders. The investiture ceremony was help at the assembly ground to give various responsibilities to the selected students. Rana Priyam and Suman Agrawal both from Class IX were endowed with the responsibility of being the school captain- boys and girls respectively. RANA PRIYAM SUMAN AGRAWAL HEAD BOY HEAD GIRLIn the same ceremony, class captains forvarious classes were also declared andawarded responsibilities.Brighton International School, 12th KM Vidhan Sabha Marg, Vill. Nardaha, Raipur (C.G) 493111, facebook.com/BrightonRaipurTel. (0771) 3267670, 3268680. Website: www.brightoninternational.in twitter.com/Brighton_Raipur