BOF AMERICAS 2013: WMS - The Need to Pivot


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BOF AMERICAS 2013: WMS - The Need to Pivot

  1. 1. June 25, 2013
  2. 2. 3  A member of the Chicago business community since Harry Williams, a Stanford University-trained engineer and inventor of the pinball machine “tilt” mechanism, founded Williams Electronics Inc. in 1943.  A leading supplier of innovative and interactive gaming products, and enabling technologies to casinos worldwide.  We design, manufacture and distribute games, video and mechanical reel-spinning slot machines, video lottery terminals and gaming applications to customers in legal gaming venues, and offer a full suite of online gaming solutions for fun, casual, social games and poker, as well as play-for-fun casinos.  We excel by strategically marrying innovative content, hardware and differentiated platforms/enablers. Who We Are…  We work and live by our core values – Passion, Innovation, Integrity, Respect and Quality … with a Management focus on the 4 Ps -- People, Products, Process and Profit.
  3. 3. A Legacy of Product Innovation • 1930’s Arcade Games • 1950’s Pinball Games • 1970’s Video Arcade Games • 2010’s Online Gaming and Play4Fun WMS pivots every 20 years. Today, we are redefining ourselves through an exploration of casual and wagered online gaming.
  4. 4. 5 Innovation is in our DNA
  5. 5. We Dream Big and Create New Realities  Our Culture of Innovation is unique in the casino industry.  Combine creative content, advanced technologies and intellectual property.  Create differentiated gaming experiences that delight players and benefit casino operators around the world.  Envision a grand new opportunity for our customers in the convergence of traditional casino entertainment with players’ desires for gaming content across the full spectrum of online, social, casual and mobile mediums.  Work smart to turn our visions into reality. 6
  6. 6. 7 The WMS Culture of Innovation It takes a village of diverse skills and experiences to create and provide the most compelling gaming experiences to casinos around the world:  Every one of our 1700+ employees in nearly 30 locations is considered an innovator, and we have the most talented team in the industry.  We know the next Great Idea can come from anyone, anywhere, anytime.  Collaboration yields different perspectives and great solutions.  Innovation excites us, unites us and enables us to meet the needs of our internal and external customers.
  7. 7. 8 SPARK! Challenge-Based Innovation Campaigns • Platform for collaborative creativity • Ideas are sorted by topic with the help of problem statements • Challenge owners determine the process and criteria for acceptance • Challenge owners decide if the solution is worth pursuing
  8. 8. Employer of Choice 9 It is our Culture of Innovation that makes WMS special!