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BOF AMERICAS 2011: Innovate Like Edison


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BOF AMERICAS 2011: Innovate Like Edison

  1. 1. America’s Greatest Innovator, Thomas Edison: 1847-1931
  2. 2. Miller/Edison Heritage Robert Anderson Miller Mina Miller EdisonLewis Miller
  3. 3. Edison Created New Markets•  Pioneered 6 industries: –  Document duplication (1873) –  Telecommunicat’ns (1876) –  Recorded sound (1877) –  Electrical power (1879) –  Motion pictures (1893) –  Portable power (1905)
  4. 4. Edison’s Innovation Culture•  Edison set the innovation “climate”•  Employees owned the culture•  Dynamic interaction between leaders, employees
  5. 5. Five Competencies of Innovation™1.  Solution-centered Mindset2.  Kaleidoscopic Thinking3.  Full-spectrum Engagement4.  Master-mind Collaboration5.  Super-value Creation
  6. 6. Edison Innovation Literacy Blueprint™ ©2007 – 2011 Sarah M. CaldicottC1 Solution- C2 C3 Full C4 Master C5 Centered Kaleidoscop Spectrum Mind Super-Value Mindset -ic Thinking Engagement Collaboration Creation1 6 11 16 21 Align Your Recruit for Link Market Maintain a Intensity & Goals to Your Chemistry & Trends With Core Notebook Relaxation Strengths Passions Results2 7 12 17Design 22 Cultivate Multi- Tune Into Practice Seriousness & Charismatic Disciplinary Your Target Ideaphoria Playfulness Collaboration Audience Optimism Teams 8 13 183 23 Seek Inspire an Apply the Discern Sharing & Knowledge Environment of Right Business Patterns Protecting Open Exchange Model Relentlessly4 9 14 19 24 Experiment Express Complexity Reward Understand Persistently Ideas Visually & Simplicity Collaboration Scale-Up Effects5 10 15 20 25 Create an Pursue Explore the Become a Solitude & Unforgettable Rigorous Road Not Master Team Market-Moving Objectivity Taken Networker Brand
  7. 7. E4. Experiment persistentlyEdison believed that nature expressed itself inprecise mathematical patterns. His belief in theomnipresence of these patterns gave himunshakeable confidence that he could ultimatelydecipher Nature’s codes.
  8. 8. E9. Express ideas visuallyEdison used drawings as away to capture hisintellectual property, andcommunicate in a diverseenvironment.
  9. 9. E14. Complexity and simplicity“Nothing is less productive than to make more efficient that which should not be done in the first place.” - Peter Drucker
  10. 10. E18. Inspire open exchange“He conversed, argued and disputed with us all as though he were a colleague on the same footing.” - Dyer and Martin
  11. 11. E23. Apply the right business model“Until there’s a viable business solution there is no opportunity.” - Carlson and Wilmot
  12. 12. TEDxPeachtree Speech •  November 4th, 2011 •  Atlanta, GA •  On YouTube! •  e-Book from Wiley Publishing •  “What Would Thomas Edison Be Doing Today?”
  13. 13. Contact Information Sarah Miller Caldicott The Power Patterns of Innovation 7115 North Ave, Suite 312 Oak Park, IL 60302 T: 708-445-9335 C: 954-328-0384 W: E: