BOF APAC 2010: We have many ideas, now what?


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BOF APAC 2010: We have many ideas, now what?

  1. 1. We have many ideas,now what?André St-MartinLead Innovation StrategistHong KongApril 18, 2011 ©Astec America, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Emerson Network Power Confidential
  2. 2. Innovation? Easy, right !? Sure ? ©Astec America, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  3. 3. You may be in for a bumpy ride… assuming you are on a road… ©Astec America, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  4. 4. Innovation – How we use to do it (or tried !) Well, it was not optimum… ©Astec America, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  5. 5. How do we innovate again ? And, how do you process the ideas ? ©Astec America, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  7. 7. IDEATE Why Brainstorm when you can WebStorm? Collaborative Tools with Social NetworkingFlexible and Configurable User Interface and Adaptable forms and process ©Astec America, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  8. 8. I like Initial Idea enhanced with comments Good one What if … And what about… ©Astec America, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  10. 10. SEPARATE and INCUBATE Facilitate the collaboration during the campaignThe campaign manager shall act as a moderator facilitator of innovation process  guide the build-up of ideas  encourage new directions and the “what-if”  dissuade evaluations of ideas, re-direct instead  re-enforce comments which complement ideas Coach the community to answer “how can we improve on this idea to make it better?” ©Astec America, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  11. 11. SEPARATE and INCUBATEUse any one of the following, or use a mix – Peer review votes during the campaign • Get the pulse from the wisdom-of-the-crowd – Single Individual • Site moderation and for first pass, or for specific topic, or sensitive topic – Small Review Group • To filter or for localized reviews. With Decision Makers – Chip voting – dot votes • Like VC money. Can be placed against ideas selected users want to promote – Formal evaluation by SME (Subject Matter Experts) followed by review group • expert opinions using custom questionnaire – Incubation review • The real idea may be in the combination of ideas or as an outcome of reviewing common themes and trends (i.e. Fusion of Technology, Innovation at the Verge ©JBarker) – Competing teams – like entrepreneurship programs – Feasibility and competition • Detail a business plan or technical feasibility ©Astec America, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  12. 12. SEPARATE and INCUBATE Review Process • Iterative Pertinence? Prior entry? • Somewhat subjective Scope? Votes • Use a mix of techniques or approaches Comments Experts • Look at ideas and their combinations from different angles, wearing different glasses or hats. • Seek diversity in your review team • Say “yes, and we can also…” instead of “ yes, but” To incubate and nurture innovative ideas … you need innovative approachesPage 12 Emerson Network Power Confidential
  13. 13. But how much filtering shall we apply ?Do not let the good ones slip through the cracks!Yet, it has to screen and not all can go through the funnel!
  14. 14. Innovation Review – Typical Flow Deep-Dive Campaign Evaluation Develop Drive other winning ideas via Campaign named product and services (Run 2-3wks) champions Highlight Top 3 Retain Prior Art, IP preliminary review Use one of the paths (x ideas) Drive into process Campaign improvement initial Business programs Chip Voting Team Workshop sort (~1wk) (1d) Review Review (1d) (1wk) (~1wk) Drive within BU (into standard product roadmaps) Drive via funding decisions Move to « Archive » « Archive » Additional Additional other campaign (y ideas) (y ideas) « archive » ? « archive » Task force teams to develop “game changing” ideasMicro-crowd- Recommendation on top ideassourcing Team Experts’ Team Business Business case developmentPeer review review opinion review review Implementation through line of sight and ownership. Community Campaign Chip voters Evaluators Evaluators Campaign Team Team ©Astec America, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  15. 15. Typical peer-review flowPeer-review campaign … Evaluators Aim for 3 to 5 per category Campaign Campaign Campaign manager + 2-3 manager + 2- manager people and 3 people additional “Wisdom (experts, supporter and of the crowd.” active folks) Evaluation local executive Submission Peer review First review Scores Committee or Follow-up Council Votes Chip Votes Review 100s of ideas (+-10%? ) 10 -15 1 to 3 ? ideas? archive Use different safe processes guard May want to break a large volume of Do not be afraid to let ideas by categories for review the quantity grow and come back down again ©Astec America, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  16. 16. Analyzing the community’s feedbackNatural First PassPeer review – wisdom of the crowd guidance We can highlight a set of ideas standing out Pre-selection based onThird PassChip Voting – expert opinion guidance - Peer review - Chip voting - Number and content of comments posted - Number of views, submission dates and so on Discussions, and/or workshop, may reveal combinations or spin offs from these seeds. Combo? Complement? ©Astec America, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  17. 17. Selection Process - « Filtering » Peer review votes: A guide from the crowd’s opinion Filter, re-group, combine, create new Chip Vote – dot votes: what your extended team thinks/feels Filter, re-group, combine, create new Evaluation scores and feedback: high level data High scores Outliers Look for Pay attention for comments standing out (+ and -) – Passion about an idea is a good sign – Strong opinions often point to exceptional ideas ©Astec America, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  18. 18. Review Process - Using the Evaluation tool Evaluation and Score-carding High risk? Need resources? Implementation time?Game-changers would get low scores with this! => Simple poll a single measured answer I love it ! I really like it ! Points = 10 It is nice, I like it Points = 7 There is potential Points = 5 Not great Points = 3 I do not like Points = 2 I "hate" it Points = 0 ©Astec America, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  19. 19. Innovation (Highly Facilitated) Workshop Seed the workshop to build further on a selection of ideas Look for combinations and underlying themes. Think about possible partners (and totally remote from your core). Let the inspiration bring you new ideas too Stretch your imagination, use “what if…”, “and what about…” Identify road blocks: work-around solutions will become differentiators for your business! You may consider getting an experienced facilitator to guide the process ©Astec America, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  20. 20. Think-out-of-the-box, look for opportunitiesExamples of things to keep in mind, but not limited to Standard business model or constraint should not restrict us Game changers may be ideas that would need important investments, take long time to develop, and may be risky – no natural winners! For $, minimum product cost or premium we can charge? Technical solution may already exist, but can we exploit it differently? The technology may not be mature yet but, should we pass on the chance to reserve that space? Review the idea holistically and beyond not just what the description says, but what it inspires you, and what could come with it or from it. Look at the big picture, key words. Let the images inspire you. Get the right-side-of-your-brain working Holistic, from holos, a Greek word meaning all, entire, total. ©Astec America, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  21. 21. Review Criteria: R-W-W Questions Is the opportunity Real? – Market size, potential pricing, availability of technology, ability to produce and deliver Can we Win this opportunity? – Sustainable advantage? – Can we brand or patent the idea? – Are we more capable to execute than competitors? Is the opportunity Worth it financially? – Do we have the resources needed ? – Will it yield appropriate returns Yet, without applying strict criteria! We are at incubation! Narrow down the number of ideas. Weed out. Pick strong seeds R-W-W, Real-Win-Worth-it. Harvard Business Review, Dec 2007and used at 3M Re-discussed in Innovation Tournaments, Terwiesch and Ulrich ©Astec America, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  22. 22. Time Traveller - Finding the Future Ask the group to project themselves in the future, could be 5-7 years from now What would the situation look like then? What would have been accomplished? What have been the hurdles and how were they overcome? What have been the new opportunities that arose? Were there surprises? What things had we not accounted for? ©Astec America, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  23. 23. SWOT Analysis Mapping the opportunity into a traditional four quadrant analysis tool
  24. 24. Strategic fit Is the idea a fit with our strategy, aligned with our mission and values? Yet, a game changer should – Challenge our strategy, – Present us with new opportunities, – Open the door to re-define, re-direct, – Push boundaries ©Astec America, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  25. 25. Review of ideas – an iterative process Should we wait to have all the answers to all questions? Can we proceed with it, someway? Incubation go ahead is not a go to full development. Cut the mountain of efforts down in smaller slices Not all can be well defined - concentrate to clarify the more uncertain areas Many things you do not know you don’t know – seek info Set intermediate points: define a scope/mandate to the next review point. Take smaller steps. ©Astec America, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  26. 26. Build Bridges - Connect People Evaluations, elaborate workflows, is work …people are busy… You are competing for attention! Sending to a distribution list is like “someday, somewhere. someone will do something” and then, nobody gets nothing done… A penny for your Find ways to connect ideas and people thoughts… – A personalized email, a phone call, soliciting input, inviting a potential collaborator to add an expert opinion to the idea – Identify subject matter experts who are keen to support – Leverage local advocates for local initiatives More efforts for the campaign manager, but higher returns ©Astec America, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  27. 27. The elevator’s speech In a 15-seconds pitch, summarize the idea, what you need, mandate you seek, and its potential business – Idea – Money requirements – Time frame to market – Investment round duration, activities and outcome – Reference to Intellectual Property (uniqueness, protection) – Potential market Selling an idea is not telling about “how cool it is” but getting support to move it further Adapted from David Croslin, Innovate the future ©Astec America, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  28. 28. Incubate - Mantras “…spend as little time as possible to learn just enough” “…ditch opportunities often, invest rarely” “…fail often, fail early, and fail inexpensively” Fail early? Bail early! Learn often, learn early ! “…recognize teams who come up quickly with answers” “…coming up with data to stop is not a failure” I have not failed. Ive just found 10,000 ways that wont work. - Thomas EdisonFirst three quotes from Innovation Tournaments, Terwiesch and Ulrich. With annotation from N Webb, The innovation playbookLast two are from Aberdeen’s innovation conference, panel, discussion Sept 2010 Boston ©Astec America, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  29. 29. Incubate - Approaches Bring on a believer, one who wants to pursue and is a passionate cheerleader of the idea Identify allies and stakeholders – who could benefit internally – informal organization Seek active executive sponsorship – Remove Obstacles – break walls – Open Doors – Bring Incentives – Provide seed funding ©Astec America, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  30. 30. Review & Incubation Process Iterative and somewhat subjective Use a mix of techniques and approaches • May need new ones! Look at ideas and their combinations from different angles, wearing different glasses or hats. Say “yes, and we can also…” instead of “ yes, but” To incubate innovative ideas … you need innovative approaches Above all, find and support the champion of the idea! ©Astec America, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  31. 31. Thank YouAndré St-MartinLead Innovation