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The Magic Steps to Boost Your Software Sales.


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The buying process is changing.

How do software companies improve their sales in this environment? Using content in an intelligent way is an important way of tracking this.

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The Magic Steps to Boost Your Software Sales.

  1. 1. The Magic Steps to Boost your Software Sales
  2. 2. (*magic)
  3. 3. Everything. Has. Changed. Customers are beginning to research thoroughly prior to purchasing online. They know more than ever before.
  4. 4. A basic search will inform prospects of product features, company information, pricing and support. But how much does this actually tell you about the service a company provides?
  5. 5. Software companies must address the challenges of their prospects. Websites must move shift from product-reliant websites onto a more ‘customer-focused’ model.
  6. 6. There are many more questions that a company needs to answer beyond pricing, features and company information.
  7. 7. If the only conversion mechanism is ‘Get Trial’ or ‘Sign Up’ then you will significantly limit your opportunity to attract users at different stages of the purchase journey.
  8. 8. Choose Your Words Carefully Prospects need to hear about workable solutions - not your product features. Speak to your customer’s pain-points with your strengths. Enough about you. For now, at least.
  9. 9. Create Confidence Showcase your technological expertise and demonstrate industry knowledge. This will inspire trust in your prospects.
  10. 10. Discuss your Successes Researching customers are looking for evidence of proven success. This can be anything from a case study to a testimonial video. Use Demos Alongside Content This marriage of content and demo will help prospects see not only if your software meets their specific needs, but what service they would gain from choosing you over one of your competitors.
  11. 11. This makes a real difference. Discovering content that addresses and solves their issues will have a significant influence on the buying decisions of the prospect.
  12. 12. Tailor your Content Answering the questions they have at each stage of the buying cycle moves the prospect closer to making an informed decision when purchasing software.
  13. 13. The trust you build with these prospects will build a relationship and in turn, increase the likelihood of online sales.
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