The Secret to Inbound Websites


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The Secret to Inbound Websites

  1. 1. The Secret to theInbound Website
  2. 2. ‘The law of lead attraction is a curiousthing - makes one man weep makesanother man sing.’Brightfire, April 2013
  3. 3. The 5 Sacred Steps to unlockthe inbound website Secret1. Personas2. User Journeys3. Content4. Campaign5. Analytics
  4. 4. Cracking the Code
  5. 5. The Crack the code and attract inbound leads…1. Personas by understanding the issues, needs and challenges of your audience youare able to define key user journeys, information needs, content and functionalelements that will drive engagement and conversion2. User Journeys now engage your audience with personalised content. mapping tothe goals, aspirations and pain points that you identified in the persona sketches3. Content maintain an active business blog, contribute to guest blog posts, publishlong-form content, launch your own podcast, speak at conferences/events andanswer questions in social media4. Campaign attract users as they engage with your content via search,social and your inbound website5. Analytics a key component of the inbound marketing process you now‘join up’ the picture of your online activities with closed-loop analytics
  6. 6. You are a magnet forinbound leads…Get Your Copy HereIncrease your website’s powers of attraction withthis whitepaper. It’s yours. You’ve earned it....