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Building a Career Site that Attracts Candidates


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A good career site should be at the center of any good recruitment program - your prospective candidates will want to find out more about your company and your career opportunities and, if they like what they see, convert into candidates and hires.

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Building a Career Site that Attracts Candidates

  1. 1. Secrets from a Marketing Geek:Building a Career Site thatAttracts CandidatesJoin the conversation on Twitter: #BRwebinar
  2. 2. PresenterJen Picard, Marketing
  3. 3. Your site should answer:
  4. 4. Your site should answer:Why Should I Work for You?
  5. 5. Your site should answer:Why Should I Work for You?• Why should I choose your company over yourcompetitors?• Why do your current employees like workingthere?• What’s in it for me?
  6. 6. Traffic ConversionsVisitorsEngagedVisitorsApplicantsHires
  7. 7. Pick a Platform
  8. 8. What Makes YOU different?
  9. 9. Testimonials
  10. 10. AwardsIf you’re onthis list, makesure yourcandidatesknow it!
  11. 11. Info about your Team Members
  12. 12. Jobs
  13. 13. Candidate Nurturing• Job alerts• Newsletter• Social Media• Talent Community
  14. 14. Blog
  15. 15. SEO
  16. 16. SEO - KeywordsNotice the difference in estimated search queries
  17. 17. SEO – Page Title and Meta InfoPage TitleMeta Description
  18. 18. SEO – Link BuildingLink text (anchor text) tells search engineswhat the page you’re linking to is about
  19. 19. What Next?• Make it accessible• Link to it everywhere• Get Social!• Make sure you’re mobile friendly• Analyze and Optimize
  20. 20. Thank You!• Questions?• Find us online:– LinkedIn– Twitter– Google Plus
  21. 21. Secrets of a Marketing Geekwebinar series• Utilizing Recruitment Advertising to Expandyour Reach and Get Better Candidates• Get Social to Get More Candidates• Candidate Sourcing Dos and Donts• Maximize your Talent Pipeline with Nurturing• Taking Employee Retention to a New Level
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