10 Tricks to Narrow Down Candidates Faster


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Do you have so many applications flooding in for each position that you don't know how you can possibly get through all of them? Recruiters and HR Managers are becoming increasingly overwhelmed by the volume of resumes they receive, especially since the democratization of the application process allows job seekers to apply for hundreds of positions, very quickly.

Smaller companies simply don't have the resources to deal with a large number of applicants, and only 19% of hiring managers at small companies look at the majority of resumes they receive. Larger companies rely on their Applicant Tracking System to narrow down their candidate list, but the keyword matching it uses can be gamed by unqualified candidates and may allow great candidates to slip through the cracks.

So, how do you weed out unqualified candidates quickly, without losing your top candidates to faulty keyword matching algorithms? This presentation (and accompanying webinar) discuss some tips and tricks to narrow down your candidate pool faster, so you can:

-Reduce time to hire
-Hire the right candidates, the first time
-Keep top candidates from getting away

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  • Even if they were unemployed
  • Even if they were unemployed
  • 10 Tricks to Narrow Down Candidates Faster

    1. 1. 10 Tricks to Narrow Down Candidates Faster
    2. 2. Presenter jen@bright.com @JenAtBrighthttp://www.linkedin.com/in/jenpicard
    3. 3. 82%of job seekers use large jobboards in their job searches
    4. 4. 19%of hiring managers at smallcompanies look at the majorityof resumes they receive.
    5. 5. 1.Start with your employmentbrand
    6. 6. 75%Of Americans would not take ajob with a company that had abad reputation
    7. 7. 2.Craft a compelling job posting
    8. 8. 3.Proactively source candidates
    9. 9. Proactive Sourcing
    10. 10. What is your main reason for referring someone? Other I care about my workplace and wanted to help I was incentivized and wanted the reward I thought the person was a suitable candidate I thought they would like the job
    11. 11. 4.Use technology to communicate
    12. 12. 5.Use matching technology tocreate a shortlist
    13. 13. 50%of job applicants aren’t qualified
    14. 14. Introducing…
    15. 15. 6.Assess skills and qualifications
    16. 16. 7.Research candidates online
    17. 17. 8.Quick and convenient interviewprocess
    18. 18. 9.Perform background checks andreference checks
    19. 19. 40%of resumes can contain false ortweaked information
    20. 20. 10.Close your first choice candidate
    21. 21. 1 in 4 will accept a counter offer
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