Trusted Child Care And Home Healthcare Services


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BrightStar's KidCare services range from babysitter and nanny services to pediatric homecare, newborn child care and neonatal nursing.

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Trusted Child Care And Home Healthcare Services

  1. 1. Trusted Child Care And Home Healthcare Services
  2. 2. BrightStar’s KidCare services range from babysitter and nanny servicesto highly skilled pediatric nursing.We offer flexible sick-day childcare and sitter services and pediatrichomecare, including a wide range of child home healthcare services,for children with special needs. Our clinical caregivers are experts inwell-baby and newborn care.
  3. 3. Sitter Services• Whether you’re a busy family that needs a sitter periodically on a regular basis, or if you’re in a bind and need reliable childcare at the drop of a dime, we can help.• Based on your needs and specifications, we will match your family with a dedicated babysitter or nanny that you and your family will not only be comfortable, but impressed, with.• From your first phone call, our unique process takes into account, among other things, personality, needs and expectations to match your family with the best possible fit.
  4. 4. Our Sitter Services• Care and support with multiples (twins, triplets, quadruplets and beyond)• Newborn care• Sick and well baby care• Assist with schoolwork and projects• Engage in arts and crafts• Meal preparation• Assist with reading• Facilitate safe cooking and baking activities• Plan visits, outings and trips• Transportation to and from activities• Play games and sports• And more
  5. 5. In-Hospital CompanionshipWe understand that your children are your life. And when your child ishospitalized, whatever the reason, it can undeniably cause stress foryou and your loved ones.At BrightStar, when families face these challenges, our mission is toserve as helping hand when they need it most, providing qualitychildcare at the drop of a dime. Any time. Any place.
  6. 6. Employee Assistance ProgramOur reputation for providing reliable, compassionate childcare at thedrop of a dime for children and families is not only limited individuals,but employees at organizations nationwide as well.Many such organizations are dedicated to promoting a healthy work-lifebalance have come to BrightStar to help them give their employeesmore – more dependability, more convenience, more hope.
  7. 7. Employee Assistance Program• Some of the largest companies are utilizing BrightStar’s services to provide high-quality childcare services to their employees as part of a comprehensive employee benefits program.• We offer flexible sick-day and sitter services for families, individuals and organizations with an HR-sponsored Employee Assistance Program (EAP) as part of its employee benefits.• From well and sick baby care to newborn care, babysitter and nanny services and more, our caregivers work hard day in and day out to answer the call to offer employee assistance and support to working parents nationwide, so they don’t have to choose between work and family. Or compromise peace of mind.
  8. 8. Special Needs Care• Babies, infants and children living with disabilities or special needs have unique care requirements. We have trained care professionals who specialize in adminstering in-home pediatric care and can provide comprehensive case management and support for children with disabilities and special needs. From autism, spina bifida and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) to cerebral palsy, any spinal injury and more, our caregivers give them the care they need and the support they deserve.• From complex medical equipment, to accessible transportation and skilled nursing, our advanced expertise in this area ensures each child’s safety, all so you and your family can get the most out of life.
  9. 9. Our Special Needs Services• Bath visits• Dressing• Grooming• Oral and personal hygiene• Reporting conditions and changes to supervisory RN and/or Physician• A wide range of therapies (from speech therapy and physical therapy to autism therapy)• Toileting• And more
  10. 10. Pediatric NursingBrightStar offers full range of child home healthcare, from sitter servicesto highly skilled care. Our pediatric and neonatal nurses make it possiblefor your children to receive the care they need, wherever they need it.We take a versatile approach in developing a medically sound plan ofcare to help babies, infants and children in need of a higher level ofspecialized care.But our care professionals’ dedication to making more possible forfamilies with special needs – more compassion, more hope, more peaceof mind – is what truly sets us apart.
  11. 11. Our Pediatric Nursing Services• Neonatal nursing and care for premature babies• Cardiovascular disease• Complex intravenous therapy• Pediatric oncology• Chronic diseases• Infectious diseases
  12. 12. Our Pediatric Nursing Services• Genetic disorders• Congenital disorders• Respiratory disorders• Neurological disorders• Genetic disorders• Congenital disorders• Gastrointestinal disorders• Orthopedic disorders• Renal disorders• Blood disorders• Endocrine disorders• Dermatological disorders• Immunological disorders• Hematological disorders• And more…
  13. 13. Find Quality Care Now Locate a BrightStar Near You!Find a location in the USFind a location in Canada