The Unconditional Love of Pets


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For many elderly people, pets are their reason to get up each morning. Research has found that stroke victims recover their speech faster because they talk to their pets.

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The Unconditional Love of Pets

  1. 1. The Unconditional Love of Pets! By : Karen Everett Watson
  2. 2. It’s impossible to measure the joy that pets bring into our lives.• For many elderly people, pets are their reason to get up each morning!• Did you know that pets provide therapy for older adults? Image Credit:
  3. 3. Research has found that stroke victims recover their speech fasterbecause they talk to their pets.• Assisted-living facilities and nursing homes have discovered the benefits of having pets around.• Many will now allow their residents to keep a pet.• It’s just good business – happy clients are the best advertisement!• Elders, who move into a facility with a pet, adjust much easier, making it easier on the staff and less worry on the family.
  4. 4. • There are so many health benefits to keeping a pet.• They encourage us to keep a schedule.• Their need for taking walks can get us out into the fresh air for good exercise. • And who doesn’t stop to talk to someone walking their dog. • These social connections are vital to older folks who often live alone. • For the older adult who has lost their spouse, a pet plays a vital role in working through the grief.content/uploads/2011/06/Dog-Walking-Elk-River-MN2.jpg
  5. 5. • Pets give us a sense of being needed.• Older people who have declined in strength and ability still need to feel that they’re counted on.• Pets depend on us for love, food and exercise.My friend, Irene is in her mid 80′s and loves her dog, Sophie. “I just need adog,” she said. “If I’ve been out and come back home, she treats me likethe Queen of England!”
  6. 6. • Experts have found that a pet can help lower blood pressure and ease the symptoms of depression.• And who doesn’t talk to their pet?• Verbal responses are known to stimulate the brain and help keep dementia at bay. Jim Roswurm, a retired veterinarian, enjoys his two Cairn Terriers.“They have an unbridled enthusiasm for life,” he said. “Just a joy for living.It’s like a spark plug start for me even when this old body is tired. It’simpossible to stay depressed when my little dogs bring me a ball or a big,wet kiss.”
  7. 7. • For an elder who suffers with arthritis or is recovering from an injury, a pet can also be a part of their therapy.• Throwing a dog a ball can help with limited mobility.• Brushing their pet’s hair can improve their grasp.• The love and companionship of pets are tonics to our bodies and our spirits! %20News/BabyBoomerNews/PublishingImages/Fotolia_2 955914_XS.jpg
  8. 8. So, if you have a lonely elder, the chances are good that a pet wouldbring them great joy, a better outlook on life and the companionshipthey need.
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