Help You and Your Loved Ones Fight the Flu


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Here are 6 tips to help everyone stay safe and healthy this flu season.

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Help You and Your Loved Ones Fight the Flu

  1. 1. Help You and Your Loved Ones Fight the Flu
  2. 2. Flu season has begun and is unfortunately off to a deadly start.With early reports stating numerous hospitalizations so early inthe season, it’s crucial to stay on top of our health and loved one’
  3. 3. Sharon Roth Maguire, a geriatric nurse practitioner and SeniorVice President of Quality and Clinical Operations for BrightStarCare®, prepared tips to help everyone stay safe and healthy thisflu
  4. 4. “The flu season affects thousands of individuals each year, and anexceptionally high rate is expected this year,” says Maguire. “It’simportant for everyone to take the precautionary measures toavoid the flu, especially our elderly loved ones.”
  5. 5. Maguire recommends the following tips for avoiding the
  6. 6. Get a flu shotThis may seem like a no-brainer, but prevention is key, especially withthe flu. If you’re person with a high risk (children, adults over the age of65 and pregnant women) of contracting the flu, getting a flu vaccinationshould be completed as soon as they are available. While the flu shotdoesn’t protect against every strain of the virus, it protects against thethree most common. Elderly individuals should be sure to get the shotand not the nasal spray as the shot is more
  7. 7. Stay hydrated and eat wellStaying hydrated helps your body function properly. If your body isfighting early signs of the flu, it’s even more important to hydrate asyour body is working overtime. Similarly, while you may lose yourappetite when sick, it’s important to maintain a healthy and nutritiousdiet. Eating small frequent meals throughout the day when you have noappetite will help you get essential calories and nutrients which are vitalto your
  8. 8. Wash your handsWash your hands regularly with soap and water. We touch a lot ofdifferent surfaces every day, all containing many germs. Help avoidcontamination by washing hands often, and when soap is not available,use an alcohol based hand sanitizer. Research demonstrates that handwashing is the most effective way to reduce the spread of
  9. 9. Stay homeIf you’re feeling sick, it’s smart to stay home and rest. Give your bodytime to recover without putting others at risk of catching the
  10. 10. Rest upSleep is very important to the functioning of our bodies. Make sureyou’re sleeping enough and add an extra nap if you’re body is
  11. 11. Avoid contactAvoid close contact to other people, especially if they are sick. If yourloved one lives in an assisted living facility or has a home care provider,make sure staff received the flu shot as well to avoid spreading theillness from other individuals. In addition, avoid the spread of germs andrefrain from touching your eyes, nose or mouth. And, if you’d like to seeif the flu has hit a city or town near you, visit
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