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Discussing Homecare Guidelines


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Here are some talking points for discussing home care with a loved one. Learn more about benefits of home care and types of senior homecare services at

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Discussing Homecare Guidelines

  1. 1. “ When your loved one needs some assistance, whether it’s with everyday activities or highly skilled medical care, it can be devastating. ”
  2. 2. If it’s difficult for you to accept the fact that your aging loved one mayneed support in their home, you can imagine that it won’t always beeasy for them either.
  3. 3. If he/she absolutely needs additional support,addressing the issue ofgetting help for them is unavoidable, but a positive outcome is not.Approaching a discussion about such a delicate issue with sensitivityand compassion is a necessity, so we’ve come up with a few talkingpoints to guide you during this time.
  4. 4. • And, to that point, ask your loved one what they want and what they need. At what point would they acknowledge that they need help (if at all)?• Speak hypothetically – if a caregiver were to help him/her, what would they want help with? What are they adamant about refusing help with? This will help your loved one to feel like he/she is in the driver’s seat.
  5. 5. Experts agree that 9 out of 10parents do not want to burdentheir children. Let your lovedone know that you are theiradvocate and showing yourgenuine concern may makethese hard decisions easier tomake.
  6. 6. Introduce your loved one to arepresentative, if not a caregiver,from your preferred homecareagency so they can get a sense forwhat type of person may assistthem. Ask questions about thetype of assistance they shouldexpect to receive.
  7. 7. And don’t just talk to your lovedones. If you have siblings, cousinsand other relatives who may havea vested interest in participating,begin talking to them abouttheir capabilities and expectations.
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