5 Easy Ways To Plan For Elder Care Today


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Here are five easy ways families can plan for elder care. For more information about elder care planning and senior home care options, visit www.brightstarcare.com/senior-home-care.

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5 Easy Ways To Plan For Elder Care Today

  1. 1. 5 Easy Ways to Plan for Elder Care Today
  2. 2. If you go to any of our locations and ask them to share client stories,they will undoubtedly have many, different tales to tell. But there maybe a few similarities across the board. One thing that never changes isthat those who come to us for home care, whether its basic respitecare and sitter services or highly skilled nursing care and physicaltherapy, didnt plan for it.People dont typically think about these types of considerations for thefuture and, even if they do, often times, its not in much detail.
  3. 3. But one thing that is certain is that, no matter who you are, as soon asyoure born, you are aging. And once we or our loved ones get to an agewhen additional assistance may be needed, its good to have at leastthought through a few things.
  4. 4. Thats why weve come up with five ways families can start thinkingabout the future (without having an anxiety attack) by engaging insome self-reflection that can help your decision-making later in life.Go through these considerations yourself and then pass them along toa loved one:
  5. 5. 11 When you need help, do you prefer to solve problems yourself or do you like working in a team? Do you know know your limits and when to ask for help? Do you enjoy making new friends? Are you a social butterfly, or more of an introvert? Be sure to consider these things, as they may help your family to determine a living arrangement everyone can feel good about down the road.
  6. 6. 22 First, think about what you value most in the people you work with: work ethic? A team player? Do you like to be left alone? Now, think about what you value most in the people you spend recreational time with: humor? A good cook? Someone who calls often, or not at all? Are they spiritual? One day when you or a loved one needs a caregiver, compatibility will be imperative, so its important to identify characteristics you like and others not so much.
  7. 7. 33 What are your strengths and weaknesses? Think both physically and mentally. For example, are you a worrier? Try to establish a fitness routine to manage your stress that you can adapt as you age. Another example: if youre 35 and your eyesight is already poor, consider your needs down the road if it progressively worsens. Or maybe youve got an existing medical condition that you manage - talk to your doctor about ways to manage it as you age.
  8. 8. 44 Where do your close family and friends reside? Are they far away or right next door, and do you see that changing in the future? How important is it to you that you are within driving distance to those who mean the most? Do you have a career that requires that you or your partner/spouse to remain in a certain geographic area? Be realistic with yourself about what is most important to you.
  9. 9. 55 And finally, what do you enjoy doing? What gives your life meaning and purpose? Exercise? Cooking? Going to the movies? Gardening? Sports? Fishing? Whatever it is, hold on to these things, and make sure that, no matter where you are in life or whatever your abilities are, you are able to keep them up as long as you can. Even if you need assistance someday, be sure to find a provider that will help you to see this through.
  10. 10. Being prepared doesnt need to be a daunting task, but rather a journeyof truly understanding yourself and your loved ones so as to make thebest, most educated decisions possible.And for those who are already facing the challenge of finding homecarefor a loved one, weve developed a free Homecare Prep Kit to provideadditional guidance and empower families with helpful, tactical tips.
  11. 11. Find Quality Care Now Locate a BrightStar Near You!Find a location in the USFind a location in Canada