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What is visual marketing? Why your brand needs amazing graphics, videos + photos to share.


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Visual marketing is a hot topic - but why is it important to your company brand to use photos, graphics and other visual elements in your website and social media?

With the emphasis on images in social networks like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Flickr, and even LinkedIn focusing more on a visual profile, creating and using visual elements such as infographics, photos, videos, Google Hangouts is even more important than ever.

But visual marketing also includes off-line branding and visuals such as PowerPoint slideshows, banners, business cards, billboards too.

Visual marketing has been around a long time, but as social media usage increases exponentially, using branded graphics, images and videos is more important to sharing your brand message than ever before.

Note: this was originally created as full length infographic and has been edited into Slidehare presentation for easier viewing.

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What is visual marketing? Why your brand needs amazing graphics, videos + photos to share.

  1. 1. What is Visual Marketing?  
  2. 2. Visual marketing is the strategy of using visual aids to communicate your brand’s particular story, using: … that can make your marketing more authoritative and memorable to your audience.
  3. 3. High quality infographics are read 30x   more than text-only blog posts
  4. 4. Photos are liked 2x more than text updates.
  5. 5. Publishers who use infographics grow in traffic an average of more than those who don’t. 12%