SOCIAL MEDIA TIPS for farmers markets, organic farmers + artisans


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Farmers markets, artisan producers and organic farmers can use social media, email marketing, newsletters, video marketing and infographics to generate buzz about their business.

Local farmers markets and events like Farm Folk City Folk's "Meet Your Maker" in the Okanagan and Vancouver help connect producers and buyers. I'm a guest panelist at the Kelowna event.

Showing up in the top of a Google search means more customers will visit your website. Having your photos or videos shared on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter helps establish your brand and spread the word so you get more customers to your market stalls or farm store.

Social media is word of mouth marketing...amplified.

Need help with social media for your organic farm, farmers market or specialty products (home-made jams, soaps and hand-made goods are always popular)?

I help struggling or time-strapped business owners and entrepreneurs get more clients by creating an irresistible online presence.


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SOCIAL MEDIA TIPS for farmers markets, organic farmers + artisans

  1. 1. SOCIAL MEDIA for farmers markets, vendors + artisan producers
  2. 2. Farm Fresh
  3. 3. # of Farmers Markets is on the Rise 1755 7865 Healthy lifestyles, food allergies, GMO concerns, and the "eat local" movement helped farmers markets see a resurgence in popularity 1994 2012 Source: (Amanda MacArthur)
  4. 4. Social media is word-of-mouth marketing...amplified.
  5. 5. Top 5 Online Marketing Tips To connect with your customers, Get found online + Make your products irresistible. READ ON Social Media | Online Marketing
  6. 6. Have a website #1 with a blog
  7. 7. Share your story #2 What do you do?
  8. 8. #3 Stay current with seasonal or topical trends
  9. 9. Where are your customers online? Choose the right social networks Instagram Pinterest VS #2
  10. 10. Get your customers involved What is your favourite strawberry jam recipe? #4 www.image source:
  11. 11. BONUS: Mobile Marketing Tips
  12. 12. Get Mobile Why? Your customers are spending more time accessing internet and social media on their mobile devices, including Smartphones and tablets (such as iPads) How? Make sure your website looks good (and works) on mobile devices, as well as desktop
  13. 13. Make Paying Easy Why? Take credit card payments, right at your market stall or whenever you're on the go. Your customers can spend more on your products without carrying cash. How? Use a mobile payment device that attaches to your Smartphone or tablet. The attachment is usually free, with a small fee to process payments. Try Square, PayPal Here or Intuit GoPayments.
  14. 14. Need help? Social Media Marketing for farmers markets, organic producers and artisans Online Marketing Strategist Why use social media for your business? Develop a client-attracting strategy with online marketing Gain credibility, connect with your audience, rank better in Google Social media is word of mouth, amplified! Get more customers with an irresistible online presence Social media + online marketing: strategy, training or "done-for-you" Email Marketing (newsletters) Video marketing Angelique Duffield ● ●