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10 Steps to Achieve Any Goal


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We put together this slideshow as a step-by-step primer for setting and achieving goals. If one of these steps fascinates you, follow the links on each slide to great blog content on each strategy.

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10 Steps to Achieve Any Goal

  1. 1. 10 Steps to Achieve Any Goal P R E S E N T E D BY :
  2. 2. Contents: 10 Steps to Achieve Any Goal Step 1: Discover What You Want Step 2: Write Down Your Goal Step 3: Refine Your Goal Step 4: Get a Mentor Step 5: Enlist Accountability Step 6: Don’t Share With Everyone Step 7: Eliminate Distractions Step 8: Track Progress Step 9: Celebrate Success Step 10: Repeat the Process Part 1: Creating Your Goal Part 2: Building Your Team Part 3: Following Through Sources Read our reference articles for a course in goal setting 101!
  3. 3. Part 1 Creating Your Goal First, have a definite, clear practical ideal; a goal, an objective “ ”-Aristotle 10 Steps to Achieve Any Goal
  4. 4. Discover What You Want Success Begins With Inspiration 1. Take time to envision one goal in as much detail as possible. 2. What is the goal and why do you hope to achieve it? 3. Striving for a goal, even if you fail to complete it, may still increase happiness. Read more: How to Set Goals - Psychology Today #1 10 Steps to Achieve Any Goal
  5. 5. 1. You are 42% more likely to reach your goals if you write them down. 2. Consider tying your goal to images with a vision board or screensaver you will encounter every day. Read More: Why You Should Be Writing Down Your Goals - Forbes Write Down Your Goal Commitment Starts Here #2 10 Steps to Achieve Any Goal
  6. 6. Vague goals are just wishes Clarify your goal by making it S.M.A.R.T. Refine Your Goal #3 Read More: Infographic: Having Trouble Reaching Your Goals? Make them S.M.A.R.T. ! Specific: What exactly am I trying to accomplish? ! Measurable: How and when will I measure progress? ! Actionable: Can the goal be broken down into steps? ! Realistic: Do I have the resources to complete this goal? ! Time-Bound: When will my goal be complete? 10 Steps to Achieve Any Goal
  7. 7. Part 2 Building Your Team Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much. “ ”-Helen Keller 10 Steps to Achieve Any Goal
  8. 8. Everybody needs a coach ! Mentors provide precious perspective, experience, networks, and knowledge. ! Engage different mentors for various areas of life. Find a Mentor #4 Read More: How to Find a Mentor - Forbes ; Why You Need a Mentor - Inc. 10 Steps to Achieve Any Goal
  9. 9. Your Personal Cheerleader ! Find a partner you trust to cheer your successes and challenge you when you fall behind. ! Consider a person pursuing the same goal for greater buy-in, mutual accountability, and practical advice. ! Research has shown that writing a goal and sharing progress increases your probability of success (see chart). Enlist Accountability #5 Read More: Study Focuses on Strategies for Achieving Goals, Resolutions - Dominican University. 43% 62% 72% Accountability and Goal Achievement 10 Steps to Achieve Any Goal
  10. 10. Fans are a Distraction ! Sharing goals with everyone can work against completing them. ! So think twice before posting your New Year’s Resolution on Facebook, regardless of how many likes you think you’ll get. ”Announcing your plans to others satisfies your self- identity just enough that you're less motivated to do the hard work needed” - Derek Sivers Watch: TED Talk: Derek Sivers - Keep Your Goals to Yourself Don’t Tell Everyone #6 10 Steps to Achieve Any Goal
  11. 11. Part 3 Following Through Setting a goal is not the main thing. It is deciding how you will go about achieving it and staying with that plan “ ”-Tom Landry, Legendary NFL Coach 10 Steps to Achieve Any Goal
  12. 12. Eliminate Distractions. Saying “no” to good things enables a “yes” to your goals. Make a NOT-TO-DO list. Stop multi-tasking. Get to work! #7 Read More: 7 Things Highly Productive People Do - Inc. ; Do You Have a Not-to-Do List? - Michael Hyatt 10 Steps to Achieve Any Goal
  13. 13. Plot progress consistently to stay on course (or course correct!). Schedule updates with your mentor for additional motivation. Don’t stop until you’ve succeeded! 1. 2. 3. Track Progress #8 Read More: If You Want to Achieve a Goal, Measure Your Progress - The Huffington Post 10 Steps to Achieve Any Goal
  14. 14. • If you didn’t share with everyone before, now is your moment. Share that status! • Pause to extend gratitude to your team: • Your mentor, your accountability partner, and any others who assisted you in reaching your goal. • Reward yourself before starting a new goal. Celebrate Success! #9 Read More: 10 Ways to Reward Yourself for Working So Hard - Fast Company 10 Steps to Achieve Any Goal
  15. 15. On to the Next Goal… ! Discover What You Want ! Write Down Your Goal ! Refine Your Goal ! Get a Mentor ! Enlist Accountability ! Don’t Share With Everyone ! Eliminate Distractions ! Track Progress ! Celebrate Success Repeat The Process! #10 10 Steps to Achieve Any Goal
  16. 16. Subscribe to our blog for more helpful and inspiring content! Happy goal setting! Whatever your goals, a great plan propels you toward reaching them. BrightPlan exists to help everyone plan and invest for a brighter future. 10 Steps to Achieve Any Goal
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