Impress London: "Personal PR"


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Ben Matthews presented "Personal PR" Impress London, a conference for PR students, on 11 November 2010.

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Impress London: "Personal PR"

  1. 1. Impress London 11 November 2010 Personal PR
  2. 2. Align your values with your client’s
  3. 3. Align your values with your client’s (or if you can’t…)
  4. 4. Be passionate about the work you do for them
  5. 7. Act, speak, behave, relate, and communicate in ways that represent your values
  6. 8. Be purposeful and representative in how you present yourself and your business -- be aware.
  7. 9. This applies to your personal brand too
  8. 10. Laura Tosney 33 Digital
  9. 11. Jed Hallam Wolfstar
  10. 13. “ The key to starting out in social media was finding platforms that I was comfortable on. For some people this will be podcasting or shooting videos but for me I found Twitter and blogging gave me a comfortable outlet full of supportive and generous people” - Jed Hallam
  11. 14. Ben Cotton Edelman
  12. 16. “ Whilst social media may seem daunting at first, providing you are authentic, which means being open, honest and transparent in your conversations, there is a host of opportunities and knowledge out there ready to be tapped into” - Ben Cotton
  13. 17. Your career begins before you get your first job
  14. 18. “ I’m constantly surprised by the tremendous level of goodwill I’ve encountered from people, who I’m yet to meet in person, but have been willing to answer questions, offer advice and let me know about potential openings” - Ben Cotton
  15. 19. But it doesn’t stop at your first job
  16. 22. Young PR Professional of the Year
  17. 24. Thank You @benrmatthews [email_address]