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The Content Journey: illustrated by Dribbble designers from around the globe


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An illustrated guide - the most unique, beautiful and fun way to learn How To Make The Most Of Every Piece Of Content - from creation to conversion, this guide follows every step of the way to maximize the effectiveness and ROI of your content.

A one-of-a-kind collaboration between BrightInfo, content personalization specialists, and 14 incredibly talented Dribbble designers; 54 unique illustrations!

The marketing sphere is creating too much content without sufficient strategy to back it up. This is your chance to learn how to put the reins on your content marketing efforts.

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The Content Journey: illustrated by Dribbble designers from around the globe

  1. 1. illustrationbyIdanShani
  2. 2. Whyshouldyoucare? content... It's only illustration by Simon Oxley
  3. 3. Qualit       Content g e n e r a t e s i n b o u n d t r a f f i cy illustrationbySimonOxley
  4. 4. Quality Content increases conversion & engagement illustration by Mario Jacome
  5. 5. Quality Content & reputation elevates brand awareness illustration by Artem Merenfeld
  6. 6. creates Content Quality thought leadership illustration by Meg Robichaud
  7. 7. Quality                 Content is the foundation f SEO illustration by Kemal Sanli
  8. 8. So we settled this. You should care. Deeply. So we settled this. You should care. Deeply. illustrationbySimonOxley
  9. 9. Now, hop on and let's take the content journey. illustration by Julien
  10. 10. First stop: c o n t e n tc r e a t i o n illustration by Natalka Dmitrova
  11. 11. The most important content advice EVER: plan before you write illustrationbyMuratKalkavan
  12. 12. You                need to ask      yourself  a few          questions prior to       writing: illustration by Murat Kalkavan
  13. 13. 1 Whoare you writing for? question illustration by Julien
  14. 14. ALWAYS write for someone we Because illustration by Hanno
  15. 15. Except Kafkas for the few that write for the drawer... illustrationbyHanno
  16. 16. And break down your target audience, segment the hell out of it. illustration by Roko Kerovec
  17. 17. 2 Whyareyouwriting question illustration by Meg Robichaud
  18. 18. promote? or self Are you looking to educate illustration by Simon Oxley
  19. 19. means you have a valuable insight to share EDUCATE a v b a l u i n s i g h tle illustrationbySimonOxley
  20. 20. And there's nothing wrong with self-promotion. Here: BrightInfo is the smartest personalization solution out there. illustration by Meg Robichaud
  21. 21. 3 Where is it going to be published? question illustration by Meg Robichaud
  22. 22. The target publication has major implications  on your writing as far as: language examples audience style illustration by Artem Merenfeld
  23. 23. Writing without knowing where it’ll be published is like hunting in the dark, with earmuffs on, not even knowing if there are deer in the forest. illustration by Murat Kalkavan
  24. 24. One more thing before you start writing. The other most important content advice EVER: DO an OUT LINE ! illustration by Meg Robichaud
  26. 26. I f y o u d o n' t d o a n o u t l i n e y o u' l l l o s e y o u r f o c u s and might even lose a finger... illustration by Hanno
  27. 27. Alright champ. Let's start writing. illustration by Meg Robichaud
  28. 28. THE THREE GOLDEN RULES OF CONTENT WRITING: 1 2 3 CONTEXT | DATA | EXAMPLES illustration by Kemal Sanli
  29. 29. CONTEXT D o n 't assume your audience illustrationbyWijtzeValkema everything you doknows
  30. 30. DATA Backing your reasoning with DATA leaves no room for doubt. illustration by Mario Jacome
  31. 31. Give examples EXAMPLES ClarifyThingsSuperQuickly your audience’s world from illustrationbyKemalSanli
  32. 32. Last thing todo: Craft Your Title illustrationbyMegRobichaud
  33. 33. Which means the title works. Here’s why: 5 Simple Tricks to Help You Write Catchy Titles Wish you could read this article right now, right? illustration by Roko Kerovec
  34. 34. It frames the boundaries: It makes two promises: 5 simple tricks The tricks are simple You'll be able to write catchy titles illustration by Natalka Dmitrova
  35. 35. NEXT STOP: POST-WRITING getting EYEBALLS to your content Your mission now, should you choose to accept it: illustration by Kemal Sanli
  36. 36. Before everything else, bring in a Killer Paid Media GuyKiller Paid Media Guy illustration by Roko Kerovec
  37. 37. is Discoverable easily make sure the content on your site easily discoverable N EX T, illustration by Julien
  38. 38. illustration by Natalka Dmitrova Becauseoneofthebiggestcontentproblemsis CONTENT IS LIKE ICE CREAM once you unwrap it, it starts to melt SHORT SHELF LIFE
  39. 39. organiseyourblogintocategories FIRST, andpresentasmanypostsoneachpage illustration by Kemal Sanli
  40. 40. content approach S be proactive in your o n - s i t e econd, illustration by Murat Kalkavan
  41. 41. Your secret weapon: P Ce rs o nal i z e d Rec o m m e n da o et t n n t i on s #PCR is in da house illustration by Wijtze Valkema
  42. 42. what's illustration by Wijtze Valkema that engage visitors during their that? PCR relevant content recommending the most natural browsing flow -based smart widgetsAI-
  43. 43. ANONYMOUS VISITORS PCR provide a personalized browsing experience even for illustration by Sergej Pehterev
  44. 44. regardless of when they were created. PCR make use of 001 % your content ass ets of illustration by Kemal Sanli
  45. 45. P C R significantly increase content ROIsignificantly increase content ROI illustration by Julien
  46. 46. deepen engagementCC PP RR increase conversion & illustration by Simon Oxley
  47. 47. illustrationbyIdanShani
  48. 48. So there you have it: ofeverypieceofcon you create T his ishowyou makethemost tent illustration by Wijtze Valkema
  49. 49. CONCEPT to EXECUTION andbeyond... from THIS WAS theJOURNEY CONTENT of of a P I E C E illustration by Hanno
  50. 50. Wanttolearnmore? Theessential guideto content personalization DownloadeBook illustrationbyArtemMerenfeld
  51. 51. Personalize your website content to increase conversion Free Trial illustration by Julien
  52. 52. In order of appearance: Idan Shani Simon Oxley Mario Jacome Artem Merenfeld Meg Robichaud Kemal Sanli them... Go ahead, click them... Go ahead, click them...Go ahead, click them... Go ahead, c Julien Natalka Dmitrova Murat Kalkavan Hanno Roko Kerovec Wijtze Vakema Pedja Rusic a BIG round of APPLAUSE for all the incredible DESIGNERS Sergej Pehterev
  53. 53. written by produced by Assaf Dudai Merav Zacks Nothing to click here folks 2016 BrightInfo Nomarketerswereharmedinthemakingofthispresentation.