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One Easy Way To Inspire Your Workforce


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Having an inspired workforce is the dream, and at BrightCarbon we think giving your colleagues and employees a chance to be inspired outside of their day-to-day work is a really easy way to make this happen. Take inspiration from BrightCarbon's stories and try it out for yourself!

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One Easy Way To Inspire Your Workforce

  1. 1. One easy way to your workforce INSPIRE
  2. 2. Did you know you had the POWER to inspire your entire workforce?
  3. 3. Yeah I know, makes you feel kind of important
  4. 4. But think about it – an inspired workforce is a happy workforce… But think about it – an inspired workforce is a happy workforce…
  5. 5. But think about it – an inspired workforce is a happy workforce… …is a workforce willing to push creative boundaries (and other fanciful things).
  6. 6. But think about it – an inspired workforce is a happy workforce… And like I said, you can do it. With one idea (that you can take to management or, if you have the cheque book, bring about yourselves)
  7. 7. Welcome to the INSPIRATION FUND
  8. 8. Giving your team members an allowance to spend every year on inspiring themselves, is a great way to give your workforce the MOTIVATION to get inspired.
  9. 9. It’s funny – if you get a salary increase the same amount as the Inspiration Fund… …most people wouldn’t notice – or spend it on things like food, and Netflix, and petrol.
  10. 10. But… giving a specific fund for use only in cases of extreme inspiration…
  11. 11. …suddenly gives people the boost they need to try something new…
  12. 12. …Improve a skill
  13. 13. …find out a little more about something
  14. 14. …and have a happier work/life balance
  15. 15. Meet Bethany she’s been learning some Macrame and weaving
  16. 16. ?? ? Sandy turned up at a class without knowing how to use a sewing machine.
  17. 17. She left it having made a dress
  18. 18. Shay decided he was going to pick up an old skill and do some portrait painting.
  19. 19. (We’ll get him to draw our company headshots before long)
  20. 20. Shee’s going to try his hand at screen-printing
  21. 21. We’re envisaging a full clothing range when he’s done.
  22. 22. Anna did something a bit different and attended a conference all about how people relate to each other at work.
  23. 23. Relationships matter, and we need to figure out how we measure, assess and address the relational strength or weakness of an organisation
  24. 24. Lizzie and Hannah turned their worlds upsidedown
  25. 25. Hannah is getting to grips with the finer points of aerial hoop
  26. 26. #delusionsofgrandeur #aimhigh
  27. 27. Lizzie did a course on yoga inversions and got to hang out with some real experts
  28. 28. And Luke fancies himself as a bit of a composer
  29. 29. More like this…
  30. 30. You can see we’re a pretty diverse group of people and different things inspire us
  31. 31. And it’s so nice to discover what inspires people and the things they want to try out or get better at
  32. 32. But all it took was a little motivation to get us started
  33. 33. It gives us something to talk about at the water cooler
  34. 34. It gives us great transferable skills
  35. 35. And it really helps our work/life balance
  36. 36. Try it out and get ready to be INSPIRED
  37. 37. For some PowerPoint Inspiration Click here Content: Hannah Design: Beth