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How to Sell at Farmer's Markets


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Are you a small farmer or grower looking to begin selling your produce? Farmer's Markets can be an excellent way to make sales, build a network and gain some exposure!

In this webinar, Dr. Nate Storey of Bright Agrotech discusses what it takes to sell at Farmer's Markets and some tricks for making a splash.

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How to Sell at Farmer's Markets

  1. 1. Finding Your Markets Webinar Series “Selling at Farmer’s Markets” Sponsored by Bright Agrotech
  2. 2. Webinar Overview 1. Farmer’s Markets Pros and Cons 2. Selling at Farmer’s Markets 3. At The Market 4. Making Sales 5. Taking Payment 6. Get growing now!
  3. 3. Dr. Nate Storey
  4. 4. Bright Agrotech
  5. 5. The Pros and Cons of Selling at Farmer’s Markets1 Pros Cons
  6. 6. The Pros Can be high margin, high volume opportunities Very targeted market/consumer Proximity is a competitive advantage Lots of exposure Can be convenient and even fun Selling to Farmer’s Markets…
  7. 7. The Cons Often high margin, low volume opportunities Can be expensive to enter/sell at Some are being co-opted by regional distributors Selling to Farmer’s Markets…
  8. 8. Can be labor and cost-intensive Not always consistent, subject to the whims of the manager or committee Sometimes difficult to get into
  9. 9. 2 Selling at Farmer’s Markets
  10. 10. Farmer’s Markets are typically governed by a Manager or Committee That… Approve Vendors Collect Fees and Commissions Manage Vendors, Arrangement, Layout, etc. Ensure Compliance Organize Season and Markets ! !
  11. 11. Typically Farmer’s Markets require that you sign up many months in advance
  12. 12. ! Farmers Markets are becoming more and more popular and more vendors are applying to participate. ! If you’re thinking about the summer season, you might already be too late ! If you miss signing up, speak with the manager about filling empty slots on a market to market basis ! Remember, if you get the manager excited about what you’re doing, they will advocate for you!
  13. 13. Typically you are charged a fee with your reservations Once you’re signed up, you may or may not be assigned an area (depending on how organized the market is)
  14. 14. Some markets have special rules regarding selling, appearance, marketing materials, etc. ! So educate yourself. ! As the season winds down, engage the manager… Tell them what you’re doing, explain how live sales work, and try to get them on your side.
  15. 15. 3 At The Market What will you need on market day?
  16. 16. At The Market ! ! To Bring… ! ! Tent Table Spring basins * * * Don’t bring chairs- chairs encourage you to sit, which makes you less approachable ! Actively Engage Your Customers! Transportation equipment for towers (truck) Market Tips *
  17. 17. 4 Making Sales “This is the best opportunity you have to pitch your product” ! ! Take every opportunity to engage your customers
  18. 18. All markets to follow CSAs and other programs Customer Feedback Interns and free help Community Outreach *** Don’t underestimate the value of Community Outreach! Treat this as an opportunity not just for this market, but for: You may pay a percentage to the Manager on all sales at the farmers market- Not sales outside of the farmers market. ! Treat the Farmer’s market as a gateway to outside sales. Remember…
  19. 19. Price it higher than you would at the grocery store Ask your customers to pay more for quality and context Ask them to taste and smell the produce Sell them on Value Don’t devalue your product Value your product appropriately
  20. 20. Tell your customers what you’re doing Make it look nice, rustic or old-fashioned Hand out business cards, fliers, etc. Develop Marketing Material
  21. 21. Know the health codes and use common sense At the end of the market, trade with other vendors ! Get to know the other vendors ! They’ll give you intelligence on other Farmer’s markets ! They’ll cue you in to other market opportunities ! Show other vendors that you value their products as much as yours ! Get to Know the Manager
  22. 22. Most Farmer’s Markets charge a percentage or a flat fee if a certain revenue number isn’t hit. ! Even if you break even, Farmer’s Markets can be a successful venue Our entire CSA subscription initially came from our CSA customers ! Some markets can be very expensive. This gives the advantage to larger producers/distributors Know which markets you can afford to do, and which ones you can’t 4 Taking Payment Farmer’s Markets CSA
  23. 23. 5 Get Growing Today Start applying now! ! Farmers Markets are the epitome of customer-focused sales, one-on-one sales, and personable sales techniques- this is the training ground for larger sales, larger accounts and scaling ! They can be too expensive, so have a budget and know what is reasonable and what is not. ! Make Friends of Everyone. Start growing now!
  24. 24. ZipGrow Tower 4-pack Start growing with the
  25. 25. The Bright Agrotech Team Chris Paul Noah Questions?