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Briget Scorer CV


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Briget Scorer CV

  1. 1. CURRICULUM VITAE OF BRIGET SCORER Updated in November 2014 Personal Information Full name: Briget Scorer Age: 28 Birth date: 4 October 1984 Marital Status: Married Dependants: None Driver’s license: Code 08 Own vehicle: Yes Contact Details Physical Address: 3 Dorrington, 7 Clyde Avenue, Musgrave, Durban Mobile: 083 640 5144 E-Mail: Education 1. Durban Girls’ College 1998 – 2002 2. University of KwaZulu-Natal Bachelor of Social Science – Media and Communications 2004 – 2006 3. University of KwaZulu-Natal Bachelor of Social Science Honours – Cultural and Media Studies 2007 Subjects: Media in the Global World; Cultural and Media Studies: Critical Methodology (passed Cum Laude); Digital Design for the New Media (passed Cum Laude); Creative Advertising 4. Vega – School of Brand Leadership Bachelor of Arts Honours in Brand Leadership 2012 Subjects: Alchemy; Brand and Brand Building; Brand Communications and Leadership 5. UCT Internet Marketing short course November 2014 - Ongoing 6. Other: Certificate in Estate Agency (2008) Further Education and Training Certificate: Real Estate: Level 4 (2009)
  2. 2. Updated in November 2014 Employment Experience 1. Position held: Frail Care Foundation Co-ordinator Employer: TAFTA Period of employment: September 2013 – present Duties / Responsibilities: – Led the successful co-ordination of the Street Collection for 2014 – Achieved successful institution and completion of the first Mad Hatters Tea Party function, to become an annual event in the Frail Care Foundation calendar – Co-ordinated the visual branding of the Frail Care Foundation Reason for leaving: Looking to pursue career in brand communications and marketing Reference: Femada Shamam 2. Position held: Intern Employer: Espresso DBN Period of employment: April – September 2013 Duties / Responsibilities: – Completed research for several brands in assistance to the account managers at Espresso – Delivered a successful brand strategy for pitch to Nutritional Holdings – Organised logo build for Nutritional Holdings Reason for leaving: Temporary position Reference: Antony Ellis 3. Position held: Foundation Director Employer: Durban Girls College Period of employment: September 2012 – February 2013 Duties / Responsibilities: – Co-ordinated the delivery of the annual newsletter to the Old Girls – Updated the DGC Old Girls Facebook to a page instead of a group – Began updating the Old Girls database Reason for leaving: Position was dissolved as DGC felt they had not researched the need for a Foundation Trust sufficiently Reference: Jeanine Montocchio 4. Position held: Rental Agent Employer: PROProp Period of employment: September 2011 – January 2012 Duties / Responsibilities: - Sourcing properties for rental - Advertising properties online and in relevant media - Taking clients to view relevant properties - Concluding successful rental agreements Reason for leaving: Resigned to commence studying at Vega Reference: Jeanette Bennett 5. Position held: Comercial and Industrial Property Broker Employer: Maxprop Period of employment: March 2009 – April 2011 Duties / Responsibilities: – Sourcing properties for rental and sale – Ensuring details of existing property listings up to date – Matching clients to the correct property for their needs and concluding a successful
  3. 3. Updated in November 2014 transaction Reason for leaving: Personal Reference: Russell Scorer Skills Analytical thinking and approach to solving problems Excellent written and verbal communication Strong interpersonal skills Proficient in Afrikaans as a second language Extremely organised and self-motivated Strict attention to detail and deadlines Team player Able to manage and delegate Good time management Able to work under pressure References 1. Femada Shamam – 031-332 3721 2. Antony Ellis – 031-569 6535 3. Jeanine Montocchio – 031-268 7200 4. Jeanette Bennett – 031-716 1400