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Bathroom Renovation Tips


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Bathroom Renovation Tips

  1. 1. How Decorating Your Bathroom Gives A Great Return On Investment 1
  2. 2. With the current recession showing no sign of improving or disappearing anytimesoon property owners are having to find new ways to preserve or even increasethe value of their homes. When the economy was booming most propertyowners were looking to trade up or completely overhaul their home - all basedon very cheap and freely available home improvement loans and mortgages. Butnow if youre looking to improve your home it means being more creative andinstead of replacing what you already have you need to start looking atmaximizing your current property instead. When you look at the different rooms in your home the one that will almost always require the most potential renovation work is your bathroom. It gets more human traffic every day than any other room in your home with the exception of your kitchen, so your bathroomis going to experience more wear and tear than any other room in your home.This means that its also going to "help" devalue your home because its one ofthe first rooms in any home a potential buyer will want to check out.So if your bathroom is looking a bit dilapidated then its time to put together abathroom design plan for getting it looking its best all over again. We cantemphasize how important planning is by the way folks - you shouldnt evenconsider setting foot inside a hardware store without knowing your exact budgetand exactly what you plan spending your money on.And budget is where all your planning should start really. You see most peopleare totally unrealistic when it comes to setting a budget and then sticking to it 2
  3. 3. and wind up spending way more money than they can afford. This can lead to afew possible outcomes including the bathroom not being finished at all (a majoreyesore in any home) or you have to cut corners throughout the rest of theproject, so you wind up with a bathroom that looks either rushed or not finishedproperly; both of these are outcomes you can avoid by simply sticking to yourbudget. Its also worth reminding your contractor, if youre using one, that theyneed to stick to your budget too because although that marble sink might lookabsolutely amazing it could also eat up at least 50% of your budget in return.When it comes to decorating any bathroom look at what you can keep and whathas to be replaced. What youll find most often is that your bathroom flooringhas probably deteriorated a lot over the last few years so that will need to bereplaced, as will any broken or cracked tiles on the walls. Any paintwork in theroom will need to be touched up and if you have blinds or drapes then chancesare theyll also need to be replaced at worst or just very thoroughly cleaned atbest.Replacing your bathroom suite isntusually expensive but the simpleact of replacing it means having todisrupt your flooring and yourpaintwork too so do your best toavoid replacing any major items ofbathroom furniture if you can. Ifyou cant avoid replacing themthen make sure replacing them is at the top of your list and is done very, veryearly on in the renovation process. The last thing you want to be doing is tryingto fit a new toilet on your brand new tiled, glass or wooden floor - having to cutit to pieces to get the base of the toilet to fit. The same applies with paintwork - 3
  4. 4. theres nothing worse than having to ruin brand new paintwork because youdidnt plan the replacement of your bathroom furniture properly.Its also pretty important to make sure that all of the items included in yourbathroom decorating plan all tie together. What we mean by that is that try tochoose a style for your bathroom and then just stick to that in terms of colorscheme, fixtures and accessories. So for example you dont want to wind upmixing up a contemporary shower with a traditional color scheme. If you andyour partner find that your tastes conflict at some level then make absolutelysure that you resolve your artistic differences before work starts - otherwise yourbathroom is going to look and feel disjointed and neither of you are going to behappy with the final result.Its amazing how often people we see people spend $10,000 on a bathroomrevamp and make it look like they actually spent $100 instead - all stemmingfrom a simple lack of planning.If we can share no other words of wisdom with you here than saying "plan yourbathroom remodel as carefully as possible" then were happy if you just take thisaway from the rest of the information here. Remember if you fail to plan thenyou plan on failing. 4