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Apps for Life! Transition and Independence


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BridgingApps Presentation, Down Syndrome Guild of Dallas 2013 Fall Conference

Ensuring a successful transition of students with disabilities from high school requires thoughtful planning and goal setting. Learn how mobile devices can help develop functional skills such as using a calendar, following a schedule, making a grocery list, and making healthy choices. This session discussed how students can increase their level of independence by maximizing use of mobile devices.

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Apps for Life! Transition and Independence

  1. 1. Apps for Life! Transition and Independence
  2. 2. Agenda • BridgingApps Program and History • Using mobile devices for transition and independence • App demonstrations • Raffle
  3. 3. Who We Are BridgingApps is a volunteer community of parents, therapists, doctors, and teachers who share information on how we are using mobile devices such as the iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and Android devices with people who have special needs.
  4. 4. Beginnings
  5. 5. BridgingApps Website • Getting Started—hardware, accessibility, communication apps, videos, tablet accessories • App Search Tool—search apps, read app reviews, create lists, share lists • Programs—Classes, services, AT labs, training • Community—Online community groups, local meetings in Houston, Austin, McAllen • About Us—Contact us & success stories
  6. 6. Transition Planning • Begins at age 14 • Transition assessment- students should be part of planning process. • Begin to discuss courses of study to assist the student in making a successful transition to his/her goals for life after HS. • Develop transition services plan. • By law, the plan must be reviewed every year until graduation.
  7. 7. School Exit Summary • All areas require Present Level of Academic Achievement and Functional Performance • Needs- Assistive Technology, environmental or material resources or modification • Academic Achievement- what are the student’s levels? • Social Development- does the student need support for socializing? • Physical Development- how independent is the student?
  8. 8. AT Resources • Texas Technology Access Program • 3 demo centers in Dallas area • • State of Texas has mandated help with AT devices for transition planning: • 8140
  9. 9. Post High School • Depending on ability level and student goals, students will transition to college programs, trade schools or work programs. • Which apps would be of benefit? • Organizational apps • Graphic organizers • Bus or train schedules
  10. 10. Tasks • Schedules • Telling Time • Make shopping lists • Budgeting Skills • Socialization • Communication
  11. 11. iPod Touch Study • Trained adults with cognitive impairments to use iPod Touch as a job coach in the workplace • Results were improved functional performance and reduced behavioral challenges • Even with non-readers, functional performance improved with iPod compared with traditional laminated schedules, paper reminders, and reduced need for job coach • *Gentry, Lau, Molinelli, Fallen, and Kriner, Journal of Vocational Rehabilitation 37 (2012) 75-85.
  12. 12. iPod Study Targets Apps targeted to support: 1. Task reminders 2. Task lists 3. Video-based sequencing prompts 4. Behavioral self-management 5. Way-finding tools
  13. 13. iPod Study Apps 1. Clock, Notes, Voice Memo (recordings of task notes), Camera/Video Camera (video modeling of task, Contacts 2. VoCal, iCal 3. Storykit 4. iReward
  14. 14. How to Support Independence? • Person-centered tool • Consumer buy-in • Focus on skills, abilities, and interests • Involve person in the app-selecting and practicing process as well as peers
  15. 15. Organizational Skills • Notes or note taking apps that can be shared • Calendars & Planners • Homework Helpers • Note-Taking and Organizational App list: •
  16. 16. Supporting Socializing • Facetime • Facebook • Texting • Using Maps • Transportation Apps (GoPass by DART)