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Offer to schools summer2013


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Offer to schools summer2013

  1. 1. What can I offer schools in the Autumn term? 2013 Not sure what you can do –browse here for ideas.
  2. 2. Harvest Fast Day Friday 4th October Under the All Resources tab go to Fast Day Resources to find a list of all Harvest materials including assemblies for both primary and secondary.
  3. 3. Food Workshops Find all these by clicking on food under the categories on home page Workshops ranging from 40 minutes to an hour to a whole day for most ages. As well as being about food those for secondary aged students, also promote our current campaign
  4. 4. A prayerful reflection on Food with a variety of CAFOD images that can be used at the beginning or the end of a workshop or assembly. It includes quotes from CST and scripture. The music can also be downloaded with the reflection, as the band, Spiritual Octane, have kindly given us permission to use their track in our work.
  5. 5. Competition for 7-11 year olds, to design a Fairtrade sock. The winning entry will be produced. Details and resources to promote this exciting venture can be found under the Fairtrade tab.
  6. 6. Primary/ secondary assembly Visit a new school and do an introductory assembly Find this under assemblies for Children.
  7. 7. Watch this space! After half term there will be more ideas on how you can visit schools to promote Advent, World Gifts, CAFOD’s new Big Book and new DVD ‘One day One World’
  8. 8. If we can help, please do get in touch: