21 nov young upstarts infographics, more singaporeans shopping online to save time- pay_pal


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21 nov young upstarts infographics, more singaporeans shopping online to save time- pay_pal

  1. 1. Client : PayPal Country : SingaporePublication : Young UpstartsDate : 21 November 2012Topic : [Infographic] More Singaporeans shopping online to save time: PayPalURL : http://www.youngupstarts.com/2012/11/21/infographic-more-singaporeans- shopping-online-to-save-time-paypal/Visitorship : 11,623[Infographic] More Singaporeans Shopping Online To Save Time:PayPalPosted by Daniel Goh on 11/21/12 • Categorized as In the NewsIn Singapore, online and mobile shopping is set to enter a new phase. According to anew PayPal survey conducted by market research agency GfK to measure the changing ways thatconsumers shop and pay, Singaporeans are planning to do at least half of their holiday shoppingelectronically this year.Singaporeans are expecting to shop online 15 times each this coming festive season – assuming eachtrip takes around three hours (what with braving the horrendous traffic, crowds and queues), thiscould potentially save up to 45 hours of their precious time. In fact the top pet peeves for shoppingin malls are the battle with crowds (66%) and the long queues at checkout counters (62%), whilenearly 50% of the respondents are only willing to wait 5-10 minutes in line at a retail store. This mayspell relative disaster for brick-and-mortar companies that rely on festive buying to prop up theirflagging sales in this tough economy.But saving time has become critical to many Singaporeans – 66% of Singaporean workers saying thattheir workload has increased over the past 6 months. “Instead of shopping at overcrowded retailmalls and battling carpark lines or MRT traffic, savvier and smarter Singaporean consumers arechoosing to shop online and on mobile devices to simplify one of the craziest shopping seasons ofthe year,” says Klas Hesselman, Head of Marketing, Southeast Asia & India, PayPal.Mobile Commerce On The Rise2011 was a splendid year for mobile commerce in Singapore, and 2012 promises to be an evenbetter year as more and more Singaporeans turn to their mobile devices to shop on-the-go.According to the PayPal survey, nearly two-thirds of Singaporean shoppers expect to shop three ormore times a month on their mobile devices this festive season. Smartphones and tablets emergedas the top choice to shop online with during the holiday season by almost half of respondents (43%),followed by the use of laptops (37%) and desktops (20%).
  2. 2. The study also showed that mobile apps are still more popular than mobile websites for Singaporeanonline shoppers as 78% of respondents prefer to use mobile apps to access online retail stores, 49%would like to use location-based mobile shopping apps to find great deals, and 38% want to scan QRcodes shown on advertisements and promotions.Shopping Becomes Even More SocialIn addition, the PayPal survey revealed that user-generated content on social media platforms havea strong influence on what Singaporeans buy during the festive shopping season. For a start, 68% ofrespondents research online before they shop, and over 70% indicated that reviews – good or bad –would influence their purchase decision.Interestingly, close to half of all festive shoppers (43%) actively search social networks for shoppingdeals and promotions, while 43% were also likely to redeem offers while browsing social mediachannels like Facebook and Twitter.Here’s an infographic that shows the potential impact of electronic and mobile commerce inSingapore during this festive season.