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Smarter Healthcare Using Social Media


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This presentation explains how to use social media in the health care industry effectively and the finer elements and available opportunities using Facebook and Twitter, specifically.

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Smarter Healthcare Using Social Media

  1. 1. Smarter Healthcare Using Social Media Effective Use and Impact Presented by: Bridget Forney & Amy Burke
  2. 2. What is Social Media?  Where individuals are in communities that share ideas, interests, or are looking to meet people with similar ideas and interests  Social media forums open up a line of communication that is two-way, which gives “fans,” “members,” “followers” as well as the hospital or foundation an opportunity to voice an opinion
  3. 3. Social Media in Healthcare today… BLOGS SOCIAL NETWORKING A straight talk and encouragement blog for people Share your treatment experiences. living with the disease. Find patients just like you. Learn from others who know. HealthMatters PODCASTS A collection of weblogs by Johns Hopkins Medicine Podcasts Healthline professionals. mediaii/podcasts.html A weekly podcast looking at the top medical stories of Leading source for the week for people who want to become informed health and medical news participants in their own health care. and information.
  4. 4. The Pew Internet Project estimates that about 80% of internet users have looked online for health information.
  5. 5. These conversations are taking place with or without you. you Embrace and engage to connect with patients and build lasting relationships
  6. 6. Why consumers are attracted to social media… People trust “a person like me” more than business, government or media figures Seeking a conversation, not a one-way advertisement Trust, transparency, dialogue, honesty
  7. 7. What can social media do for you? Fundraise Publicize events Share video and photos Gather and respond to patient testimonials Share media coverage Start a conversation Improve customer/patient service
  8. 8. Social Media Platforms
  9. 9. Connects people with family, friends, colleagues, and those with similar interests Users “Like” or join networks organized geographically, professionally by industry or educationally by school, among other classifications
  10. 10. Patients Media Facebook USERS Volunteers People Businesses Nonprofits
  11. 11. Why join Facebook?  Strengthen your brand through Page customization  Network with people and businesses  Communicate with people who “Like” you through direct and targeted messages  Measure your success through Facebook Insights  Fundraise! Over 400 Million users worldwide!
  12. 12. Hospitals on Facebook fall in to four categories: Individual Hospitals Specialty Hospitals Children’s Hospitals Health Systems
  13. 13. OSF Saint Francis Medical Center Effective use of photo and video •Over 1,500 “Likes” to date •Over 50 photo albums •Frequent updates •“Favorite Pages”
  14. 14. Kennedy Krieger Institute
  15. 15. How can I optimize my Facebook Page? Engage people who “Like” you Update frequently Respond to comments Start conversations Advertise events Share photos and video “Favorite Pages” Clean up your tabs! Use Causes Tab Target your audience Use FBML
  16. 16. Facebook Causes Application
  17. 17. A crash course in FBML (Facebook Markup Language) Jonathon Gates Phone: 619-543-1405 Ext. 7102 FBML gives your page a tab (name of your choosing) to add organized content.
  18. 18. What is , anyway? Cross between instant messaging and blogging that allows users to send short (140-character) updates in which they answer the simple question, “What are you doing?” Users create formal and informal connections, which establishes numerous and interconnected networks of users. Over 100 million users!
  19. 19. Searches allow Your you to find Twitter tweets Sidebar containing the same term or hashtag Lists allow Find out what you to group people are people you talking about follow under in your area categories (I.e. health reporters)
  20. 20. Why tweet? Find new audiences Join the conversation Promote hospital/foundation news and events Strengthen your brand through profile customization Friendraise
  21. 21. @BackusHospital Backus Hospital is a community hospital in Norwich, CT. They recently Tweeted pictures of the hospital’s “first baby of the New Year.” Who doesn't love babies? Other ways they’re using Twitter: Asking general questions to engage the hospital’s audience. (If Sanjay Gupta becomes the U.S. Sugeon General, what would you ask him?) Posting safety tips (change those smoke alarm batteries). Posting health reminders (get those flu shots). Providing links to cross-promote other products (read our monthly health magazine).
  22. 22. @StJude St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, TN. (St. Jude is also the most popular hospital Page on Facebook with over 88,000 fans.) Ways they’re using Twitter: Announcing accomplishments (St. Jude Ranked No. 1 Pediatric Oncology Hospital). Generating excitement about successful fundraising events and thanking fundraisers (marathoners raise $2 million for hospital). Posting new research findings and overviews of topics such as cancer diagnosis and care.
  23. 23. Best Practices Build relationships Include a bio and custom background Be prepared to address concerns Retweet Post links to articles/sites even if they aren’t about your company Provide value Have personality - inspire conversation Most importantly, participate!
  24. 24. 5 additional ways to use social media after this presentation: Tweet live procedures Train medical personnel Reach mainstream media Communicate in times of Crisis Provide accurate information to patients
  25. 25. Healthcare Communications & Social Media Join a weekly Twitter conversation about Healthcare communications and social media @HealthSocMed #hcsm
  26. 26. Quicklinks Mashable Social Media Guide: the world’s largest blog focused exclusively on Web 2.0 and Social Media news Inside Facebook: provides up-to-date news and market research on Facebook for developers and marketers Non-profits on Facebook: a resource for non-profits and other organizations built to help you harness the power of Facebook Wild Apricot’s Non-Profit Technology Blog: how to promote your non-profit’s cause on Facebook in five easy steps six-simple-ways-to-promote-your-cause-on-facebook.aspx 10 Twitter tips for Nonprofit organizations it_organizations Find journalists on Twitter by beat, outlet or location
  27. 27. In conclusion… Improve patient care Gain media coverage/connect with media Attract new patients and staff Fundraising & Friendraising A healthy investment Monitor & Measure!
  28. 28. Questions or comments? Contact us: Amy Burke (@AmyBurke02) Bridget Forney (@BridgetForney)