Wolves Madness- Minnesota Timberwolves Social Media Campaign


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March 2014 social media campaign designed around the use of a single hashtag to foster fan engagement and build excitement around the Minnesota Timberwolves.

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Wolves Madness- Minnesota Timberwolves Social Media Campaign

  1. 1. #WolvesMadness Social Media Campaign March 1- March 11
  2. 2. WHAT IS #WOLVESMADNESS? The #WolvesMadness campaign was designed around the use of a single hashtag to foster fan engagement and create excitement built around the Minnesota Timberwolves. Timberwolves fans were prompted to track the #WolvesMadness hashtag to win prizes and unlock incentives that were available exclusively on social media. The ten day campaign began on March 1st and concluded with Social Media Night on March 11th.
  3. 3. When #WolvesMadness reached 500 Tweets... TWEET FROM THE SUITE GIVEAWAY – Eight fan followers were selected to join the FOX Sports North Social Media Suite to 'takeover' Timberwolves social media on Social Media Night – The winners spent the evening with the FSN girls and provided the live game updates on social media – The winners also participated in the FSN Broadcast
  4. 4. When #WolvesMadness reached 1000 Tweets... TIMBERWOLVES FASTBREAK FOUNDATION DONATION – In honor of the NBA’s Read to Achieve month in March, the FastBreak Foundation donated 1000 reading supplies to local community groups: • 1000 posters • 1000 bookmarks • 1000 folders
  5. 5. When #WolvesMadness reached 5000 Tweets... PLAYER MEET & GREET • Prize included: – Two lower level tickets to the Timberwolves game on Social Media Night (March 11th) – Authentic team signed basketball – Opportunity to meet Corey Brewer after the game
  6. 6. Other prizes Winners were periodically selected throughout the duration of the campaign for use of the #WolvesMadness hashtag. • PRIZES INCLUDED – Timberwolves tickets – player and team signed basketballs – Timberwolves baseball caps and other merchandise
  7. 7. Fans were directed to Timberwolves.com/wolvesmadness to track the #WolvesMadness hashtag and view hashtag activity The hashtag was tracked with a gauge that increased as the number of tweets grew:
  8. 8. Campaign Promotion • IN-ARENA PROMOTION: – Fans prompted by in-arena hosts to tweet the hashtag – "Tweet #WolvesMadness" displayed on the score board – Twolves Army held #WolvesMadness letters during games leading up to Social Media Night (March 5th, 7th, 9th, and 11th games)
  9. 9. Campaign Promotion: • FOX SPORTS NORTH PROMOTION: – #WolvesMadness was promoted during FSN Timberwolves telecasts: March 5th, 7th, 9th, and 11th games – Promoted by FSN and the FOX Sports North girls on social media
  10. 10. Social promotion on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter: INITIAL POSTS TO KICK OFF CAMPAIGN:
  11. 11. Social promotion on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter: • Daily tweets prompted fans to use the hashtag to unlock the incentives and win prizes • As each hashtag level was unlocked a corresponding graphic was used to launch the next incentive
  12. 12. Social promotion on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter: • Fan tweets containing the hashtag were regularly retweeted • Contests were ran throughout the campaign to keep fans engaged
  13. 13. SOCIAL MEDIA NIGHT- MARCH 11TH A night completely focused around the desire to directly connect and communicate with Timberwolves fans by providing fun and unique ways to engage in real-time and bring the world of social media into the Timberwolves arena
  14. 14. Social Media Night- March 11th TIMBERWOLVES.COM PRE-PREGAME SHOW • Interactive, live-streamed pregame show hosted by Timberwolves web/social team: Mark Remme, Kyle Ratke, Bridget Anderson • The 30 min show was live streamed on Timberwolves.com • Included #WolvesMadness promotion, #AskWolves segment (fan Q&A on Twitter), fan interview, social media discussion, fan tweets, and T.E.N. videos • Total viewers: 1,414
  15. 15. Social Media Night- March 11th FOX SPORTS NORTH SOCIAL MEDIA SUITE • 8 fans selected at 500 #WolvesMadness tweets • “ Tweet from the Suite”- The suite members "took over" Wolves Social Media & provided the live- game updates from their personal Twitter accounts- which were retweeted from the MNTimberwolves Twitter handle
  16. 16. Fox Sports North Social Media Suite, "Tweet from the Suite"
  17. 17. Social Media Night- March 11th IN-ARENA SOCIAL CONTESTS • Contests ran throughout the game that required fans to submit votes using Twitter: – “Wolves Klondike Challenge”- Fans voted on what one "lucky" fan had to eat • Total: 231 votes – “Play the DJ” - Fans voted for a song • Total: 141 votes – “What's Up, Crunch?” - Fans voted for Crunch's next act • Total: 135 votes • Prizes were awarded to fans who used the #WolvesMadness hashtag throughout the game
  18. 18. Social Media Night- March 11th FSN BROADCAST • The campaign was promoted throughout the FSN game broadcast to encourage fans to join the conversation on Twitter and win Timberwolves prizes using the #WolvesMadness hashtag • Pregame, halftime and postgame hits included interviews: – Pregame hit: http://youtu.be/C2or5GSceYQ – Postgame hit: http://youtu.be/ps- MF0ldDq0
  19. 19. Social Media Night- March 11th PLAYER MEET & GREET • One fan selected at 5000 #WolvesMadness tweets • The winner and a guest were taken backstage to meet Corey Brewer after the game and received a team signed basketball and a Timberwolves baseball hat
  20. 20. Totals: • Total #WolvesMadness hashtags: 4,916 tweets (Date: March 1- March 11) – March 1st, 9:29pm: 500 hashtag mark was reached – March 2nd, 9:03pm: 1000 hashtag mark was reached – 5000 hashtag mark was reached on March 12th • Real-time Tracker: #WolvesMadness (Date: March 1-March 28)
  21. 21. Totals: Top Posts: #WolvesMadness tweets with highest retweet rate
  22. 22. Totals: #WolvesMadness use on March 11th, displaying high traffic times during the Timberwolves game. The highest peaks appear to be during the FSN broadcast pre- and postgame hits.