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Introduction to Surveyi2i


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Surveyi2i App - Introduction, Use Cases and Value Proposition

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Introduction to Surveyi2i

  1. 1. @ 2013 BRIDGEi2i Analytics Solutions Pvt. Ltd. All rights reserved Surveyi2i Features and Value Propositions
  2. 2. Issues in Survey Analytics 2
  3. 3. Issues faced by organizations in survey analytics Reliance on Multiple Analytics tools Reliance on External Agencies Not getting Insights on time Huge Infrastructure Investments Very High Learning curve High Training Costs High Maintenance costs Prohibitive Licensing Costs Lack of Analytics and Programming Knowledge to business Managers makes them Dependent on external sources for Insights
  4. 4. Surveyi2i – Value Proposition 4
  5. 5.  It is Google-like simple  Advanced Analytics at click of a button  In memory processing- Robust hardware  There are currently NO TOOLS in the survey analytics space with advanced analytics, text mining and reporting features which can easily be used by business managers to take data driven decisions at an affordable cost! Surveyi2i at Survey analytics space 5 LowHigh IT Dependent Business user driven AnalyticsCapacity
  6. 6. Surveyi2i – Value proposition 6 • Surveyi2i is an integrated, cloud based, easy-to-use, survey analysis and reporting platform with advanced analytics and text mining capabilities which empowers you to take data backed decisions without depending on others by giving timely insights at an affordable cost!
  7. 7. Where does Surveyi2i stand in the “Survey Value chain”? 7
  8. 8. Survey Value Chain Business Problem Survey Design Survey Execution Survey Analysis Insights Reports/Web dashboards
  9. 9. Analysis – Insights – Sharing!! ANALYZE Data VISUALIZE Data Derive INSIGHTS SHARE Findings Impact Survey Data
  10. 10. Surveyi2i-Features 10
  11. 11. Surveyi2i Core Features 11
  12. 12. Surveyi2i- Components of the platform Surveyi2i – Front End Layer for user interaction Survey Repository – Store and Integrate Survey Data and Analysis Exploration Module » Cross – Tabulation » Banners Tables » Significance Tests » Custom Segmentation Text Analysis Module » Frequency Count » Theme Extraction » Sentiment Analysis » Feature Extraction Collaboration Module » Customizable Web Dashboards » MS Office © Integration » Collaboration and Query Space Data Mgmt. Module » Simple UI to upload survey data » Tracking/ One Time Survey » Multiple Data Format » Data Management Analytics Module » Key Driver Analysis » Key Attribute Analysis Visualization Module » Interactive charts » Customization report format and styles Security Layer – User Level Based Survey Data and Dashboard Access Manage, Analyze, Visualize, Insights, Collaborate
  13. 13. How will surveyi2i enhance my business decisions? 14
  14. 14. EASY  It is easy to learn, adopt and implement  Amazingly low learning curve!  No need to rely on any market research agencies, external vendors, or IT teams  Seamlessly inculcate data driven decision making in your organization without affecting your daily business activities!  Easily track periodic surveys. Save the settings just once and replicate survey analysis just by uploading the new survey data and codebook IT IS AN EASY DO-IT-YOURSELF APPLICATION!
  15. 15.  Identify key business trends and unearth key parameters to focus with the help of advanced analytics – By the click of a button!  Get sharp insights at great Speed!. Analyze within 4 hours, instead of 4 weeks!  Say good bye to manual processing of textual data. Word cloud, Theme cloud, Word associations, Verbatim coding – All done within minutes ADVANCED ANALYTICS & TEXT PROCESSING UNDER ONE ROOF! INSIGHTFUL
  16. 16.  No IT infrastructure investments  No outsourcing costs  Very minimal training costs  No Maintenance costs  Say “No” to multiple analytical tools  No Prohibitive licensing costs!  Consume surveyi2i as “Software as a Service”(SaaS) CUT 80% OF YOUR MARKET RESEARCH COSTS! AFFORDABLE
  17. 17.  Access surveyi2i from any device with a web browser and an internet connection.  Share automated web dashboards with customisable visualisation options, securely with the stake holders.  Say “No” to multiple analytical tools  Exports visualisations to MS PowerPoint and create reports easily with editable graphs MORE COLLABORATIVE TO MAKE INSIGHTS ACTIONABLE! COLLABORATIVE
  18. 18. Use cases 19
  19. 19. Use case 1 Customer Service Executive Surveyi2i can help your customer service executive to  Identify drivers of customer satisfaction  Identify trends in customer experience metrics  Identify drivers of customer engagement  Identify trends in customer experience From Survey data Without relying on others!!
  20. 20. Use case 2 Human Resource Manager Surveyi2i can help your human resource manager to  Derive actionable insights from exit interviews  Identify drivers of Employee satisfaction  Minimize attrition  Distribute Appraisal budget
  21. 21. Use case 3 22 Surveyi2i can help your marketing manager to  Understand the voice of the customer  Understand the market perception about a product/service  Understand the price elasticity / sensitivity reactions  Execute Pilot test strategies quickly  Choose the right marketing channel  Target the right customer By giving timely insights from survey data! Marketing Manager
  22. 22. Use case 4 23 Surveyi2i eases the work of Business Manager /Analyst  By providing him a single integrated tool for all his analytics and reporting needs.  By providing him with easy reporting tools for PowerPoint presentation and Web dashboards without any manual work and coding  By providing him text processing engines to process text content , thereby saving his precious time by eliminating manual text analysis Business Manager and Analyst
  23. 23. 24 Deriving actionable Insights from survey data made Easy and Affordable
  24. 24. 25 Thank you