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BRIDGEi2i Marketing Intelligence and Competitive Intelligence Overview


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Marketing Intelligence and Competitive Intelligence Introduction

Published in: Data & Analytics, Business
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BRIDGEi2i Marketing Intelligence and Competitive Intelligence Overview

  1. 1. © 2014 BRIDGEi2i Analytics Solutions Pvt. Ltd. All rights reserved BRIDGEi2i Overview Market & Competitive Insights Capabilities Prithvijit Roy CEO & Co-founder
  2. 2. About Us 2 To be a trusted partner for businesses, helping them achieve accelerated outcomes by simplifying analytics and embedding it in their DNA. BRIDGEi2i is an Analytics Solutions company focused at helping you BRIDGE VISION Transform and visualize big data into meaningful business metrics INFORMATION Identify underlying patterns, understand behavior and predict outcome INSIGHTS Operationalize data driven decisions to realize sustainable business value IMPACT Delivering Sustainable Business Value by Institutionalizing Data Driven Decisions
  3. 3. Market and Competitive Intelligence Solutions 3 Client business aligned market definition Detailed definitions of addressable and adjacent markets based on product features, competition, and industry analysts definitions. Identify relationships between segments and adjacent markets Market Intelligence Competition Assessment Product Assessments Impact analysis of market trends Detailed assessment of impact of trends and identified actions to help leverage or protect against the trends Market landscape and size forecast In-depth market landscape and size forecast model incorporating the impact of market trends, macro factors and competitors performance Strategic profile of competitors Actionable recommendation to help clients fortify and gain market share against key competitors and challengers. Key analysis criteria - business model, marketing and sales strategy, market responsiveness and ability to execute Marketing enablement Insights on competitors positioning strategies to support client marketing planning and execution effectiveness. Key analysis criteria - marketing channels, marketing themes, and ability to gain mind share Sales enablement Develop tactical competitive response to enable sales force and channel partners effectively address competitive pressure – battle cards, competitive response, pricing and campaigns analysis Feature assessment Feature comparison of Client vs. competitors to identify gaps in existing product/services and areas which can be leveraged to drive competitive advantage Perceptions analysis Develop competitive understanding of market perception based on users and expert’s reviews/ feedback of own and competitive products/services Roadmap analysis Analysis of competitors product roadmaps to identify possible future threats Technology assessment Identify competitors’ investment in new technology areas and assess possible benefits Reporting and Dashboards Services • Identify metrics and develop process to measure and track business and market performance • Create alert systems for proactive monitoring of business and market Providing a comprehensive view and recommendations on market and
  4. 4. Customer Intelligence Solutions In-depth profiling of specific accounts Detailed profiling of key target accounts to assess financial performance, future objectives, potential technology spending Account Profiles for deeper understanding of a customer Assess profiles of current customers Analyse demographic profiles of the current customers based on internal data or primary research to assess the sweet spot Usage Analysis Analysis of current relationship in terms of usage and transactions to identify triggers and timing of upgrades / cross-sell Identify white spaces of relationship Analyse customer relationship across various products and identify open but obvious areas for immediate cross-sell opportunities Identify targets from prospects for acquisition Lead generation for cross sell and upgrades to installed base Building a consistent view towards opportunities and relationships Look-Alike Scoring Models Build look-alike models to identify prospects which has similar profiles as current customers. Such models helps prioritizing leads Opportunity sizing Estimating market size opportunity for the prospects and accounts based on their demographic profile Propensity Models Build statistical models to predict propensity of buying certain products based on current relationship, product association Order Analysis Analyse trends and patterns of orders across various products / features and cross-product association Installed Base Metrics Design and execution of installed base health, trend and opportunity dashboards Analyze customer relationships Identify most valued customers, triggers of upgrades as well as current opportunities
  5. 5. Research Process 5 • Review with key stakeholders • Targeted and actionable recommendations • Documentation for approach and assumptions DESIGN ANALYZE Finalize research objectives, action plan storyboard/templates and data sources Leverage existing frameworks to analysis and develop insights. Deliver actionable recommendations and detailed approach • Understand client expectations • Discuss and finalize storyboard/template • Finalize on plan of action and milestones • Identify data source – currently available and need to acquire • Alignment on research objectives • Final storyboard • Analyse data to develop insights • Prioritize findings based on domain expertize • Refine insights based on the discussions with business managers and industry analysts • Detailed findings to enable discussion business managers • Review results with key stakeholders • Evolve actionable recommendations based on feedback • Provide detailed approach and assumptions to ensure transparency Objective Activities Outcome • Comprehensive: Frameworks to enable comprehensive and effective analysis • Actionable: Focus on business insights and actionable recommendations • Transparent: Detailed documentation of approach and assumptions to ensure transparency RECOMMEND
  6. 6. Illustrative Work 6 Supported strategic business planning by defining target markets, analyzing impact of trends and forecasting market size Key challenge – rapidly changing target market landscape and user behaviour Trend Assessment Usage Patterns Market Sizing Market Forecast Enabled consultative sales discussions and solution led approach by identifying key business challenges of a strategic prospect Key challenge – quick turnaround time while ensuring sound understanding of prospect’s business dynamics Business Overview Industry Landscape Competitive Benchmarking Business Challenges Provided comprehensive overview of target market and its comparative advantages over adjacent markets. A persuasive value proposition to help the client’s marketing and sales efforts Key challenge – emerging market/technology Customer Overview Value Proposition Key Business Drivers Supported a technology company being more predictive and optimized in installed base targeting campaigns Key challenge – D&B data limitation in a SMB framework, issues around huge number of SKUs (1000+) Identify best customers Assess product Associations Demographic Sweet Spot Propensity Models
  7. 7. Value Proposition 7 Delivering improved ability to predict changing business dynamics and enhanced agility to drive fast and informed actionable decisions Pan enterprise institutionalization of analytics based decisions to deliver sustainable impact Scalable analytics capability and modular technology assets enable identification and execution of high impact analytics opportunities and operationalization of data driven decision making SUSTAI N Cutting edge analytics and business domain expertize enable us to solve complex and unstructured business problems and deliver measurable business impact Solve unstructured business problems based on data and analytics SOLVE Easy to use and cost effective DIY apps to enable business managers leverage advanced analytics to drive better and faster business decisions Simplify the process of deriving actionable insights SIMPLIF Y
  8. 8. Thank You!