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BRIDGEi2i provides Business Analytics Solutions to enterprises globally, enabling them to achieve accelerated business impact harnessing the power of data. These analytics services and technology solutions enable business managers to consume more meaningful information from big data, generate actionable insights from complex business problems and make data driven decisions across pan-enterprise processes to create sustainable business impact. - Visit:

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BRIDGEi2i Analytics - Introduction

  1. 1. @ 2016 BRIDGEi2i Analytics Solutions Pvt. Ltd. All rights reserved An Introduction to BRIDGEi2i Analytics Solutions
  2. 2. Strong foundation to drive data driven decisions for our customers Overview 2 People HP, GE Alums, 150 highly talented team of Data Scientists. Analysts and Technologists Global Presence Bangalore, California, Boston, Seattle Infrastructure World class workplace infrastructure in Cessna Business Park, Bangalore Customers Engaged with 15+ Fortune 1000 firms in Technology, Financial Services, Insurance and Consumer industry Ranked 13Top 15 Big Data companies 2015
  3. 3. BRIDGEi2i Value 3 Information Insight Impact Analytics Expertise Technology Platform Algorithms / Domain Applications Technology Accelerators Managed Analytics Solution Analytics as a Service Technology Deployment Sustainable Value Sustainable ROI from data monetization Simplification Analytics embedded in business processes Custom Solutions Solutions to unstructured business problems Client Value
  4. 4. Analytics Expertise 4 Information Data Engineering Reporting, Research & Visualization Insight Behavioral Modeling & Personalization Resource Planning & Optimization Impact Decision Engine Analytics Operationalization Partnering with enterprises globally to monetize their data assets Transform and visualize big data into meaningful business metrics Identify underlying patterns, understand behavior and predict outcome Institutionalize data driven decisions to realize sustainable business value
  5. 5. Technology Accelerators 5 Integration(API) Hadoop/SQL/MongoDB Data Model Repository (Conceptual) Domain Specific Algorithmic Layer RepositoryofOutputMetrics Visualization Rules Engine Work Flow User Experience Mobile Web App. UIBiz Rules & Content Data Personalization Models 20-30% 80-90% 40-50% 20-30% Output Data Model Security Client Data warehouse Secondary / Primary Data Cloud / Data Solutions Resource Planning Models Text Mining Models Contexts and Definitions READINESS TO IMPLEMENT
  6. 6. Our Solutions Our Solutions Problems We Solve MARKETING Model Monitoring & Governance • Market Intelligence • Customer Intelligence • Marketing Effectiveness SALES Sales Acceleration Centre • Sales Visibility & Predictability • Sales Intervention • Sales Enablement • Compliance Analytics • Fraud and Anti Money Laundering OPERATIONS Operations Planning • Supply & Demand Planning • Sourcing/Procurement • Student & Admission Analytics • Employee lifecycle Analytics • Survey based analytics RISK Managed Analytics Solutions Technology Accelerators • M-Reco – X-sell • Ex-Track – Customer Experience • M-Trend – Market Size & Share Forecasts • M-Mix – Optimal Market Mix Planning • S-Reco-Sales Recommendation Engine • S-Score – Lead scoring application • S-Chart – Pipeline & Sales Performance App • S-Trend: Sales forecasting Engine • I-Forecast – Demand Planning Application • Empower-Engagement Analytics • M2 – Model Risk Management Analytics Solutions focused on functional needs across enterprises 116 Marketing Science Centre
  7. 7. Our Clients 7 Enterprise Technology Financial Services and Insurance Consumer Business • 3 leading Fortune 500 semi-conductor companies • Fortune 100 computer networking and equipment company • Fortune 500 Computer Hardware company • 2 Leading Enterprise Security Software companies • Fortune 1000 open-source software company • 2 leading global Telecommunications Technology companies • Leading multinational electronics contract manufacturing company • 2 Fortune 100 technology enabled global manufacturing conglomerates • Fortune 500 Insurance company in USA • Leading Disability Insurance company in USA • Leading global investment management company • Fortune 500 payments and credit card company in USA • One of India’s leading Financial institution in lending, asset management, wealth management & insurance • Leading Fintech company in Account Aggregation services • 2 leading Auto Finance Companies in USA • One of India’s leading E-commerce company • One of the largest Childcare institution of USA • One of the largest global logistics company • Fortune 1000 Telecom Services company in USA • 2 Fortune 100 global consumer electronics corporations in Retail and E-Commerce • Leading Consumer Packaged Goods company in India
  8. 8. 8 awareness Risk & ComplianceOperationsSales Global Consumer Electronics Company Pipeline adequacy analysis based on more accurate forecasts through the quarter Global Networking major Improved forecasting of demand for inventory planning Global Networking major Estimation of Market Size for 3 year business planning in a disruptive technology landscape Telecom Technology Company Customer Experience drivers from support information Global Technology Company Data based consistent price decision for distributors’ price quote process Global Semi-conductor company LOYALTYUS Credit Card Major Marketing Customer Life-time value based targeted marketing for e-commerce channel Forecasting of fraud volume and losses for accurate reserving 5% improvement leading to optimization of USD 100 Mn SCM costs 15% increase in forecast accuracy 5% increase in repeat purchase rates and $25 increase in average ticket size Driving Impact across engagements Direct Marketing Target Optimization across products US Insurance Major 7% reduction in database marketing costs & cost per conversion reduced by 15% Demonstrated Value and Partnering with Client in their analytics journey 95% accuracy of loss reserve predictions 10% reduction in incidence rate & support satisfaction increase of 14% Foundation of clients investor report out of 3 year strategy 23% conversion increase
  9. 9. Our Approach 9 Long term partnership with client to deliver sustainable business impact leveraging the Analytics CoE Solve Simplify Sustain Identification, Prioritization & Solution development for the key Analytics opportunities Analytics Maturity Assessment Identification of Big Rocks Design Analytics Roadmap Big Rock Solution Development Deployment of automated analytical solutions in business processes enabling data driven business decisions Analytics Center of Expertize (CoE) for systematic generation of Information, Insights & Impact Stakeholder Buy-in Implementation of Solutions Embedded Decision Engines Solution Performance Monitoring Pan-enterprise Roll-out Information and Insights Processing Hub Analytics Process Improvement Innovation Lab for New Big Rocks
  10. 10. Our Team 10 R / SAS / Python Machine Learning Time Series Optimization Predictive Modelling Big Data Management Application Development Research (Primary & Secondary) BI & Visualization Capability Development Establish Processes Innovation & External Recognition 150 member team from best universities in India and prior experience in leading companies OUR CAPABILITY AREAS – CENTERS OF EXPERTISE TO DRIVE INNOVATION Focus On HIGHLY CAPABLE TEAM WITH DIVERSE SKILLS • Marketing & Sales • Pricing • Risk Management • Service Operations • Human Resources • Strategy & Planning Functional Capabilities • Data Management – Hadoop, SQL, Oracle etc. • Analytics tools – SAS, SPSS, R • Application development – SAS, Hana, Java, VBA • Data visualization – Tableau, Flex, BO, Spotfire Technology Capabilities 0 - 2 Yrs 28% 2 - 5 Yrs 33% 5 - 8 Yrs 18% 8+ Yrs 21%
  11. 11. Engagement Model 11 Flexible engagement model based on business requirements Analytics Apps (BRIDGEi2i Proprietary) Analytics Consulting (Project Based Engagement) Managed Analytics Services (Long Term Engagement) Develop effective and implementable solutions to unstructured business problems to help achieve measureable business outcome (e.g. ISO store recommendation) Build a high calibre and scalable Analytics Centre of Excellence (COE) for an enterprise- wide identification and deployment of high impact analytics solutions Enabling business managers leverage power of advanced analytics through easily available and affordable pre-packaged BRIDGEi2i proprietary applications – In-premise or cloud deployment - Drive accelerated adoption of data driven business decisions Develop Analytics Solutions Visualization, Research & Analysis Technology Enablement
  12. 12. 12 Leadership Team Prithvijit ROY, CEO and Co-Founder Experience: 17 years. Set up Analytics Centers of Expertize for GE / Genpact and HP Location - India Pritam Kanti Paul, Co-Founder and CTO Role: Technology and Innovation Experience: 15 years Analytics Innovation experience across GE / Genpact and HP. Location - India Maruti Peri, VP Business Development Role: Sales and Business Development Experience: 16 years experience in Sales, Client Relationship Management and Analytics Solution Development Location - USA Ashish Sharma, Co- Founder Role: Service delivery, operations and finance. Experience:15 years of strategy, analytics, Quality and Mergers & Acquisitions experience in GE / Genpact Location - India Venkat Subramanian Director, Marketing Role: Marketing Lead Experience: 16 years experience in setting up Marketing Shared Services in HP and Marketing in Datamatics as well as setting up own music venture Location - India
  13. 13. Thank You