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BRIDGEi2i Marketing Analytics Solutions for B2B Technology Companies


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Analytics Solutions offered by BRIDGEi2i for B2B Technology Companies

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BRIDGEi2i Marketing Analytics Solutions for B2B Technology Companies

  1. 1. @ 2013 BRIDGEi2i Analytics Solutions Pvt. Ltd. All rights reserved BRIDGEi2i ANALYTICS SOLUTIONS – B2B Technology Marketing Analytics Solutions Prithvijit Roy CEO & Co-founder
  2. 2. About Us 2 To be a trusted partner for businesses, helping them achieve accelerated outcomes by simplifying analytics and embedding it in their DNA. BRIDGEi2i is an Analytics Solutions company focused at helping you BRIDGE VISION Transform and visualize big data into meaningful business metrics INFORMATION Identify underlying patterns, understand behavior and predict outcome INSIGHTS Operationalize data driven decisions to realize sustainable business value IMPACT Delivering Sustainable Business Value by Institutionalizing Data Driven Decisions
  3. 3. Information Insights Impact 3 What happened? When? How much? Why it happened? What will happen next? How to operationalize? How to sustain? Capture relevant data Identify key metrics Design & generate reports Identify drivers & trends Understand behavior Predict outcomes Build & implement strategies Enterprise-wide adoption Metrics & reporting Descriptive statistics Visualization Underlying trends Predictive models Optimization Real time decisions tools Change management Institutionalization INFORMATION INSIGHTS IMPACT INPUT Internal and External Data, Structured and Unstructured OUTCOME Accelerated Growth, Risk Mitigation, Cost Reduction BRIDGEi2i helps bridging the gap between Information, Insights and Impact BRIDGEi2i DELIVERABLES CLIENT PROBLEMS ADDRESSED BRIDGEi2i CAPABILITIES PHASES ACTIVITIES
  4. 4. Our Solution Offerings 4 • Targeted acquisition • Lifecycle value enhancement • Customer experience management • Enhance retention CUSTOMER INTELLIGENCE • Market intelligence • Maximize return on marketing investment • Digital media effectiveness MARKETING EFFECTIVENESS • Price setting • Discount optimization • Price realization PRICE OPTIMIZATION • Increase leads & sales coverage • Increase Sales Conversion • Increase share of wallet SALES EFFECTIVENESS • Customer risk management • Fraud detection • Portfolio risk assessment RISK MANAGEMENT • Procurement spend optimization • Supply Chain planning • Human resource effectiveness • Customer service planning OPERATIONS PLANNING Solutions across the key business functions
  5. 5. Key Marketing Priorities in Technology Companies Market Intelligence Customer Intelligence Marketing Effectiveness Price Optimization Profitable growth KEY MARKETING OBJECTIVES What is the target market for our products and solutions? How do I generate more targeted leads for customer acquisition and expansion? How do I set my price and discounting strategy? KEY MARKETING CHALLENGES How do I increase the effectiveness of my marketing spends across multiple media?
  6. 6. BRIDGEi2i Analytics Solutions for Technology Marketing 6 1. Market Assessment 2. Competitive Intelligence 3. Product Feature Comparison 1. In Depth Account Profiles 2. New Customer Acquisition 3. Installed base marketing 1. Enhance Return on Marketing Investments 2. Web Analytics 3. Social media analytics 1. Price Setting 2. Deal Pricing 3. Price Realization MARKET INTELLIGENCE CUSTOMER INTELLIGENCE MARKETING EFFECTIVENESS PRICE OPTIMIZATION 1 Understand target market trends & competitive position 2 Proactively identify opportunities with customers & prospects 3 Optimally reach out to customers to convey messages and offers 4 Continuously track marketing performance & customer needs 1 2 3 4
  7. 7. 1. Market Intelligence Solutions 7 Market Assessment Detailed definitions of addressable and adjacent markets based on product features, competition, and industry analysts definitions. Identify relationships between segments and adjacent markets Market Intelligence Competitive Intelligence Product Assessments Impact Analysis of Market Trends Detailed assessment of impact of trends and identified actions to help leverage or protect against the trends Market Landscape and Size Forecast In-depth market landscape and size forecast model incorporating the impact of market trends, macro factors and competitors performance Competitor Profiles Actionable recommendation to help clients fortify and gain market share against key competitors and challengers. Key analysis criteria - business model, marketing and sales strategy, market responsiveness and ability to execute Marketing enablement Insights on competitors positioning strategies to support marketing messaging and communications effectiveness. Key analysis criteria – competitive product launches, marketing campaigns, value proposition etc. Pursuit Support Develop tactical competitive response to enable sales force and channel partners effectively for specific sales pursuits – battle cards, competitive response, pricing and campaigns analysis Feature Assessment Feature comparison of Client vs. competitors to identify gaps in existing product/services and areas which can be leveraged to drive competitive advantage Perceptions Analysis Develop competitive understanding of market perception based on users and expert’s reviews/ feedback of own and competitive products/services Roadmap Analysis Analysis of competitors product roadmaps to identify possible future threats Technology Assessment Identify competitors’ investment in new technology areas and assess possible benefits Providing a comprehensive view and recommendations on market, competition and customer Market Size and Share Reporting Identify metrics and develop process to measure and track business and market performance
  8. 8. 2. Customer Intelligence & Installed Base Solutions Account Profiling Detailed profiling of key target accounts to assess financial performance, future objectives, potential technology spending to build better customer understanding Customer Profiles for In-depth Customer Insights Customer Segmentation Analyse demographic profiles and customer relationships based on internal data or primary research to assess the sweet spot for targeting Usage Analysis Analysis of current relationship in terms of usage and transactions to identify triggers and timing of upgrades / cross-sell Identify White-spaces of Relationship Analyse customer relationship across various products and identify open but obvious areas for immediate cross-sell opportunities Lead Generation for Targeted Acquisition Installed base Analytics to Increase Share of Wallet Building a Consistent View towards Opportunities and Relationships Lead Prioritization Build look-alike models to identify prospects which has similar profiles as current customers. Such models helps prioritizing leads Opportunity sizing Estimating market size opportunity for the prospects and accounts based on their demographic profile Propensity Models Build statistical models to predict propensity of buying certain products based on current relationship, product association Order and Revenue Reporting Analyse trends and patterns of orders and revenue across various products / features and cross- product association Campaign Reporting Identify key metrics for measuring ROI from various marketing campaigns to increase marketing effectiveness Analyze customer relationships Identify most valued customers, triggers of upgrades, renewal, retention and loyalty
  9. 9. 3. Return on Marketing Investment 9 MEASURE EFFECTIVENESS MARKETING ROI MODELING BUDGET OPTIMIZATION Build vehicle effectiveness metrics Build consensus around consistent definitions of marketing effectiveness metrics to be tracked periodically Assess campaign performance Create data collation, analysis and dissemination methods to assess performance of various campaigns across direct marketing, email & digital marketing Relate performance with marketing efforts Build a regression and time series based forecasting model to relate business performance with spends across various media (search, email marketing, display, social, DM) Optimization model for highest RoI Build a non-linear model for optimal allocation of budget across vehicles and products to maximize number of visits. Based on the driver model. Continuous test and learn process Setting up a process to continuously learn and tweak the model and its assumptions based on visit and conversion observed e.g. Web visits, Response rate, Marketing spends, leads , conversion rate etc.
  10. 10. 3. Web Analytics to improve demand generation 10 Help set up analytics ready digital platform Measure the performance of digital campaigns real time & make adjustments Optimize media and campaign mix Identify the right strategy for customer groups for email & banner campaigns 1. Infrastructure 2. Performance Monitoring 3. Attribution & Optimization 4. Personalization Web trends/ Google Analytics / Omniture implementation Design Executive & Operational Dashboards Define segments and custom events Identify search words and blogs to track Segment A Segment B Segment C Dynamic banners, personalized offers Customized email subject lines Personalized messaging Conversion and Visitor flow analysis SEO / SEM and keyword effectiveness Campaign Effectiveness Social Media tracking & Social campaign analysis
  11. 11. 3. Analyze Buzz And Feedback From Social Media OBJECTIVE Use Social Media data to augment internal data and make marketing investment decisions To identify opportunities to introduce products in an area where competition is weak Concise insights but faster data Deeper insights but slower data Networking Reviews Research Reports Data Extraction & Crawling Extraction of relevant comments, reviews Structuring the textual data Feature Extraction Segregate relevant texts for each product feature Analyze comments across features Sentiment Scoring Analysis of direction as well as degree of tonality in comments and reviews Indices Creation Creation of indices around satisfaction, recommendation , buzz etc. Illustrative Data Sources BIG Data Engine Business Outcome 1 CORRELATE WITH PRODUCT SUCCESS Identify and correlate social media indices to forecast product performance 2 IDENTIFY DRIVERS OF SATISFACTION Benchmark feature level sentiments against competitors to assess key drivers of customer satisfaction 3 IDENTIFY UNMET NEEDS Identify opportunities of new product based on gaps communicated by users as well as competitive benchmarking
  12. 12. 4. Price Optimization PRICE SETTING Strategic Set, reset (and justify) prices aligned to market, customer value & financial objectives (margin, market share etc.) •Market & Competition Analysis •Customer Segmentation •Price Value Maps •Price Volume Sensitivity – Optimize Price DEAL PRICING Tactical Price Execution Support regions, deal teams to execute on strategic pricing approach - Optimize discounts & enhance ability to defend price (& value) •Deal Price Optimization •Price Dispersion •Customer Quote Analysis •Win Loss Analysis 12 PRICE REALIZATION Minimize Price Leakage Provide visibility across Pricing process & ensure Price agreed reflects in revenue realized – Minimize revenue leakage, waivers, ensure billing per T&Cs agreed etc. •Price Waterfall •Non Price – Warranty, Services etc. •Pricing Dashboards & Simulation Tools •Price Leakage: Billing & Waivers Analysis Data Driven approach to support Pricing decisions to drive Margin growth
  13. 13. Our Approach 13 Understand Business Problem Consulting Services • Construct Analytical framework for the business problem • Understand focus areas and interrelated processes • Identify key metrics for improvement • Understand expected outcome Design Approach Advanced Analytics Services • To Segment, Predict & Optimize • Translate analysis into business insights • Prioritize business process improvement opportunities based on feasibility & impact • Plan and track impact & sustainability of change Construct Analytics SolutionsAugment and Manage Data Data Services • Identification of required sources and data gaps • Mapping of data to business definition • Data-mart creations Technology Solutions • Data access, cleaning and augmentation to improve accuracy Enhance Access to Insights Portals designed to provide anytime and anywhere access to insights Integration with existing platforms to enable single pane of glass for insights Collection of best in class Frameworks Expertise in leading Analytics tools Traditional Sources Social Media Analytics Apps to enable self service analytics for business managers • Survey analysis • Automated recommendation • Forecasting and scenario planning Unique approach to drive outcome focused solutions
  14. 14. Value Proposition 14 Delivering improved ability to predict changing business dynamics and enhanced agility to drive fast and informed actionable decisions Pan enterprise institutionalization of analytics based decisions to deliver sustainable impact Scalable analytics capability and modular technology assets enable identification and execution of high impact analytics opportunities and operationalization of data driven decision making SUSTAIN Cutting edge analytics and business domain expertize enable us to solve complex and unstructured business problems and deliver measurable business impact Solve unstructured business problems based on data and analytics SOLVE Easy to use and cost effective DIY apps to enable business managers leverage advanced analytics to drive better and faster business decisions Simplify the process of deriving actionable insights SIMPLIFY
  15. 15. • Advanced analytics techniques coupled with business domain expertize • Proven experience in building large analytics capability and deploying enterprise-wide solutions • Modular and customizable advanced analytics algorithms embedded enterprise tools • Cloud based, easy to use apps leveraging the power of advanced analytics Our Value Enablers 15 Partnering with businesses to derive measurable and sustainable business impact based on data and analytics leveraging our … CORE CAPABILITIES TECHNOLOGY ASSETS
  16. 16. Core Capabilities 16 Advanced analytics techniques coupled with business domain expertize Predict customer and employee needs and drive personalized action through study of historical behavioural information • Targeted customer acquisition • Cross-sell & retention strategy • Targeted hiring • Social media influence • Price setting • Account management risk management • Sales forecasting, sizing & allocation • Optimize market mix • Discount planning • Procurement spend reduction • Portfolio Loss forecasting • Optimize Operational staffing Increase efficiency and effectiveness of available resources based on optimal allocation and utilization given the business constraints Resource Planning & Optimization Examples of Business Application Behaviour Modelling & Personalization Examples of Business Application Classify & Segment Identify Drivers Mine Sentiments Predict Future Needs & Reactions Forecast Based on Past Trends Optimize Performance & Utilization Simulate Future Scenarios What-if & Sensitivity
  17. 17. Technology Assets - Applications 17 Customer needs assessment Targeted product offer Optimization of support operations Forecasting business metrics Survey Analytics One-Stop platform for cross tabulation, visualization, key driver analysis, text mining and sentiment analytics from survey data Recommendation Engine Online and Offline product and action recommendation engine based on blend on behaviour of both “Own” as well as statistically “Similar Users” Capacity Planning Simulation of queue based business processes and capacity optimization applicable for hospital staffing, transaction processing, retail & bank counters Forecasting Engine Automated platform for forecasting time series with correlated internal & external factors with extensive “What-If” and driver analysis Big Data Processing Frameworks and libraries for extraction, summarization, visualization and data mining on Big Data from web, transaction systems , customer interactions Data Collection Engine An extensive crawler to extract unstructured data from websites and social media and classifying them into risk groups based on supervised learning Targeted Business Need Tools to Transform Business Insights Tools for Data Management and Collection Modular and customizable advanced analytics algorithms embedded enterprise tools
  18. 18. Engagement Model 18 Flexible engagement model based on business requirements Analytics DIY Apps Analytics Consulting Services Managed Analytics Services Effective and implementable solutions to unstructured business problems helping you achieve measureable business outcome Build a high calibre and scalable Analytics Centre of Excellence (COE) for an enterprise-wide identification and deployment of high impact analytics solutions Enabling business managers leverage power of advanced analytics through easily available and affordable pre-packaged or custom apps in premises or on cloud to drive data driven business decisions faster
  19. 19. Our Clients 19 Fortune 50 diversified technology company Fortune 100 B2B technology company Leading provider of hybrid data protection solution Global business communications solutions Global semi-conductor company in wireless telecommunications Fortune 500 European investment bank Fortune 500, direct banking and payment services company European Student Loan Provider Two Leading providers of insurance services and asset management in US One of India’s foremost consumer packaged goods company Supplier of high performance aerospace fasteners in USA World’s leading logistics provider One of the largest global consulting company Leading global business process outsourcing company One of the premier US universities US based online education company Online Media company of high-impact documentaries
  20. 20. Leadership Team Prithvijit Roy CEO 15+ years of experience in building and leading large scale Analytics Centers for HP and GE. Experience across Technology, Fin. Svcs., Retail and Insurance domains MS in Quantitative Economics from Indian Statistical Institute Ashish Sharma Director, Consulting & Services 13+ years in leading analytics practices across Consumer Finance, Insurance, Hospitality for Genpact (formerly GE) MS in Statistics from Indian Statistical Institute (Economics & Finance specialization) Pritam Kanti Paul Director, Product Development 13+ years in leading development of cutting edge analytics application across marketing, pricing, risk, procurement , fraud and operations. Regarded as an innovative thinker - have prestigious innovation and leadership awards and patents under his belt MS in Statistics from Indian Statistical Institute (Gold Medalist) Leadership Team Board of Advisors Gail Galuppo Advisor, Marketing Strategy Led marketing functions for Western Union, Discover, Standard Chartered Bank & Sears helping drive customer relationship strategy leveraging data and analytic solutions to identify “order of magnitude” impact and drive change. Prasanna Dhore Advisor, Big Data Solutions SVP, Chief Data Scientist for Equifax. Prior to which guided Fortune 500 companies like HP, Mellon Financials to unprecedented revenue growth by uncovering opportunities, transforming and reinvigorating brands, and putting ideas into motion. Anand Melige Advisor, Technology Solutions Developed and led Analytic Centre of Excellence in area of Risk Management and Analytics for American Express, Citibank and GE. Founded Decidyn, company focused on developing Analytics products. 20
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