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D&I survey of our community


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How being open in one area can and will attract diversity in other areas

Published in: Leadership & Management
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D&I survey of our community

  1. 1. Report powered by Culture Amp Diversity & Inclusion in the The Bigger Pie Community
  2. 2. Inclusive leadership improves team performance by 17%, decision making quality by 20%, and team collaboration by 29% Companies in the top quartile for racial and ethnic diversity are 35% more likely to have financial returns above their respective national industry medians The relationship between Diversity and Innovation is positive and statistically significant As you already know The importance of Diversity and Inclusion
  3. 3. For every 100 Straight White Men exiting the workforce, only 66 Straight White Men are filling their shoes. The entering workforce is increasingly more diverse - more women, more people of color, and more than 2x the people in Gen Z identify as LGBTQ than in Gen X. What you might not know: The future is intersectional
  4. 4. A D&I survey pairs research backed questions with demographic data to assess our equitable and inclusive community: This D&I survey gets community feedback Democratic Everybody gets a vote Confidential Marginalized voices are given a confidential way to share their perspective 3rd Party A trusted provider with secure data practices and analytics
  5. 5. We’ll be able to use Culture Amp’s benchmarks to compare our community against: • Over 165 organizations • Across 30+ countries • A range of industries: Technology, Non-Profit, Education, Media, Professional Services and beyond Which will be interesting to see Reason 01 To demonstrate how we’re doing
  6. 6. Reason 03 To show how being open and inclusive in one area can open up inclusivity in others
  7. 7. How we’ll measure it Project Plan
  8. 8. 1. Gender identity 7. Tenure 2. Race/ethnicity 8. Caregiver status 3. Sexual orientation 9. Family status 4. Transgender 10. Native language 5. Age 11. Physical abilities 6. Education 12. Veteran status 12 Demographics
  9. 9. • Take the Survey • Share the results with you and externally to show the value of a diverse, inclusive and safe space • Yes, this group is for women only – so some could argue, how can we talk about being inclusive when men aren’t, but… • Having a safe space for women to chat and support each other in addition to their existing resources is important today • This is just one resource that we offer Next steps for action
  10. 10. Questions?