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Covid 19 entrepreneur resource pack 1.2


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As we're adjusting to our new normal, I thought it would be helpful to pull together a number of resources that are available for entrepreneurs, we're calling it our COVID-19 Entrepreneur Resource Pack. and you can download it here.

Some of the links are to moving documents that will be updated constantly, others are to funding available at the time of publishing - feel free to add the links to helpful resources you've discovered in the comments.

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Covid 19 entrepreneur resource pack 1.2

  1. 1. Information from UK Government on support available for businesses can be found here. Business continuity and financial support y/thebiggerpie/ COVID-19 Entrepreneur Resource Pack 7th April 2020 Webinar replay of support as of 2nd April available here HMRC help line specifically for self-employed and businesses who will be struggling 0300 456 3565 for advice on tax and any benefits you can claim for Useful crowdsourced COVID-19 resources for founders available here. Information on the effects of coronavirus on EU start-ups can be found here. For regular updates from banks, the government, suppliers, local authorities and the law on help for companies and businesses affected by COVID-19. COVID-19 response resource guide for event organisers available here. UK registered businesses can apply for a share of up to £20 million to respond to new and urgent needs in UK and global communities during and following the Covid-19 pandemic Information on Government backed loans for businesses CBILS available here. The European Commission has unlocked €1 billion from the European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI) that will serve as a guarantee to the European Investment Fund (EIF). Global map of innovative solutions created in response to COVID-19 Sources of funding for solutions for coronavirus and/or the effects it is having on the world available here. For all ethnic minority businesses or businesses with at least one BAME co-founder, pitch to global brands and investors #healthcare #tech #sustainability#socialinnovation Capital Relief App; a resource database for entrepreneurs, non- profits and businesses anywhere in the world. Government-backed resources for start-ups in Europe impacted by coronavirus, including grants, loans and other measures. Brent Hoberman wants the UK government to launch a £300m fund for coronavirus-hit start-ups Petition: supporting Britain's startup and high growth businesses
  2. 2. There are plenty of online conferences why not join a few? We'reinvolvedwith #1Society comejoinus ONLINE CONFERENCES If you're managing Furloughing, cycling your teams each 3 weeks - experiment with job sharing so you can implement this longer term and further improve your diversity and inclusiveness in your work practices As an employer this is a fantastic opportunity to understand how to work remotely and look to set up longer term flexible working arrangements that meet gender and inclusive working conditions. LONG TERM SOLUTIONS ONLINE FESTIVAL TO CONVERGE HEARTS AND MINDS FOR A NEW FUTURE IN 2020 Education and Development To write that book To get focused on creating the content you always wanted to do Training CPD CV review and reflection on your best job Keeping mentally strong Learn to self-motivate Exercise regularly - find an app Now is the time to get that learning done:
  3. 3. List of Free Online Courses from Best Instructors and Top Universities Shared from WhatsApp - Anton Massachusetts Institute of Technology Link: IELTS Preparation Course from University of Queensland Australia Link: British Council Link: Microsoft Link: World Health Organisation Link: Harvard University Link: Tips for Successful Online Learning edX Link: 17) edX Online Courses | How to Enroll | Complete Guide Link: ONLINE COURSES Learn Spanish from Universitat Politècnica de Valencia (UPValenciaX) Link: Boston University Link: Stanford University 2020 Link: TOEFL Preparation Course Educational Testing Service Link: Public Speaking from Rochester Institute of Technology Link: Howtobehappierinyourdaily liferomYaleUniversity Link: CONTD./Education and Development
  4. 4. Discover services and resources suggested by others to help during COVID-19 Community Support during Lockdown y/thebiggerpie/ COVID-19 Entrepreneur Resource Pack 7th April 2020 If any of your family members or friends or their families need help with groceries or prescriptions, this platform connects young and healthy individuals around the world willing to help those in need in their area. Database of local groups organising to support most vulnerable in the UK communities with opportunities for new local groups to sign up and help. Be on Hand offers vetted volunteers to older adults who need help with shop drops, medication pickups, errand running and friendly phone calls. The National Care Force is a nationwide network of care providers, healthcare workers and volunteers ready to support the most vulnerable members of our society through the challenges we face dueto coronavirus. Government guidance on social distancing for everyone in the UK Enter your postcode or town to see the number of reported cases of COVID-19 in your local area here. Live Coronavirus infographic data pack, updated daily here. General Information on COVID-19 For a comprehensive overview of all things CoronaVirus Tech then enjoy this Handbook.