Bricsys Newsletter Q1 2013


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Welcome to the first edition of our quarterly newsletter. Our goal is to provide you with interesting news about the CAD market in general as well as the BricsCAD platform and the solutions from our Third Party development partners. Feedback welcome!

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Bricsys Newsletter Q1 2013

  1. 1. Bricsys Newsletter Q1 - 2013Welcometo theBricsysNewsletter AEC Corner - Erik de Keyser MCAD Corner - Dmitry UshakovOur goal is to make thisa quarterly newsletter The road to BIM: Bricsys is committed to explore the limits of Bricsys Strategy for Mechanical Design: Bricsys’ answers to theto provide you with what can be done for BIM within the familiar dwg environment. different MCAD challenges with 3D direct modeling in BricsCAD.interesting news aboutthe CAD market in generalas well as the BricsCADplatform and the solutionsfrom our Third Partydevelopment partners.The Bricsys Team BricsCAD Solutions News Highlight The BricsCAD re-branding Artisan for BricsCAD, 2012 International The World’s Oldest CAD click to and miscellaneous creating realistic images Conference summarized by Operator uses BricsCAD.© 2013 by Bricsys navigate ! updates. from BricsCAD models. the CAD analyst community.
  2. 2. Bricsys Newsletter AEC CORNER Q1 - 2013The road to BIM By Erik de KeyserOver the last several years Bricsys evolved from an alternative CAD provider In a BIM all AEC disciplines add their specific info to the model in order to:to a leader in bringing about the next generation dwg environment unifying deliver a digital representation of the complete building as conceived,2D drawing and 3D direct modeling. While there still are many challenges including all the technical disciplines needed for making the buildingahead on the road to deliver top-notch solutions for the mechanical market, operational when physically constructed (design phase)we are now ready for our next challenge in the AEC space. hand-over this digital information to the contractors for construction ofSeveral of us at Bricsys have been involved with BIM in the past, developing the building, add information about modifications along the constructionTriForma for MicroStation in the 90s and Architecturals for the dwg space in process and make the BIM “As Build” (construction phase)the 00s. When analyzing the many BIM solutions currently on the market we use the “As Build” BIM to operate the building during its life cyclebelieve that with our experience and technologies we can add substantial and keep it updated with modifications along that lifecycle (facilitiesvalue to the AEC market in general and for dwg users in particular. management phase). What is BIM? Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a digital representation of physical and functional characteristics of a facility. A BIM is a shared knowledge resource for information about a facility forming a reliable basis for decisions during its life-cycle; defined as existing from earliest conception to demolition.
  3. 3. Bricsys Newsletter AEC CORNER Q1 - 2013In the design phase the BIM concept starts with the conceptual design of the Looking at today’s AEC market, it is clear that BIM is here to stay.architect, and gradually, as the design matures, more technical engineering At Bricsys we are actively working on two elements of the overall solution:disciplines become involved. Bit by bit other disciplines take over the the basic BIM technology with our BricsCAD BIM Module which will beresponsibility about particular aspects of the building (e.g. structural made available for an extended beta over the coming weeksengineer for the structural analysis) and become the author/owner of theirinformation. In a BIM the different players have to share (limited to view) the collaborative platform for the management of BIM models, for whichtheir work with the other players, so that together they can avoid collisions we will use the cloud-based Chapoo Premium serviceand deliver the virtual digital model before construction starts. This is howBIM delivers major cost savings! Just as we have done for CAD software over the last decade, Bricsys is committed to explore and push the limits of what can be done for BIMFor each engineering discipline there is a wide range of BIM software within the familiar dwg environment. More details to follow in futurefrom several vendors and based on different file formats. To manage the newsletters, stay tuned.different models there is a set of neutral standard file formats such as IFCand AECxml. When converted to such a standard BIM format, the modelscan be compared, matched, and synchronized in order to identify collisionproblems and solve them before construction.To manage all this, the building team needs some kind of model repositoryaccessible to all participants. The repository environment needs to providethe required access and workflow functions so that modifications appliedto any of the models ultimately leads to synchronized common results.This process requires cooperation between major contractors as well asinvolvement of smaller sub-contractor with limited IT knowledge, and assuch can best be provided by a cloud-based solution with zero installationhurdles and a seamless user experience.
  4. 4. Bricsys Newsletter MCAD CORNER Q1 - 2013Bricsys Strategy for Mechanical Design By Dmitry UshakovAutomotive, aerospace, machinery, shipbuilding, rail transport, electronics, designing complex mechanicalhealthcare, white goods – all these industries are heavy users of Mechanical products – such as vehicles andComputer-Aided Design (MCAD) software. MCAD is one of the most their components – becausesophisticated kinds of software with a 40-year history of outstanding they lack many of the importantscientific research and excellent software engineering. However, all functions commonly found inmainstream as well as specialized MCAD products (CATIA, Creo, NX, Inventor, today’s 3D MCAD software.Solid Edge, SolidWorks) share one common drawback – they use proprietaryfile formats and do not work natively with standard .dwg files. Another challenge of existing MCAD products is rooted inMCAD challenges the fact that they implementWorldwide, there hardly exist engineering companies that do not use .dwg the “history-based parametricfiles to store and exchange 2D and 3D CAD data. Twelve million users of modeling” approach to 3Ddwg-based CAD applications rely on the familiar environment implementing design. For engineers used tothe well-known concepts of the model and paper spaces, viewports, design in 2D for many yearsdatabase entities, block references, grip editing, and command line input. it is very difficult to adopt thisThe environment is easily extended and customized with hundreds of 3rd method, whose main drawbackparty products, helping users to speed up their design and make their is the impossibility of direct manipulation of geometry. Indeed, users ofdrawings compatible with different national standards. history-based systems operate parameters, which are used to generate the geometry. This is a totally different approach from the one used in theUsers and companies can choose from different implementations of the dwg 2D drawing environment, where users can directly manipulate geometricenvironment – software products such as AutoCAD, DraftSight, IntelliCAD, entities (lines, arcs, polylines, splines) and their sub-entities by simplyand many others. However, none of these software packages is suitable for dragging them and directly changing their shapes.
  5. 5. Bricsys Newsletter MCAD CORNER Q1 - 2013Complicated design methodology is not the only drawback of history-basedMCAD solutions. An additional problem arises from the need to work withand modify multi-CAD and legacy CAD data – imported from other CADsystems or from neutral CAD formats. Indeed, design history can’t be fullytranslated from one CAD format to another because each CAD system usesits unique set of 3D modeling functions – with different parameters andsemantics.To address the problems of complicated design methodology of history-based systems and their inability to work with multi-CAD data, MCADvendors recently added “direct modeling” software products to theirportfolios. This however led to the next challenge: how to express designintent in a history-free model? Design intent of a CAD model can be thoughtof as a set of rules that defines admissible modifications of its geometry.In history-based systems it is expressed by the design history, which is ofcourse absent in direct modeling solutions. So traditional history-basedsystems can’t be replaced with direct modeling ones, the latter can only As a result, most leading MCAD vendors end up offering their customersupplement the former. three different kinds of software: a parametric MCAD solution to design in 3D, a direct modeler to work with multi-CAD data, and a 2D drafting software to work with .dwg files natively. Engineering companies are therefore in the unenviable position to have to buy licenses, install and support software, and train their employees for three different CAD products.  “An additional problem arises from the need to work with And whereas the extra costs this involves can maybe be borne by largeand modify multi-CAD and legacy CAD data – imported from companies, this is definitely not the case for Small and Medium Sized (SME)other CAD systems or from neutral CAD formats.” companies running on tight budgets.
  6. 6. Bricsys Newsletter MCAD CORNER Q1 - 2013Bricsys’ answers 2002 BricsCAD Direct ModelingIs there a way to stop this unhealthy growth of CAD-related IT expenses forengineering companies, to maybe even bring them down several notches? BricsCAD, a full-scale dwg environment fully compatible withIs there a unified software solution for 2D drawing and 3D design based on AutoCAD through the command set and other end-userthe familiar dwg environment? Is there a design methodology that combines features. BricsCAD is also a powerful platform for third partythe advantages of both history-based parametric modeling and direct developers, who can easily port their applications using amodeling, and overcomes their drawbacks? broad suite of standard APIs.At Bricsys, we do believe there is! 2011 3D direct modeling in BricsCAD. Our approach is called variational direct modeling and uses 3D geometric and dimensional constraints to express design intent of any 3D model whether designed natively in BricsCAD or imported from any other CAD format. Automatic recognition of design intent makes it easier for first-time users to enter the 3D world compared to other CAD solutions. 2012 Assembly modeling in BricsCAD. No longer is it needed to use expensive MCAD software to assemble a complex product from 3D components, including a library of 30,000 standard parts. With 3D geometric and dimensional constraints users can position 3D components in any way they desire, and the remaining degrees of freedom can be used to analyze direct and inverse kinematics of any mechanism their imagination created.
  7. 7. Bricsys Newsletter Bricscad Q1 - 2013 BricsCAD re-branding 2012 – A Vintage Year for Bricsys Reactions to the new BricsCAD look & feel, introduced with V13 of the platform, have been largely positive. For some of the reasoning Notwithstanding the worldwide economic behind the re-branding, check out the blog entry. crisis, business came in at record levels for both the fourth quarter and the full  Read more year 2012! Continuing the trend of the last several years, year-over-year revenue again showed double-digit growth.Lisp Benchmarks: BricsCAD up to 6x faster than AutoCAD®Performance tests show BricsCAD to be 4 to 6 times faster than other Welcome new Sales Pointsdwg-based CAD platforms! For more details go to the Bricsys blog. Join us in welcoming new Bricsys Sales  Read more Points in Ecuador, Panama, Paraguay and South Africa. S3T in Quito, Trazar in Panama City and DigiCAD in Asuncion have joined the BricsCAD family in LatineBooks for BricsCAD BricsCAD V13 Platforms America. Johannesburg-based AddosoftRalph Grabowski’s eBooks for BricsCAD have been All editions now available in all will be driving the BricsCAD business inupdated for V13 and can now be downloaded or languages on both Windows and South Africa.purchased from the Bricsys eStore. Linux!  Read more Bricsys and Chapoo in Technical Partnership The March 15th point release of BricsCAD (V13.1.22) now includes seamless access to the Chapoo cloud-based collaboration service. Read more...
  8. 8. Bricsys Newsletter Solutions Q1 - 2013 Artisan is integrated within BricsCAD, so when you make changes to theArtisan for BricsCAD model your render can be updated instantly. You can position Artisan Lighting Blocks in your model which represent real-world light fixturesRealistic Rendering Made Simple and see the lights illuminated in Artisan. In addition the Artisan SnapShot functionality lets you capture your scene settings and then easily reapply them to different versions of a model.Artisan for BricsCAD provides an easy-to-use tool for creating realistic images Ability to change models and see renders immediately Easy-to-use with drag & drop materialsfrom your BricsCAD models. Customisable –use your own textures & backgrounds Create your own lights Available in 10 languages, more coming soon Access a thriving User Community & Forum Free downloadable materials available Download free trial version
  9. 9. Bricsys Newsletter Q1 - NEWS 2013News “Bricsys is another mouse that’s roaring. They hold the distinction of being the only small CAD vendor toThe announcement of BricsCAD V13 last October hold an annual developer conference. (The ITC and ODA no longer do this.) If you read my live coverage on the WorldCAD Access blog then you’ll know that the company is offering Inventor for $825. Well, notand the Bricsys 2012 International Conference all of the capabilities of Inventor, but Bricscad V13 Platinum certainly adds Inventor-like functions to anheld in Amsterdam Oct 2/3 received quite a bit of AutoCAD-like CAD program -- something Autodesk cannot offer.”attention from the CAD analyst community: Ralph Grabowski - Editor at upFront.eZine Publishing “I have seen BricsCAD improve leaps and bounds over the “No doubt under Erik’s leadership, Bricsys has emerged as the predominant past few years. In fact, with direct modeling, assembly non-AutoCAD DWG-based CAD package from among a host of contenders. So modeling, 2D/3D constraints and kinematics calling it an close is its likeness to AutoCAD that a developer was reported to have given an AutoCAD clone would be improper. Being an AutoCAD clone entire presentation with BricsCAD thinking he was using AutoCAD. This, at a has become just one of its features.“ fraction of the cost of AutoCAD.” Deelip Menezes - CAD software blogger Roopinder Tara - Editor/publisher for CAD, CAM, CAE online media “Bricsys decided to focus the branding efforts around the company’s main Check out the cover of the October 2012 edition of isicad. offering, the CAD software BricsCAD and Chapoo (the former Vondle). Entering the mCAD world indeed, and fast on the heels The new logo, the new look and feel rolled out earlier in the week of AutoCAD … and we’re doing it all within the .dwg throughout the company’s social media and web presence, reflect the environment! contemporary and forward looking nature of the company.” Isicad - CAD/PLM made in Russia Rakesh Rao - CAD/GIS Developer
  10. 10. Bricsys Newsletter Highlight Q1 - 2013World’s oldest CAD operatorJason Bourhill, owner of partner CAD Concepts in Auckland,New Zealand, recently caught up with Noel Cunningham.At 83 years of age Noel is still going strong, doing contractdraughting for a variety of clients, focusing mainly on mechanicalprocess type work. Noel’s well appointed office sits behind hishome in a converted garage, there he uses BricsCAD.Born in 1929 at Hikurangi, New Zealand, working on oil tankers for Shell Oil outas the oldest of four sons to a coal of Singapore and on cargo liners thatmining father, Noel went to Whangerei ran between New Zealand and EuropeBoys High. As a member of the school for a NZ Shipping Company. In 1962battalion during World War II, he was a Noel put an end to his maritime careersignaller and learned Morse code and and joined R&W Hellaby Freezing Workshow to operate Army radios. After the in Otahuhu. There he worked his waywar, at the age of 16, Noel started out up from Shift Engineer to Engineeringas an apprentice fitter & turner at Binns Manager before finally starting his ownEngineering Company on the Auckland business, Cunningham Engineering, inwaterfront. Later on he became a Marine 1987.Engineer and spent 10 years at sea,