Artisan for BricsCAD Datasheet


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PDF datasheet for the Lightworks Artisan rendering solution, a value-added application to the BricsCAD platform.

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Artisan for BricsCAD Datasheet

  1. 1. Register to use the Lightworks Artisan user website As a user of Artisan for BricsCAD you can register to use the Lightworks Artisan website at where you will find a wealth of information to support your product, ranging from useful tips & tricks to additional materials and backplates that you can download free ofArtisan is integrated within BricsCAD charge from the site.Artisan is integrated within your modelling application andso there is no need to export your files. Simply work on yourmodel within BricsCAD and then click on “Artisan” withinthe menu and your model will be taken into the Artisan forBricsCAD application where you will be able to enhance yourwork to create a photorealistic image. You can even go backinto BricsCAD to update your model and the live updates willbe updated within Artisan as well.Artisan lets you create real-time imagesYour Artisan for BricsCAD application includes high qualityreal-time rendering so that you can dynamically navigatearound your model whilst you’re still editing it. You can evenrender your image in real-time to get a high quality interactivepreview of your work which will look incredibly close tophotorealism. This lets you plan your image and getimmediate feedback without waiting until you see yourfinal photorealistic image.
  2. 2. What is Artisan? Artisan lets you create photorealistic images Stages to create a renderArtisan provides 3D designers with the easy-to-use tools that Artisan for BricsCAD uses the Creating a rendered image within Artisan for BricsCADthey need for the simple creation of photorealistic images. Lightworks Author rendering is very simple, just follow these stages: engine to create photorealistic• Easy and intuitive, one-click photorealistic rendering images. There is minimal 01 Load your model into BricsCAD, then click on “Artisan”• Drag and drop materials user effort involved in creating within the menu and your model will be taken into the stunning images because the Artisan rendering window.• Simple automated set-ups one-click rendering means• Pre-packaged lighting and environments 02 Use the Materials Tab to apply materials, finishes and that you don’t have to change• SnapShot capabilities parameters or set things up, bumps to your CAD model to define its appearance. they just work! The drag and drop functionality means you canWhat is Artisan used for? 03 Add lighting: a variety of lighting set-ups are provided, easily try out different things like finishes and backgrounds ranging from fast preview lighting schemes through to and simulate precise lighting and material effects, like you’reArtisan is an advanced rendering tool, used by designers to full HDR images of real lighting solutions. Applying a really there!quickly and easily create images from their 3D models. lighting scheme to your model will immediately add Artisan SnapShots more photorealism and improve your image.Artisan is easy-to-use 04 Choose a background: choose from one of the pre-definedYou don’t need to be a rendering expert to use Artisan for backgrounds included with Artisan or insert your ownBricsCAD because it has a simple and intuitive interface that background to add context to your model.makes the package very easy to use. Artisan SnapShots are used to store all the data associated with 05 The Camera tab allows you to navigate around your your design at a particular stage in the process. This gives you model and choose the camera angle that works best forThere’s no need for parameter the chance to experiment with your design and create a range your design. of different SnapShots. So you could create differentediting because pre-packaged configurations of your model prototype to show to your clientlighting and environments, as 06 Create SnapShot variations: experiment with your design and receive immediate feedback. Or perhaps you might want towell as a library of drag and changing different aspects and create a SnapShot of each change just one part of your design, like the colour of the type of of these variations.drop materials are included for finish that you’ve used. You can create a SnapShot for each ofyou to use. And the rendering? these variations to see how they look and to choose the 07 Render a photorealistic image of your design.That’s just a one click process! most appropriate. Artisan for BricsCAD also includes Batch Rendering which leaves you free to continue working on something else whilst you set your renders going.