Artisan for    BricsCAD
Change itagain andagain andagain andagain...A       rtisan makes it easy     lighting and background       to create 3D re...
One ClickSimplicity,AdvancedCapability.
Artisan forBricsCAD    Key Features                                        RecommendedFull integration within BricsCAD mea...
Back Page Image                                                                                     Street scene using moo...
Artisan for BricsCAD Brochure
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Artisan for BricsCAD Brochure


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PDF brochure for the Lightworks Artisan rendering solution, a value-added application to the BricsCAD platform.

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Artisan for BricsCAD Brochure

  1. 1. Artisan for BricsCAD
  2. 2. Change itagain andagain andagain andagain...A rtisan makes it easy lighting and background to create 3D renders, identical. If you change your using a simple drag mind about the backgroundand drop interface and image of your render, you canwith the ability to store simply update your previousSnapShots at every stage of snapshots with the newyour decision making. You information with just one click.can take a CAD model from Do you need to simulatewireframe to photorealistic different lighting conditions?render in minutes. Artisan You can create a SnapShotis directly integrated into for each state that you requireBricsCAD allowing you to without losing your abilitycontinue to make adjustments to edit previous your model geometry When you are ready to outputand regenerate all of your your final renders, choosevisualisation images with a as many SnapShots as yousingle mouse click. want to batch render. If you need to change your modelArtisan uses SnapShots to geometry at any time youstoring data associated with can simply update all youra model at a specific point rendered images by runningin time. You can update the SnapShots again with theSnapShots with any element new geometry changes.of your scene at any timeafter it has been created. Being able to easilyIf your client wants to see visualise multiple versionsa range of design options, of your designs will unleashSnapShots make it easy. You your ability to delivercan also utilise SnapShots innovative ideas, encourageto create multiple variations experimentation and supportof materials whilst keeping creativity in your workflow.elements such as view,
  3. 3. One ClickSimplicity,AdvancedCapability.
  4. 4. Artisan forBricsCAD Key Features RecommendedFull integration within BricsCAD means users can: Specification • Efficiently create renders using the drag and drop Windows XP SP2+, Vista or Windows 7 – interface Intel Compatible CPU; Dual or Quad core; ~3+ GHz processor. • Easily alter or update geometry within the render 2+ GB RAM. 500 MB of available hard-disk space. • Create photorealistic images incorporating global 3D class Video Card with 128 MB of memory or higher. illumination, HDR reflections and lighting Artisan is compatible with BricsCAD Windows pro v12.2 and • Utilise high-quality real-time navigation above • Use preset materials, lighting and backgrounds • Manage design variations using our unique Snapshot technology • Access free tutorials and downloadable resources at Download your free trial at
  5. 5. Back Page Image Street scene using moonlit night natural light studio. Includes eight spotlights with sodium 35w bulb for street lamps. 22 pointlights with fluorescent warm 27w bulbs for interior lights. 15 point lights of various colours for signage. Custom 2D background image. Figures and street-lamp glow added in post processing. Cover Image Modern house interior lit using night interior scheme and Lighting Blocks from the interior library. Cream marble material used in the walls with glossy finish. Ceramic tan tiles on the floor. Figures added in post processing.All images in this demonstration and document have been created and rendered using Artisan for BricsCAD.Copyright © Lightwork Design 2013Lightworks, Lightworks Author, Lightworks Aspects, Lightworks Artisan, Lightworks SnapShot, LWA, and LWA-Enabled are trademarks, or in some countries, registeredtrademarks of Lightwork Design Limited, Sheffield, UK. All other trademarks, logos and images remain the property of their respective owners. Copyright ©Lightwork DesignLtd. 1989-2012Lightwork Design Limited is a privately owned limited company incorporated in England (company number 02336696). Registered Office address: Rutledge House, 78Clarkehouse Road, Sheffield, S10 2LJ, United Kingdom