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  1. 1. f Manag ement oscow School oM KOVFOture Begins Today!SKOL u
  2. 2. Figures OVO: Facts andSKOLK Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO is a joint project by major Russian and international business leaders, who have combined their efforts to create a new generation of business school.2006 September, 21 The Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO founded 500 million USD Total cost of the project November The first Executive Education programme delivered 250 million USD Campus2007 Launch of SKOLKOVO Publishing programme, conferences, forums investment2008 December The first EMBA class admitted 100 million USD Endowment Fund2009 September The first MBA class launched 100 million USD Venture Fund2010 • Campus opened • First EMBA&MBA graduates 80 thousand square meters Campus size2011 • 6 EMBA classes • 3 MBA classes • ore than 8000 participants M 26 hectars Land of Executive Education programmes • SKOLKOVO Campus is fully operational
  3. 3. LKOVO P hilosophySKO SKOLKOVO – innovative, new business school focusing on emerging markets, entrepreneurship, leadership and experiential learning.MISSION VISION• Helping successful people become more successful • o create entrepreneurial leaders for fast-moving T• elping people become leaders who will make H economies through experiential learning a difference and an impact • o develop people looking for challenges and ready T to make a differenceSKOLKOVO KEY PRINCIPLES Entrepreneurial• Emphasis on rapidly developing economies leadership• Leadership entrepreneurship• Practice-based learning Experiential• Strong Research Development platform learning• Action-based innovative approach to learning Fast-moving economies 1
  4. 4. orations n ers: Corp O Found ing PartS KOLKOV Founders: 18 major Russian and international leaders in their industries (oil and gas, metals, energy, investment and retail banking, insurance, consumer goods distribution). Founding companies operate in developed and emerging markets (Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Finland, Czech Republic, India, UK, US, etc.). 2
  5. 5. dividuals rtners: In unding PaSKOLKOVO Fo Founders are supported by and work with members of SKOLKOVO’s International Advisory Board who have a deep understanding of innovative education and global business and economic trends. A lexander R oman Leonid ABRAMOV ABRAMOVICH MELAMED Leonid Konstantin Sergey MIKHELSON NIKOLAEV POPOV Andrey Ruben Valentin RAPPOPORT VARDANIAN ZAVADNIKOV 3
  6. 6. ory Board o nal Advis LKOVO I nternatiSKO Dmitry MEDVEDEV Vladimir MAU Noubar AFEYAN Prime Minister of the Russian Rector of the Russian Presidential Managing Partner and CEO of Federation, Chairman of Academy of National Economy Flagship Ventures SKOLKOVO’s International and Public Administration Advisory BoardAjay BANGA Brady W. DOUGAN John V. FARACI Andrey FURSENKO Andrew GOULDPresident and CEO of MasterCard CEO of Credit Suisse Group and Chairman and CEO of Aide to the President Chairman and CEO of Credit Suisse International Paper of the Russian Federation Schlumberger LimitedHerman GREF LEE Kuan Yew Dennis NALLY Igor SHUVALOV Yang YuanqingChairman of the Board and CEO Minister Mentor of the Republic Chairman First Deputy Prime Minister CEO of Lenovoof Sberbank of Singapore of PricewaterhouseCoopers of the Russian Federation International Ltd 4
  7. 7. l NetworkSKOLKO VO Globa MIT Sloan School of Moscow School SKOLKOVO Management of Management Institute for SKOLKOVO Emerging Market Studies Moscow Beijing Boston (Russia) (China) (USA) Hyderabad (India) Belo Horizonte (Brazil) Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business Fundação Indian School Dom Cabral of Business 5
  8. 8. Putting together a real team of stars from all over the world – that is a challenge.SK OLKOVO:Be st FacultyFrom Aroundthe World 6
  9. 9. ers of S KOLKOVOMemb ng Team al TeachiIn ternation Pierre CASSE Scott KEATING Moty CRISTAL Moscow School of Management MIT Sloan School of Management Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO SKOLKOVOMatthew MULFORD Arshad AHMAD Gary BIDDLE Keith GOODALLLondon School of Economics Concordia University University of Hong Kong University of Cambridge 7
  10. 10. O Execut ive MBASKOLKOV Executive MBA – young professionals with strong managerial experience and global mindset 8
  11. 11. alumni statistics Start-ups or entrepreneurial projects 48%Found investments and/or get necessary network via SKOLKOVO 60% 9
  12. 12. SKOLK OVO MBA MBA – bright, talented people with entrepreneurial spirit and leadership potential 10
  13. 13. Studen ts VoicesMBA alumni statistics Start-ups or entrepreneurial projects 46%Anna Shaykhutdinova/Russia/ Julia DAVIS /USA/ Waseem KAWAF /Syria/ Sebastian SCHAUMAN /Finland/ Found investments and/or get necessary network via 80%SKOLKOVO MBA 2011 SKOLKOVO MBA 2010 SKOLKOVO MBA 2010 SKOLKOVO MBA 2010 SKOLKOVO“I have spent my whole life “I chose the SKOLKOVO MBA “The chance to be part of “Why SKOLKOVO? Theabroad, but I always knew programme because it is the a founding class and shape “hands-on” experience! It is athat I would come back to most advanced programme a school’s future was a unique project, international,Russia to build my career. It aimed at new challenges great opportunity. Some Russia exposure, non-was the unique opportunity that businesses have to face business schools are truly academic, entrepreneurshipto learn about business not today, and at the realities just business centres where in focus”only from books, but also of emerging markets. This you pick up a diploma; atthrough working on real programme features cutting SKOLKOVO your successlife projects that attracted edge learning and teaching  and the school’s successme to the SKOLKOVO MBA techniques and the level of are more intertwined, andprogramme. I think the people, with whom we will thus the school has morefundamental reason behind study and work on projects, interest in your success andmy decision to apply was my is quite unique. I am sure ambitions.”belief in the idea and desire that this programme willto be part of it. At the end provide me with newof the day, who wouldn’t perspectives for businesswant to join the ranks of and life in general.”successful people on amission to become moresuccessful?” 11
  14. 14. S KOLKOVO ationExecut ive Educ Open programmes and tailor made integrated corporate programmes, programmes for regional governments and “doing business in Russia” courses – that is by far not a complete range of SKOLKOVO Executive Education options. 12
  15. 15. tion 200 6-2011 Executiv e EducaSKOLKOVO 29 112 Number of Number of corporate 17 programmes clients 58 12 11 35 31 8 3 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 4131 331 Number of Number of educational days programme per year participants 2080 170 90 831 832 74 26 178 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 13
  16. 16. SK O L K O V O:A Pla tform forDialogueOpen and constructivedialogue and exchangeof opinions withleaders of state andbusiness. 14
  17. 17. Our International AdvisoryBoard, Founding Partners, friends and guests of SKOLKOVO.Something to be proud of… 15
  18. 18. SK OLKOVOVentureCapi tal FundThe SKOLKOVO-Nanotechventure fund was formedand registered in 2009.SKOLKOVO Venture CapitalFund “skolinc sa” wasregistered in 2010.Both funds provide uniqueopportunities for venturecapital investments innanotechnology and inthe whole variety of fastdeveloping innovativesectors. 16
  19. 19. Countries with fast- moving economies, are SKOLKOVO’s top priority. Our joint programme “BRICs on BRICs” with OLKOVO: partner schools in China, Brazil and India, ourSK research centre (siems) on BRIC in China, and industry – specific Energy CentreFocus (SEneC) and Education Development Centre (SEDeC) – this is what SKOLKOVO is about.
  20. 20. SKOLKOVO Campus: A Dream That Came TrueThe architectural concept of the school’s Campus originated in 2006 as an idea of ourFounding partners, and was penciled on a napkin. A renowned british architect David Adjaye,who won the tender, received the napkin with the sketch and came up with the designof a building which was at the same time open and complete, inspired by suprematismand constructivism, and represented in shape and form the essence of SKOLKOVO.SKOLKOVO Campus was built in 3 years. Today it is a famousand popular meeting point for thousands of people.It also is a drawing on a napkin and a dream that came true… ovo, 100, Skolk Novaya ul. District, y Odintsovsk ion, Russia Mo scow Reg 580 30 03 495 Phone: +7 994 46 68     Fax:   +7 495 @sko Email: info Web : www.s SKOLKOVO official car