Aloysio Faria Campus                                          Av. Princesa Diana, 760                                     ...
FDC-0071-12-Perfil_ingl._Capa_AF.indd 2   4/9/12 3:52 PM
FDC - Fundação Dom Cabral                              FDC is a Brazilian business school that operates internationally, f...
Making History for More Than                                                                                  Three Decade...
FDC: An international Brazilian                                                                           business school ...
International Advisory Council           FDC’s International Advisory Council (IAC), created in 2009, is composed of 85 me...
School Networks                                                                                   FDC is a member of two s...
Cooperation Agreements                                                                                for Program Developm...
Joint Construction:                                                                                             Working wi...
Halma – Executive Development Program           Target groups: board members, managing directors and senior managers.     ...
Knowledge Development Centers                                                                                      Bradesc...
Entrepreneurship Center                                                                                     Corporate Gove...
Technical Staff                                                                                        Technical and Manag...
Sustainability and Business                                                                                  Responsibilit...
Roots Project           FDC’s administrative department includes a group of adolescents in its support framework. FDC     ...
Aloysio Faria Campus                                                                                              Belo Hor...
Campus Aloysio FariaFDC-0071-12-Perfil_ingl._miolo_AF.indd 28   4/11/12 6:42 PM
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Fundação Dom Cabral


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Fundação Dom Cabral

  1. 1. Aloysio Faria Campus Av. Princesa Diana, 760 fdc 2012 Alphaville Lagoa dos Ingleses 34000-000 – Nova Lima – MG – Brazil Belo Horizonte Branch Rua Bernardo Guimarães, 3.071 Santo Agostinho 30140-083 – Belo Horizonte – MG – Brazil São Paulo Branch Av. Dr. Cardoso de Melo, 1.184 – 15th floor Vila Olímpia 04548-004 – São Paulo – SP – Brazil + 55 31 3589 7300FDC-0071-12-Perfil_ingl._Capa_AF.indd 1 4/9/12 3:52 PM
  2. 2. FDC-0071-12-Perfil_ingl._Capa_AF.indd 2 4/9/12 3:52 PM
  3. 3. FDC - Fundação Dom Cabral FDC is a Brazilian business school that operates internationally, focusing on education and the development of executives, businesspeople and public managers. For 35 years, our mission has been to contribute to the sustainable development of society. We work in partnership with institutions across the globe. Our history includes a succession of strategic alliances with other leading business schools and ongoing, collaborative relationships with companies. Always looking forward, we also established centers for research and knowledge generation, which enable us to foresee future issues and needs. And, continually seeking excellence, we have gained the confidence of Brazil’s biggest companies. FDC stands out as one of the world’s best business schools according to the Financial Times Executive Education ranking. This brochure provides an overview of our school, initiatives and philosophy. Feel invited to know more about FDC. Enjoy your reading. Emerson de Almeida Wagner Furtado Veloso President of the Board Committee Dean 3FDC-0071-12-Perfil_ingl._miolo_AF.indd 1 4/11/12 6:41 PM
  4. 4. Making History for More Than Three Decades Fundação Dom Cabral was established as an autonomous and nonprofit institution in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, in 1976. Committed to excellence in executive education, FDC conducts its activities in Brazil and abroad, frequently in cooperation with local institutions through its network of international alliances. During the past five years, more than 120,000 executives and hundreds of organizations have participated in FDC’s programs. 1976 • Fundação Dom Cabral is established 1990 • Alliance with INSEAD 1992 • Creation of partnerships with organizations: PAEX (Partners for Excellence) 1993 • Alliance with the Kellogg School of Management 1999 • reation of partnerships with organizations: Partnership for Shareholder Development C • Creation of the Voluntary Program 2001 • Inauguration of the Aloysio Faria Campus • Best MBA in Brazil – Você S/A magazine ranking 2002 • Launch of the first knowledge-generation center 2003 • Accession to the United Nations Global Compact 2005 • Certification from the Association of MBAs (AMBA) • Host of the UNICON conference, a worldwide consortium of schools dedicated to executive education 2006 • Start of the cooperation network with Latin American schools 2007 • EQUIS certification from the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD) 2008 • Inauguration of the São Paulo Branch • Creation of partnerships with organizations: World-Organization Connection 2009 • Start of the cooperation network with the BRICs (Brazil, Russia, India and China) • tart of 10,000 Women Program, a Goldman Sachs initiative to develop female entrepreneurs in S Africa, Latin America and Asia • Inauguration of the Center for Knowledge Development in Management • Establishment of the International Advisory Council • The Five-Diamond International Conference is held at FDC 2010 • Placed sixth in the Financial Times’ ranking of executive education • Best business school in Latin America, according to the AmericaEconomia magazine ranking, and the most-recommended school by human resources departments, according to the Você S/A magazine 2011 • Named the fifth best business school in the world by the Financial Times executive education ranking and received third place in the closed-programs category • Best business school in Latin America, for the second consecutive year, according to the In nature, the ability to adapt AméricaEconomía magazine is an advantage. FDC adapts • Creation of the Latin American Business Schools for Sustainable Economic Growth - ENLACES to each of its clients to promote exchange and growth 5FDC-0071-12-Perfil_ingl._miolo_AF.indd 2-3 4/11/12 6:41 PM
  5. 5. FDC: An international Brazilian business school Although it was founded and has its headquarters in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais (as well as offices in São Paulo), FDC has been an international school since its beginning. One of the school’s main goals always has been to achieve international reach, and the objective is part of its strategic, long-term plan. FDC attains and fosters its international presence through agreements, partnerships and high-quality management- education programs with faculty and with senior-level managers from institutions around the world. International Alliances During its first year of operation, FDC partnered with French business school HEC (Hautes Études Commerciales). The relationship illustrates the school’s desire to provide an education with a global rather than a local scope. Today, the school has two strong alliances that connect it to the global business field: with the Kellogg School of Management in the United States and with INSEAD in France. These relationships began in 1987, when FDC worked with INSEAD to create the Advanced Management Program and the Strategic People Management Program, which are still taught by FDC. INSEAD and FDC invite each other’s instructors to participate in special courses; engage in student exchanges; and provide a strong, local contact in each of the schools’ homelands. In 1992, FDC and Kellogg School of Management decided to create what would become the Skills, Tools and Competences Program - STC, which is still being taught as well. Today the Kellogg’s dean emeritus is the chairman of FDC’s International Advisory Council. Member of International Organizations Certifications Nature knows no frontiers and inspires FDC to expand knowledge across the globe. 7FDC-0071-12-Perfil_ingl._miolo_AF.indd 4-5 4/11/12 6:41 PM
  6. 6. International Advisory Council FDC’s International Advisory Council (IAC), created in 2009, is composed of 85 members from around the Canada Singapore world -- representatives from business, academic, public and nongovernmental sectors who are interested • Horváth, Dezsö - Schulich School of Business • Seek, Ngee Huat - GIC Real Estate in Brazil and Brazil’s future. Members gather yearly for an annual meeting to discuss topics relevant to FDC South Africa Chile and the executive education field. • Bunster, Jorge - Ministry of Foreing Affairs – Chile • Cutifani, Mark - AngloGold • Moreno Charme, Alfredo - Ministry of Foreign South Korea Since 2009, the IAC has had three meetings. The first and second were held on the FDC campus in Nova Lima, Minas Gerais. The first meeting, in 2009, focused on sustainable development. In the second meeting, Affairs - Chile • Moon, Kook-Hyun - New Paradigm Institute in 2010, council members met again for a dialogue on sustainable development. They also discussed new China Spain directions in Latin American foreign relations and the challenges facing corporations in the second decade • Bing, Xiang - Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business • Stecher, Giorgio - of the 21st century. In August 2011, the IAC held its third meeting, this time in São Paulo. The main topics • Di Leo, Bruno - IBM Switzerland of discussion were growth perspectives for the BRICs and the risks, challenges and concerns regarding the • Xiongwen, Lu - Fudan University School of Management • Lorange, Peter - Lorange Institute of emerging countries. Colombia Business Zurich • Piedrahita, Carlos - Grupo Nutresa • Nardocci, Tadeu - Novelis Europe International Advisory Council Dominican Republic UK USA • Lozano, Mariano - Danone • Estrella, Darys - Dominican Republic Stock Exchange • Barbosa, Fabio - BG Group Chairman • Malczewski, Marcel - Bematech France • Elliott, Guy - Rio Tinto • Jacobs, Donald - Kellogg School of Management • Meirelles, Henrique - JF Holding • Jain, Dipak - INSEAD • Levin, Lindsay - Leaders’ Quest Angola • Neiva, Newton - CBSS Visa Vale • Tricoire, Jean-Pascal - Schneider Electric • Meyer, Julie - Ariadne Capital • Freitas, Guerra - SHAREcircle (SHARE) • Neves, Aécio - Brazilian Senate Germany • Middleton, Julia - Common Purpose Argentina • Olivério, José Luiz - Dedini • Zulauf, Harald - Media Consulta Uruguay • Grobocopatel, Gustavo - Grupo Los Grobo • Pogetti, Luis Roberto - Copersucar India • Iglesias, Enrique - SEGIB • Oris de Roa, Fernando - Orocobre • Prufer, Philippe - GTT Goods That Talk • Karpe, Ninad - Aptech Ltd. (Secretaria General Ibero-Americana) Belgium • Ribieras, Jean-Michel - International Paper Brazil • Murthy, Narayana - Infosys Technologies Ltd. USA • Van Schaik, Gerard - EFMD • Rodrigues, Roberto - GV Agro • Prakash, Shantanu - Educomp • Akande, Benjamin - George Herbert Brazil • Primo, Adilson • Ramadorai, S. - Tata Consultancy Services Walker School of Business Technology • Amorim, Celso - Brazilian Government • Schindler, Anamaria - Ashoka • Rangnekar, Ajit - Indian School of Business - ISB • Blount, Sally - Kellogg School of Management • Anastasia, Antonio (Honorary Member) • Schmall, Thomas - Volkswagen dos Brasil Japan/China • Brown, J. Frank - General Atlantic - Government of Minas Gerais • Schmelzer, Harry - Weg • Schwartz, Jeffrey - Global Logistic Properties • Connelly, Kevin - Spencer Stuart • Belini, Cledorvino - Fiat • Silva, Josué da - Coteminas Paraguay • DeFeo, Ronald - Terex Corporation • Brumer, Wilson - Usiminas • Silva, Marina - Instituto Marina Silva • Bergen, Ernst - Record Electric S.A.E.C.A. • Defosset, Don - DJD Group • Bühler, Carlos - Holcim Brasil • Soares Cavalieri, Sérgio - ALE Combustiveis S.A. Portugal • Gray, J. Douglas - Everett Smith Group • Coutinho, Luciano - BNDES • Suarez, Pedro - Dow • Almeida, António de - EDP • Gupta, Mahendra - Olin Business School • Foguel, Sergio - Odebrecht S.A. • Teixeira da Costa, Roberto - Sul América • Bessa, Daniel - Cotec Portugal • Katz, Daniel - Overbrook • Garnero, Mário - Brasilinvest • Tomazoni, Gilberto - Bunge Brazil • Pinto, Fernando - TAP • Niederauer, Duncan - NYSE Euronext • Kondo, Masaki - Mitsubishi do Brasil • Vale, Renato - CCR Russia • Sobel, Clifford - Former US Ambassador to Brazil • Lopes, Luiz - Brookfield Brasil • Vardanian, Ruben - Troika Dialog Group 8 9FDC-0071-12-Perfil_ingl._miolo_AF.indd 6-7 4/11/12 6:41 PM
  7. 7. School Networks FDC is a member of two school networks: the BRICs Network and ENLACES (Latin American Business Schools for Sustainable Economic Growth). The Brics Network is composed of FDC, The Indian Institute of Management in India, Skolkovo in Russia and the Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business in China and it works with “BRICs on BRICs – Capturing Growth in New Realities,” the first joint international program on management scenarios and models of organizations from BRIC countries. To create ENLACES, FDC signed an agreement in 2011 with three Latin American business schools: Universidad de San Andrés in Argentina, Universidad de Los Andes in Colombia and Universidad de Chile. ENLACES fosters business education and sustainable economic growth in the Latin America. The network conducts an annual summit with businesspeople, government officials and representatives from educational sectors to debate and present its results. ENLACES is also looking to expand to other business schools in Latin American countries. Enlaces: BRICs: Research Partnerships FDC understands the importance of academic research’s contribution to a dynamic business environment. Through its research centers, FDC has reached out to international entities and schools to develop joint research projects. One project is The Global Competitiveness Report with the World Economic Forum (WEF). FDC’s Innovation Center conducts the research in Brazil. In similar fashion, the Center is responsible for the Brazilian part of the World Competitiveness Yearbook, developed by IMD (the International Institute of Management Development). FDC and Babson College (a U.S. school) are partners in the STEP Project. Union is strength. Consequently, union is a success strategy both in nature and in corporations. 11FDC-0071-12-Perfil_ingl._miolo_AF.indd 8-9 4/11/12 6:41 PM
  8. 8. Cooperation Agreements for Program Development FDC offers many international programs as part of its educational solutions. Some are developed in cooperation with business schools around the world; others are custom-made to meet the needs of clients across the globe. FDC’s international school partnership programs include the High-Performance Leadership Program, with ESADE (Escuela Superior de Administración y Dirección de Empresas) Business School in Spain, and the Partners for Excellence Program with Universidad de San Andrés in Argentina and Escola de Gestão do Porto in Portugal. These programs enable Brazilian students to interact with students, teachers and cultures from other countries and help strengthen FDC’s international image. In addition, FDC creates custom programs for organizations around the world. FDC programs are taught at its facilities in Belo Horizonte and São Paulo. FDC instructors also teach programs at clients’ locations if desired. The Financial Times ranks FDC’s custom programs among the top 10 worldwide, emphasizing the following: • Value for money • Follow up • Facilities • Future use • Program design • Preparation • New skills and learning • Teaching methods and materials • Aims achieved • Faculty In corporations and in nature, adaptation is evolution 13FDC-0071-12-Perfil_ingl._miolo_AF.indd 10-11 4/11/12 6:42 PM
  9. 9. Joint Construction: Working with clients and not merely for them. FDC’s philosophy is to always respect an organization’s identity and uniqueness in the marketplace. FDC guides its clients toward new solutions and strategies through joint construction, the mutual exchange of knowledge and practices that address high-priority management challenges and improve business results. A few of FDC’s international custom programs are listed below: Pirelli – Leadership Development Program Target groups: CEOs, board of directors, managers and coordinators from Latin America. Content: leadership and strategic people management, based on Pirelli’s global competency map. Dow – Leadership Academy Target group: Latin American board of directors (Brazil, Mexico and Argentina). Content: personal and professional development, leadership, people management, and culture and change management. Collaborating business schools: Universidad de San Andrés and ITAM (Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México). Saint-Gobain – New Managers Seminar Target group: managers from France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Poland, England, Argentina, Brazil and the Czech Republic. Content: leadership, managing diversity (cross-cultural) and business game theory. Tower International – Organizational Development Target groups: CEOs and board of directors (Brazil, Germany and the United States). Content: personal and professional development, organizational ideology definition (mission, vision, values and core competencies), defining roles and responsibilities, individual coaching, and team building. In Nature, adaptation is a great advantage. FDC adapts to each and every client to promotes exchange and growth. 15FDC-0071-12-Perfil_ingl._miolo_AF.indd 12-13 4/11/12 6:42 PM
  10. 10. Halma – Executive Development Program Target groups: board members, managing directors and senior managers. Content: personal development, leadership and Brazilian business culture. Knowledge Generation Itaú Bank– Strategic People Management In an increasingly complex and dynamic environment, FDC invests continuously and significantly in Target groups: CEOs, board of directors and senior managers (Germany, Belgium, Brazil, Spain, Italy, knowledge generation. The Knowledge Development Centers generate concepts, methodologies, research Luxemburg and Portugal). and case studies that stem from discussions, analyses and in-depth thinking on strategic issues related to Content: personal and professional development, communication, managing dialogue, organizational culture, team building and sustainability. management. EADS (European Aeronautic Defense and Space Co.) – International Development The knowledge FDC generates is presented in articles published by its faculty, studies in academic papers Program throughout the world, and concepts and methodologies developed by FDC programs and educational Target group: senior managers. solutions that can be applied effectively to organizations’ daily management practices. Content: Brazilian business culture and history, macroeconomic performance and challenges for Brazil, innovation, sustainability, leadership, and outlook for Brazil. The Knowledge Centers are fostered by various institutions engaged in the joint construction of knowledge, from the selection of research themes to discussions about the results obtained. Some of the nuclei operate Arcelor – Arcelor Campus Program reference or development centers focused on business themes or specific areas. Target Group: Arcelor global executives. Content: doing business in Latin America, Lean thinking and supply chain management This working model encourages an exchange between academic and business environments, enabling access to and understanding of key issues currently faced by organizations and the generation of new approaches TRIUM Global Executive MBA and modern corporate practices. These activities keep FDC in the vanguard of organizational management. Target group: global executives. Content: managing diversity, managing risk and doing business in Latin America. Collaborating business schools: LSE (The London School of Economics and Political Science), New York University and HEC Paris (École des Hautes Études Commerciales de Paris). Institutional Support 16 17FDC-0071-12-Perfil_ingl._miolo_AF.indd 14-15 4/11/12 6:42 PM
  11. 11. Knowledge Development Centers Bradesco Innovation Center The center produces knowledge related to management of technological innovation, products or processes. The center also develops new managerial solutions that create value for clients’ organizations. • Innovation Reference Center The center brings organizations and institutions together to share ideas and experiences and to use best practices as strategic tools for organizational development and innovative solutions to management problems. CCR Infrastructure and Logistics Center The center develops projects, research, indicators and case studies on managerial logistics, supply chain management, and Brazilian and worldwide infrastructure. The center’s goal is to enhance competitive advantage. Public Management Development Center The center contributes to public management development through an experience exchange, the production and systemization of knowledge, and the dissemination of managerial best practices. Leadership Development Center The center generates and disseminates knowledge and methodologies focused on the development of leaders, taking into account individual, organizational and societal dimensions. Like nature, FDC leverages strengths to overcome challenges. 19FDC-0071-12-Perfil_ingl._miolo_AF.indd 16-17 4/11/12 6:42 PM
  12. 12. Entrepreneurship Center Corporate Governance Center The center produces and disseminates research and case studies related to entrepreneurship The center produces studies and research related to corporate governance, specifically corporate and entrepreneurship management, contributing to the development of intrapreneurship and of governance’s evolution, applications and implications in business management. The center emphasizes organizations. best practices and the strengthening of principles, values and ethics. Strategy and Business Management Center International Business Center With the support of CEMIG, this center develops research and methodologies related to business The center contributes to knowledge development related to organizations’ internationalization strategy processes, including themes such as alignment, change and process management, and strategies and processes and focuses on global business trends. organizational behavior. Petrobras Sustainability Center Agribusiness Management Center The center develops research, projects and programs that disseminate responsible sustainability The center develops and disseminates knowledge and management solutions to improve competitiveness concepts to managers and business leaders in all areas of management. and sustainability in Brazil’s agribusiness sector. The centers also subsidizes public policies. • R eference Center for Responsible Management of Sustainability • Reference Center for the Future of Agribusiness The center’s objectives are to generate knowledge and propose instruments that contribute to the The center gathers organizations to discuss themes and defines strategies related to the future of development of responsible sustainability management. Brazil’s agribusiness sector. In addition, the center identifies, discusses and develops studies and projects for agribusiness management. • Development Center for Responsible Retail The center brings together consumer-goods companies and organizations that are part of these companies’ supply chains to discuss studies and methodologies focused on responsible retailing practices and sustainable development. B2B Marketing Strategic Management Center • Development Center for Sustainability in Construction The center brings together organizations in the construction industry to conduct research and studies The center develops research and studies related to organizational daily, enhancing relationships and to share knowledge and tools that foster sustainable development and management. between businesses. • Reference Center for Inclusive Markets • B 2B Reference Center Created in 2010, the center is a venue for knowledge production. The center develops inclusive The center brings together organizations that participate in the development of themes, methodologies, markets and businesses in Brazil, a country that can help bring about similar hubs in other Latin research and case studies of mutual interest, providing access to practices considered B2B references. American countries. Health Management Center The center helps train managers in health issues; develops projects, research and methodologies; shares best practices and knowledge; and contributes to organizational development in the sector and to the improvement of both public and private health management. 20 21FDC-0071-12-Perfil_ingl._miolo_AF.indd 18-19 4/11/12 6:42 PM
  13. 13. Technical Staff Technical and Managerial Experience. FDC has a technical staff of domestic and international professionals, with full- and part-time professors as well as project managers responsible for various educational programs. Staff members’ solid academic backgrounds and business experience are enhanced by their interaction with clients and partners. As a result, they generate dynamic solutions for a wide range of organizations. Postgraduate Programs such as Specialization, MBA, Post-MBA and Master’s Degree meld theory to market focus, thus bringing together the leading edge of both academic and business thinking. To enable it to meet the most specific themes in business management, FDC offers a broad range of programs that encompass the most diverse areas within the company, such as Leadership People, General Management, Innovation, Finance, Sustainable Management, Marketing, Internationalization, Strategic Development, Projects, Family Business, Public Management, and others. The themes can be studied under different formats such as short and intensive programs, both in Brazil and abroad, as well as customized solutions or partnerships that set up mid and long-term relationships to carry out deeper studies. In all educational solution options you will find high-level discussions aimed at the practical application of concepts in a company. The professors who lead this process meld deep academic knowledge with broad experience in the world of business, and their skills are constantly honed by interacting with FDC clients and partners. Diversity is crucial in nature and inspires FDC’s educational solutions. 23FDC-0071-12-Perfil_ingl._miolo_AF.indd 20-21 4/11/12 6:42 PM
  14. 14. Sustainability and Business Responsibility FDC’s mission is to contribute to sustainability through the education, training and development of executives, businesspeople and public managers. In alignment with its mission, FDC’s educational solutions and research promote effective management and encourage organizations to adopt innovative sustainability strategies and corporate responsibility practices. FDC is a signatory of the Global Compact, a U.N. initiative that encourages organizational management to adopt the Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) and to support the Global Responsible Leadership Initiative (GRLI). FDC’s goal is to develop globally responsible leaders capable of building a sustainable and inclusive economy. FDC fosters the participation of nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) in business partnerships, with the dual aim of improving their organizational management practices and disseminating these best practices. FDC supports the development of poor communities through its social-inclusion and income-generation projects. Noteworthy Projects: 10,000 Women – Entrepreneurial Women The Goldman Sachs’ initiative focuses on the development of entrepreneurial talent, management skills and management education of women in emerging markets -- women who otherwise would not have access to these opportunities. FDC provides free training for 800 entrepreneurial women in Brazil. Support for the Construction of the Telecenter – Capão Grosso (Minas Gerais) The Telecenter – Capão Grosso is a space for inclusion and training of students, professors and local residents. To encourage center activities, FDC trained professors in computer technology and donated computers, Internet access and a network server for the Dom Orione School in Jaboticatubas. The elementary school serves children in first through fourth grades. Development Project for Businesses and Social Organizations The goal of the Development Project for Businesses and Social Organizations is to encourage local sustainable development by promoting responsible management for business leaders and communities in the neighborhoods of Jardim Canadá and Nova Lima, located near FDC. By observing nature, organizations learn how to grow in a sustainable manner. 25FDC-0071-12-Perfil_ingl._miolo_AF.indd 22-23 4/11/12 6:42 PM
  15. 15. Roots Project FDC’s administrative department includes a group of adolescents in its support framework. FDC created a personal-development program for these young people to expand their world vision, help FDC Has Facilities to Create Knowledge them build and strengthen their sense of citizenship and confidence, and enlarge their perception of the roles they can play in society. in Joint Efforts with Organizations Dignity Project – Businesses to Reduce Social Inequality The goal of this project is to encourage and develop entrepreneurs who work to reduce Latin America’s FDC’s Aloysio Faria Campus is located in Nova Lima, Minas Gerais. According to the Financial Times’ executive social inequalities, beginning in Brazil. In turn, these entrepreneurs create products or services that education ranking, the campus is one of the world’s best, with classrooms, research centers, an auditorium generate social, environmental and economic benefits. FDC sponsors each project for one year. and a hotel. The 35,000-square-meter area is an ideal environment for reflection and learning. FDC’s Belo Horizonte facility has the technological and physical structures to host the Management Specialization Programs. And FDC has a unit with modular classrooms and meeting rooms in São Paulo, Brazil’s financial and business center Information on these and other corporate responsibility initiatives can be found in FDC’s Sustainability Report, available at FDC is a signatory of: Amphitheater of the Aloysio Faria Campus – Minas Gerais Belgo Theater at the Aloysio Faria Campus – Minas Gerais Alfa Center Caesar Business Hotel 26 27FDC-0071-12-Perfil_ingl._miolo_AF.indd 24-25 4/11/12 6:42 PM
  16. 16. Aloysio Faria Campus Belo Horizonte Branch Our facilities and campus environment reflect our reputation as one of the world’s best business schools, Located in the Belo Horizonte city center, the branch offers participants specialized programs, fully equipped a designation made by the Financial Times Executive Education ranking. classrooms, meeting and breakout rooms, IT labs, and an auditorium. The Aloysio Faria Campus is located in Nova Lima in the state of Minas Gerais, part of the Greater Belo Horizonte area. The campus is near the country’s main historic towns: Ouro Preto, Mariana, Congonhas and Tiradentes – all UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Our facilities are designed to encourage learning and integration as well as to enhance comfort and convenience. São Paulo Branch Alfa Center To operate in closer proximity to our clients, we opened a support unit in São Paulo, the largest business The technologically advanced, wireless facility has a flexible structure; modular classrooms can be divided center in Latin America. The office offers fully equipped meeting rooms and classrooms. into two or four sections as needed. Designed for maximum sunlight exposure, the building is energy efficient and airy. It has an excellent acoustic system, two amphitheaters, a business center and a theater. Center for Knowledge Development in Management The center fosters a knowledge-generating environment and includes amphitheaters; meeting rooms; a library; a restaurant; a large, multi-functional hall; a bank; a travel agency; a bookstore; and a cafeteria. Accommodations and leisure The Caesar Business Hotel offers complete infrastructure for guests and the necessary comfort for learning. The participants of FDC programs have access to the Minas Tênis Náutico Club, which is close to the Aloysio Faria Campus, for leisure and sports. 28 29FDC-0071-12-Perfil_ingl._miolo_AF.indd 26-27 4/11/12 6:42 PM
  17. 17. Campus Aloysio FariaFDC-0071-12-Perfil_ingl._miolo_AF.indd 28 4/11/12 6:42 PM