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How to sell more groceries by focusing on trip mission


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Bill Bishop of Brick Meets Click knows how people are shopping for groceries today, both in-store and online. Here he lays out six digitally-enhanced grocery trip missions that hone in on how customers are better meeting their needs with blended online and in-store shopping.

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How to sell more groceries by focusing on trip mission

  1. 1. 1 How to sell more groceries by focusing on trip missions By Bill Bishop Chief Architect, Brick Meets Click November 10, 2015 We help make sense of what's happening in grocery retail today and provide guidance on what to do about it. Visit us at
  2. 2. 2©2015 BRICK MEETS CLICKNOV 2015 How to best define shopping occasions? Based on $ spent • Stock up • Routine • Fill-in
  3. 3. 3 And it’s important to see that digital is changing whole experience ©2015 BRICK MEETS CLICKNOV 2015 Today the focus is online grocery
  4. 4. 4©2015 BRICK MEETS CLICKNOV 2015 Time for a new equation Total experience
  5. 5. 5©2015 BRICK MEETS CLICKNOV 2015 Digital & online expand the possibilities > More information > More services UNLOCKS MORE OPTIONS
  6. 6. 6©2015 BRICK MEETS CLICKNOV 2015 To win today You have to compete for each trip • Just 1 approach to building sales won’t work • Serve the “WHY” (that drives a specific shopping occasion)
  7. 7. 7©2015 BRICK MEETS CLICKNOV 2015 Six new “digitally enhanced” trip missions What’s different  Build w/new tools  Often more efficient  Can start the occasion outside the store Stick to my list/budget Take my order Need it “just in time” Help me host Help me find better options Shop when I want/can
  8. 8. 8©2015 BRICK MEETS CLICKNOV 2015 Mission #1 > Stick to my list/budget Customer wants control and a planned shopping trip • Wants to minimize impulse purchases; doesn't want to spend/buy more than they have to. • Focus is on planned/long-list shopping. < Opportunity Keep the cost of the basket competitive and fees low, accept coupons, and make it simple to shop from previous trips.
  9. 9. 9©2015 BRICK MEETS CLICKNOV 2015 Mission #2 > Take my order Customer wants to get prepared food • Rapidly shifting online, led by many food service players. • Changes the nature of ordering – order on the go, take the time I need, or just my M.O. • Usually for limited # of items, but with opportunities to bundle. < Opportunity Make it convenient for them to pick-up and pay, often by skipping the normal line.
  10. 10. 10©2015 BRICK MEETS CLICKNOV 2015 Mission #3 > Need it “just in time” >Opportunity Decide how you’ll compete for this occasion. Will you partner w/ a 3rd party? Customer has an urgent requirement and doesn’t want to wait longer than they have to • Used to a C-store purchase, but quickly moving to delivery. • Want the items in < 2 hours and speed trumps cost.
  11. 11. 11©2015 BRICK MEETS CLICKNOV 2015 Mission #4 > Help me host Customer is planning an event: could be big or small • Typically requires 2 trips. • Online planning/ordering eliminates first trip. • Typically, larger rings and chance to cross sell with other departments. < Opportunity Makes it easy to plan, customize, place an order, and know it will be ready when promised.
  12. 12. 12©2015 BRICK MEETS CLICKNOV 2015 Mission #5 > Help me find better options Customer is in problem solving mode • Looking for specific products, services, or information that are “better for me and my family”. • Includes: meal kits, subscriptions/auto- replenishment, etc. < Opportunity Make it easier for this customer to find the products/services that fit their lifestyle, priorities, or dietary needs.
  13. 13. 13©2015 BRICK MEETS CLICKNOV 2015 Mission #6 > Shop when I want Customer wants to time shift • Attracted to the ability to order online where and when they want/can. • Focus is on making shopping fit into their lifestyle. • Typically includes full range of HH needs. < Opportunity Provide mobile-friendly ways to order online and schedule a convenient pick-up or delivery.
  14. 14. 14©2015 BRICK MEETS CLICKNOV 2015 What’s next? Execute trip mission centric marketing/merchandising 1. Identify core customers’ top trip missions. 2. Build shopper value proposition around those trip missions. 3. Develop a blended offline/online shopping experience.  Wins more business done in top trip mission occasions.  Delivers parity experience for other important trip missions  Plays down occasions where not practical to compete.