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Professional WAHMs


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Published in: Business, Health & Medicine
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Professional WAHMs

  1. 1. PROFESSIONAL WAHMSWith more moms leaving their high paying jobs to venture into an entrepreneurialstyle home based business, it’s important we work together to prove we areprofessionals.Running a business, even if run from home, is still a business.This is the mindset you need to remember as you become a successfulmompreneur.MOST COMMON OBSTACLES FROM SUCCEEDINGThere are many common challenges WAHMs face when trying to succeed. Theseproblems often do have solutions if you know where to look.FearFear can come in many forms. You might be fearful of failure or rejection. Someare scared of selling something or the unknown. And some are afraid of fear itself.It is natural to be afraid of the unknown. In order to achieve your goals you willneed to overcome these fears and get out of your comfort zone.T IPS FOR O VERCOMING FEAR1. Tackle fear head on. You are capable of conquering your fear.2. If you are afraid of selling something, learn to love your product. It will be easier to recommend in normal conversation.3. The biggest solution when trying to overcome your fear is success. Being successful will be the ultimate reward and solution.Unsupportive SpouseIt can be difficult to have an entrepreneurial mindset when your husband isunsupportive. They might not understand why you are spending time onsomething that “probably won’t make you any money” instead of caring for yourchildren.
  2. 2. This can lead to ruining your positive outlook on your business plan and quicklyhead towards arguments.T IPS FOR H ANDLING A N U NSUPPORTIVE S POUSE1. Include him. Show him your passion and commitment by letting your husband know what you are up to each week.2. Less talk. Instead of always talking about how you’ll succeed, show your husband. Prove it to him.3. Let your husband help. Keeping him included is a great way to help him become more supportive, but try to get his help. He might just want to help you in some way. Use his gift or skill to help the business grow more quickly.4. Focus on the feeling you’ll have when your husband supports you. Stay positive and focus on the end result.Lack Of TimeThere are many reasons why you might lack time to accomplish your goals. Thiscould include an unrealistic timetable or deadline, poor time-management,accidents or illness to name a few.The problem when you are lacking time is trying to get everything done when youjust don’t have the time.T IME M ANAGEMENT T IPS1. Break your tasks into smaller things to do. Spread these out over the day to have a better chance in finishing them.2. Plan your time beforehand.3. Avoid trying to be to do it all and limit your stress.4. Create a routine to follow instead of a rigid schedule.Missed OpportunityWhether you were the first to think of a rock for a pet or some other brilliant ideayears before it became popular, you need to let it go. It’s okay if you missed somegreat opportunity. You can’t sit around thinking about “what if?”
  3. 3. If you are constantly thinking about the past you’ll miss out on the present andwill probably miss another opportunity. So keep your eyes open and keep movingforward.Unrealistic ExpectationsDream big and hope for the best. To achieve success you need to have goals, butthese goals need to be realistic. The beginning of any business is always full ofhickups and you need to give yourself time to grow out of these.Don’t expect to be the next Oprah in a couple of months or on the face of Fortunemagazine. Be practical and you’ll help avoid burning out from overworking.Another thing to help you have more realistic expectations is to stop trying to beperfect. There is no such thing as perfection. You just need to do the best you canand keep going.THREE THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOWMore moms are finding they have an entrepreneurial mindset and set off to buildtheir own business. As this is a new concept for most it can be challenging tofigure out what you need to learn.There are basically three things you need to know. You need to learn properbusiness etiquette, goal setting and how to manage your time. For the rest of this document, and to get learn these three things go to...