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  • Nice tips though. I wanna add a secret tricks for seller :) If your gig is new & you do not have enough review. Then go to: & get some review from them. Your gig will booooom :D
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How To Use Fiverr

  1. 1. HOW TO USE FIVERRNow that you have an account you can begin outsourcing your SEO tasks topeople on Fiverr.You need to be aware that some of the SEO tactics available on Fiverr are gettingmanufactured feedback or buying Twitter followers. These “creative” shortcutsoften referred to as Black Hat SEO and are not always ethical. We ask you to useyour best judgment when purchasing these types of gigs.FILTER GIGS BY RATINGWhen you search for a gig to buy on Fiverr you should first look at the populargigs. After you see what is popular it’s important you filter gigs by rating. You canalso look at the new gigs posted and what is popular to get more ideas, but it’simportant to find a professional to help you with your SEO.You want to ensure you will receive your materials or services rendered on time,if not earlier.By choosing to filter the gigs by rating you are viewing the gigs with the highestcustomer satisfaction. This almost ensures you of getting your monies worth. Page 1
  2. 2. Fiverr Levels: Choose a Top Rated SellerFiverr has recently created three levels for sellers to make more money. Thishelps you as a buyer decide which seller to buy from as you can see who ismaintaining excellent ratings while selling a lot of gigs.All three levels ensure these sellers have excellent ratings and a proven trackrecord when it comes to successful gigs.Level One Sellers – Sellers have completed at least 10 successful orders.Level Two Sellers – Sellers have completed over 50 successful orders in the pasttwo months.Top Rated Sellers – These are sellers manually chosen by Fiverr moderators.Some of the factors include extremely high ranking, volume of sales, seniority andexceptional customer service.It’s best to choose Top Rated Sellers as they are selling the most gigs andmaintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction.Before you make a final choice on using a seller read the reviews. It’s important tosee what other buyers think about the gig and seller.Some questions to answer when deciding on a seller include:  What is the seller’s rating?  What is the seller’s gig rating?  How many positive reviews does this seller have?  How many negative reviews does this seller have?  How many buyers starred this gig? Page 2
  3. 3. Other Aspects to ConsiderWhen selecting a seller you need to be aware of two more things. The estimateddelivery time for your gig and how many orders are ahead of you can help youdetermine if this is the right choice for you.As you can see above, you can have a custom caricature drawn. The seller is“skwid” and they are a Top Rated Seller (1). This is a great start.Next you’ll notice they have a seller rating of 99% (2) and a gig rating of 100% (3).So far the gig sounds good, but then you get to the estimated delivery (4) andorders in queue (5).If you are in a hurry, you probably don’t want to wait 2 weeks. There are 9 ordersahead of you. This might change your mind about purchasing this gig and you’lllook for another.Some Sellers Offer DiscountsThere are many sellers who will offer you a free gig if you buy so manyfirst. You might see someone who will give you a free link wheel after youbuy 5 link wheels.Look for these as they can help you get more SEO for less money. Page 3
  4. 4. HOW TO FIND A GIGNow that you know how to select the best gig for you, it’s time to locate a gig youwant to purchase.You can browse Fiverr by selecting a category orusing the search box.Categories Related to SEO:  Video  Social Marketing  Writing  Advertising  BusinessSearch Terms Related to SEO:  Social Media / Social Marketing  Twitter  FaceBook  YouTube  Intro  Promotion  Review  Testimonial  Followers  Friends  Traffic  Writing  Backlinks  Article  SEO  Blog  Website  Press  Visitors  Product Page 4
  5. 5. You can also search for the seller if you know their name.EXPRESS GIGSNew to Fiverr are Express Gigs. These gigs have an instant delivery where it willbe completed in less than 24 hours. These are great for fast jobs that you needright away.STEP-BY-STEP PLAN ON USING FIVERR 1. Filter gigs by rating. Look for Top Rated Sellers as they will have excellent ratings and a proven track record. 2. Read reviews and look at the seller’s profile to determine rating and customer satisfaction. 3. Find gigs by selecting a category or using the search box. 4. If you have approaching deadlines look for express gigs. For the rest of this document, and to learn how to best outsource SEO go to... Page 5