Cpa Offers on Facebook


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Learn how you can make money from CPA using Facebook Ads WITHOUT sending traffic to your page.

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Cpa Offers on Facebook

  1. 1. CPA OFFERS ON FACEBOOKSo how does one go about making money from these CPA offer using FacebookAds?Before you do anything else the first thing you need to do is your research andsee who your demographics are going to be.Too many people dive into creating an ad campaign without knowing who theirtarget market is.So the first thing you need to do is do some research.Simply head over to and then enter the URL of thewebsite you are going to be targeting.So for example, lets say I am going to be promoting the NFL Free Jersey offer thefirst thing I am going to do is find out the demographics of the offer and see whowould find this offer appealing.So I simply pick a NFL football team.So for example, let’s say I am going to pick Chicago Bears.The first thing I would do is head over to their website and then enter the URL onQuantcast.From Quantcast we can see the demographics of the website.We can see the majority of males (59%) and females (41%) are fans of the ChicagoBears website.We can also see that they belong in the age group of 18-50.So already we have managed to gain this useful data from Quantcast.
  2. 2. The next thing to do is head over to Facebook and create an ad campaign for ourCPA offer.The first thing you need to do is create your Ad campaign and do the basics.Make sure you select “External URL” since we are not going to be sending trafficto a Facebook page.The next thing we are going to do is use a title that asks in the form of a question.The title of my ad is aimed at Chicago Bears fans. So I know I am going to get allChicago bears fans clicking my ad.If you are creating a title for an external ad then you can get away with a questionin your ad.The body of my ad says “Click here to grab your NFL Jersey”.Notice that I have avoided using the word “free” in my ad because this word doesnot go down well with Facebook ads! This is why most of the ads get disprovedwhen people are submitting their ad on Facebook.I have used the helmet of Chicago Bears for the ad image – the image stands outand relates to the actual NFL team.Follow these simple techniques to build your CPA empire with Facebook.Discover a huge secret for reducing your Facebook ad costs and two excellentimage “hacks” that almost always result in higher click thru rates. Plus learn howto get a 25% discount (or more!) on your ads and how to drive massive traffic toyour Facebook Fan pages. Get $10 Off the FB Advocate report by Jason Fladlien by clicking here.